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    The Best Games for Anime Fans in 2019

    If you`re a die-hard anime fan who is constantly looking for the next fix, the video game industry has you covered. The past year has seen the release of some of the best anime games we`ve seen in years, consisting of original titles as well as ones based on the most popular anime franchises in the world. If you want to know what anime video games you need in your collection in 2019, read on to find out. Closers

    This absolutely insane action game is another free-to-play episodic title from anime legends En Masse Gaming. If you`re a fan of constant button mashing and a beautifully-drawn in-game world, this is the one for you. You play one of a group of teenagers with psychic powers known as the Black Lambs, and your mission is to defend Tokyo from a sinister army of monster aliens. You can team up with your friends for some stellar group combat, as well as being able to customize your character with hundreds of different features. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    Even a novice anime fan will be aware of the hotshot lawyer Phoenix Wright, who has been the star of what might just be the most popular anime franchise to ever hit the video gaming world. Well, luckily for you the entire original trilogy has finally been released onto PC, meaning that you can dive into the world of dirt-digging, objections, and inappropriately dressed defendants all over again. It doesn`t get much better than this. Hood vs Wolf

    Those looking to see what the world of iGaming offers anime fans should look no further than this Little Red Riding hood themed title, available at Manekichi casino. This 5-reel online slot game gives a classic fairytale an adrenaline-fuelled anime reboot, complete with voice acting and animation from some of the biggest names in the industry. It`s refreshing to see anime finally make a push into the hugely popular realm of real-money gaming, especially with such a hugely entertaining title. Dragonball FighterZ

    Dragonball fans unite! After a long wait, Namco finally released their highly-anticipated title for PS4 late last year, and the results did not disappoint. This 2.5 fighting game features all of your favorite Dragonball characters and is noteworthy for being one of the few anime games in living memory to receive universal critical acclaim, winning multiple awards and quickly being ranked as one of the best combat games of the entire year. Valkyria Chronicles 4

    The Valkyria Chronicles game series first kicked-off over a decade ago, quickly cultivating a global network of fans who are obsessed with the detailed lore of this alternate history combat game. The fourth installment was released in 2018 and is widely considered to be the best of the bunch. In it, your band of merry soldiers sets off to fight in the Second European War, where they must destroy the Empire once and for all. The past year has seen an outpouring of unforgettable anime games, so this list was a tough one to call. Regardless of what you think, there`s no denying that these games are perfect for anime fans of all persuasions.

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