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    Two New Godzilla Candy Toy Diorama Sets

    Source: Anime Jungle

    Now arriving on stores shelves are two great new Godzilla candy toy diorama series. Beautifully sculpted and pleasantly affordable, the sets features the talents of two talented Yujis; sculptor Yuji Sakai and painter Yuji Kaida.

    First up is Artworks Collection Part II, a set of dioramas based on the paintings of Yuji Kaida that was released late last month in Japan by MegaHouse. For nearly two decades, Kaida’s amazing work has been used for posters, video packaging, toy boxes and comic all over the world. His Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman illustrations have been collected in the 1995 book The Gallery of Kaiju.

    The series has four separate pieces (plus variant color versions) inspired by classic Toho films. Each piece stands approximately 75mm (3 inches) tall and sells for ¥630.
    1. Godzilla 1955
    2. Angilas 1955- the Godzilla and Angilas dioramas fit together to recreate their battle from GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (Gojira no Gyakushu, 1955)
    3. Mogera from THE MYSTERIANS (Chikyu Boeigun, 1957)
    4. Gezora, Ganime and Kamoebas from SPACE AMOEBA (Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no Daikaiju, aka YOG: MONSTER FROM SPACE, 1970)

    Bandai’s Godzilla Complete Works Final was originally scheduled for January, but will now go on sale this month. As with the three previous Complete Works sets, this collection features Godzilla in key scenes from seven of his films (plus a secret “chase” diorama). All the pieces were sculpted by Yuji Sakai. With the exception of the GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH diorama, each piece stands approximately 88mm (3.5 inches) tall.
    1. Godzilla’s attack on the Diet Building from GODZILLA (Gojira, 1954)
    2. Godzilla on Leitchi Island from GODZILLA VS THE SEA MONSTER (Gojira, Ebira, Mosura: Nankai-no Daiketto, 1966)
    3. Godzilla on Monster Island from GODZILLA’S REVENGE (Gojira, Minira, Gabara: Oru Kaiju Daishingeki, 1969)
    4. Godzilla from GODZILLA VS MEGALON (Gojira tai Megaro, 1973)
    5. Godzilla at the Sapporo TV Tower from GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH (Gojira tai Kingu Ghidora, 1991)
    6. Godzilla from GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA II (Gojira tai Mekagojira, 1993)
    7. Godzilla vs a Maser Tank from GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA (Gojira x Mekagojira, 2002)

    Sets or individual pieces from both diorama collections can be ordered from Anime Jungle in Los Angeles, CA.

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