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    Rodan and Alien Queen Join the SCI-FI REVOLTECH SERIES

    Highly Detailed, Fully Poseable Figures Go on Sale in December Source: Anime Jungle Official Site: Special Thanks to Tetsu Shiota Kaiyodo Company`s Sci-Fi Revoltech Series of super-articulated figures of popular science fiction, horror, and fantasy characters continues in December with the Alien Queen from James Cameron`s classic ALIENS (1986) and one of Toho`s "Big Five" daikaiju stars; Rodan the flying monster. The Alien Queen while be the largest figure released in the line to date and will retail for slightly more than the other toys. Sci-Fi Revoltech figures can be ordered from online retailers, including SciFi Japan sponsor Anime Jungle in Los Angeles. Tell them we sent you!

    SERIES NO. 018: ALIEN QUEEN From ALIENS (1986) Due December 1st, 2010 Price: ¥3,300 Sculpted by Yuki Watanabe Total Height: 320 mm (Approx. 12.5 inches) Movable Parts: 32 Movable Joints: 25 Bonus Parts: - Support Arm - Display Base with Nameplate

    SERIES NO. 019: RODAN From RODAN (1956) Due December 1st, 2010 Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Yuki Watanabe Total Height: 115 mm (Approx. 4.5 inches) Movable Parts: 20 Movable Joints: 8 Bonus Parts: - Mini Rodan (Flying Pose) - Building with Cracked Roof - 2 Support Arms - Nameplate

    SCI-FI REVOLTECH Releases for October and November 2010

    Catching up with the Sci-Fi Revoltech Series since our last update... October`s releases have a pair of firsts while November sees the series return to some familiar territory. Jason Voorhees from FRIDAY THE 13TH is first the American slasher icons to be included in the Revoltech line, while the Maser Cannon introduced in WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS and used for many a Toho monster movie marks the first time a vehicle rather than a character appears in the series. In November Sci-Fi Revoltech releases their second figure from the ALIEN franchise; this time the Alien Warrior from ALIENS. And just in time for the holidays, Jack Skellington from Tim Burton`s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS— a tremendously popular film in Japan— is back in his Santa Claus suit.

    SERIES NO. 014: JASON VOORHEES From FRIDAY THE 13TH ?1980? Released October 1st, 2010 Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Takayuki Takeya Total Height: 125 mm (Approx. 5 inches) Movable Parts: 14 Movable Joints: 12 Bonus Parts: - Scarred Face - Hockey Mask - 2 Interchangeable Hands - Pick Axe - Saw - Shovel - Machete - Pitchfork - Mallet - Axe - Severed Victim`s Head - Display Base with Nameplate

    SERIES NO. 015: MASER CANNON (Beast Killing Laser Beam Tank) From WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (1966) Released October 1st, 2010 Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Akira Tani Total Height: 165 mm (Approx. 6.5 inches) Movable Parts: 8 Movable Joints: 5 Bonus Parts: - Mini Sanda and Gaira - Maser Beam - 4 Pieces of Generator Equipment - Nameplate

    SERIES NO. 016: ALIEN WARRIOR From ALIENS (1986) Due November 1st, 2010 Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Eichirou Matsumoto, Original Work by Yoshinori Yatake Total Height: 150 mm (Approx. 5.9 inches) Movable Parts: 18 Movable Joints: 17 Bonus Parts: - Interchangeable Hands - Display Base with Egg and Nameplate

    SERIES NO. 017: JACK SKELLINGTON (SANTA VERSION) From THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993) Due November 15th, 2010 Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Kuniaki Teraoka Total Height: 185 mm (Approx. 7.25 inches) Movable Parts: 15 Movable Joints: 10 Bonus Parts: - 2 Interchangeable Faces - 3 Interchangeable Hands - Santa Hat with Beard - Zero the Ghost Dog - Gift Sack - Christmas Present - Snowman - Rib Bone - Display Base with Nameplate

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