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    The Popular Toy Line is Expanded to Include Kaiju and Special Effects Movie Characters Author: John “Dutch” DeSentis Translations: Jim Ballard Source: Anime Jungle Official Site: Special Thanks to Tetsu Shiota Fans and collectors are probably familiar with the brand Revoltech, which is owned by the Kaiyodo Company of Japan. It is a series of super-articulated figures in the 4-6 inch scale and based on various popular characters from manga, video games, television, film, and anime. The name itself reportedly means “Revolver Technology” as the revolver joint is what gives the figures their super-articulation. Of interest to kaiju fans is the upcoming line, SCI-FI REVOLTECH, which will showcase popular characters from both east and west. The first figures up for release on April 1st are the Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s ALIEN and the vengeful god DAIMAJIN from the Daiei movie series of the 1960s, followed on May 1st by Tsuburaya Productions` friendly beast Booska and Toho`s Baragon (from FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD). Here are the specs for those figures...


    SERIES NO. 001: ALIEN On sale: April 1st Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Yoshinori Yatake Height: approx 150mm (5.9 inches) Number of Movable Parts: 15 Number of Usable Joints: 13 -8mm joints x8 -6mm double joints x1 -6mm joints x4 Includes: -base with movie name plate -egg -Face Hugger

    SERIES NO. 002: DAIMAJIN On sale: April 1st Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Katsuo Takuma Height: approx 125mm (4.9 inches) Number of Movable Parts: 17 Number of Usable Joints: 17 -10mm joints x4 -8mm joints x6 -8mm double joints x1 -6mm joint x1 -4mm joints x5 Includes: -base with movie name plate -interchangeable hands and face -sword and sheath -head stake -miniature figure of the evil warlord Samanosuke from the first Majin movie

    SERIES NO. 003: BOOSKA On sale: May 1st Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Takashi Kinoshita Height: approx 125mm (4.9 inches) Number of Movable Parts: 20 Number of Usable Joints: 12 Includes: Bowl of ramen x1 Chopsticks x1 Optional hands x4 (left and right open hands, chopstick-holding right hand, bowl holding left hand) Tail (turtle attached) Display stand x1 Nameplate x1

    SERIES NO. 004: BARAGON On sale: May 1st Price: ¥2,850 Sculpted by Shinobu Matsumura Height: approx 125mm (4.9 inches) Length: approx 200mm (7.9 inches) Number of Movable Parts: 19 Number of Usable Joints: 13 Includes: Shirane mountain lodge base x1 Trees (big x1, small x1) Horse x1 Stand for the horse x1 Nameplate x1 Also, not far behind these figures will be releases of Gamera 1995 which will come with interchangeable leg jets, a mouth fireball, and mini-Gyaos; Super Gyaos 1995; Giant Robo and GR2; Jack Skellington (from A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS); Batman (from THE DARK KNIGHT); and a Tyrannosaurus Rex (from JURASSIC PARK). Prototypes for an Alien Queen (from James Cameron’s ALIENS) and a Predator figure were also on display at WonderFest in Japan and it appears that the Predator will be in larger scale. But of considerable excitement are the prototypes that have appeared featuring Toho monsters such as Mogera 1957 with a Markalite, Mothra 1961 with a cocoon and Tokyo Tower base, and Angilas 1968. There have also been prototypes for a mini Sanda and Gaira as well as a Type 66 Maser Cannon but it is unknown if these will come with another figure or on their own. Fans have long been waiting for Revoltech to release figures based on kaiju and now they will get their wish. Many seem to think that Godzilla and Mechagodzilla probably aren’t too far off in the distance although no announcement has been made at this time. The SCI-FI REVOLTECH line is now available for pre-order from online retailers, including SciFi Japan sponsor Anime Jungle in Los Angeles. These figures will no doubt be highly popular and collectible. Grab them early!

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