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    TOY KARMA 2 in Chicago, September 5-20

    Exhibit of Art Inspired by Japanese Toys at the Rotofugi Gallery Official Site: Toy Karma Special Thanks to Alex Wald TOY KARMA is an art exhibit featuring artists expressing their love for classic Japanese toys. But it’s so much more than that. As Mark Nagata, founder of Max Toy Company and curator of this exhibit explains on his blog, it’s the idea that if you’re honest in your dealings that one toy that you’ve always dreamed of getting will eventually come to you. For many serious toy collectors it’s a guideline, a mantra and yes, even a lifestyle. This exhibit pays homage to the mysterious force and power that toys have over us.

    TOY KARMA, the exhibit, is held every other year at Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago. The first TOY KARMA exhibit was held in September 2007. TOY KARMA 2 (aka TKII) will be held at Rotofugi Gallery September 5-20, 2009. Artists exhibiting at TOY KARMA 2 include Alex Wald, Alimaña, Amorfo, AnrakuAnsaku, Baikin / Shirahama, Bear Model, Bert Gatchalian, Bill Kerner, BLObPUS, Bob Conge – Plaseebo, Bob Eggleton, Brian Morris, Buff Monster, Buster Call, Bwana Spoons, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Charactics, Chris Ryniak, Dan Orosco – D-Lux, David Horvath + Sun-Min Kim – Uglydolls, Dream Rocket, Elegabu, Emilio Garcia, Geozilla, HARIKEN, Ilanena, Imiri Sakabashira, Itokin Park, Jeff Lamm, Jimbo Matison, Jing Lee – PunkPunk, JOE, Joey Potts, Joshua Ellingson, Kill!, Killer J, Kirkland Jue – Toybot Studios, Koji Harmon, Lamour Supreme, LASH – Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Le Merde, Leecifer, LiLJAPAN, Marcos Rivera, Mark Miyake – PunkPunk, Mark Nagata, Marmit, Matt Doughty – Onell Design, Matt Walker – Dead Presidents, Michael Hanauer, Mike Slobot, MonstreHero, Motorbot, Okuda-san – Atelier G-1, OsirisOrion, Paul Kaiju, Phoneticontrol, Rae Huo, Ralph Cosentino, RealxHead, REdYOdA, Rumble Monsters, Sebastian Curadeau, Skull Toys, Steve Forde – Go Hero, Steve Seeley, Sunguts, Target Earth, Tofufu, Tony Ciavarro, TTToy, Uh Oh Toys – Aaron, VELOCITRON, Yamomark, Zakka, and Zollmen. In addition to the art featured in the exhibit, TOY KARMA 2 will have several exclusive toy releases by both Japanese and American toy companies. Attendees to the opening on Saturday, September 5 will get the first opportunity to purchase these limited editions by some of the most exciting artists working in toys today! There will be an Opening Reception at the Gallery on Saturday, September 5 from 7-10PM. The event will feature music by electronic music producer dep. Toy Karma 2 Rotofugi Gallery 1955 W Chicago Ave • Chicago, IL Opening Saturday, September 5 and continuing through September 20

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