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    Attack on Titan Characters Show Their Holiday Spirit

    Source: Crunchyroll Special Thanks to Amanda Geraldo Attack on Titan Characters Show Their Holiday Spirit with Festive Costumes – Only in Attack on Titan TACTICS for iOS and Android Today, DeNA Co., Ltd. and Crunchyroll Games announced an upcoming in-game event and special in-game rewards for ATTACK ON TITAN TACTICS, an officially licensed mobile game based on the popular anime series Attack on Titan. To align with the holidays, players will have the opportunity to see some of their favorite ATTACK ON TITAN characters such as Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlelt, and Annie Leonhart, dressed up in festive costumes. More information is provided below: Fanciful Story Event – Holy Night’s Battle: This in-game event tells an original story that’s set in the time period when Eren Jaeger was in the 104th Cadet Corps. With the entire regiment tired from training and eager to hold a festival for the holidays, Armin Arlelt goes beyond the Walls in search of a special tree that’s required for the festival. Players will be able to complete event stages for rewards, which can be exchanged to add the [Eve of Formal Dress] version of Armin to their teams. This in-game event will be held from December 10 10:00PM Pacific Time to December 24 11:59PM Pacific Time. [Eve of Formal Dress] Eren Jaeger and [Eve of Formal Dress] Annie Leonhart: Holiday versions of Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart will also be available in the game starting on December 10 10:00PM Pacific Time. Login Bonuses: Players who log in to the game by December 10 11:59PM Pacific Time will receive 30 “Boxes of Treats”, each of which contains experience point upgrades for their units. Please check in-game menus for more information. Note that details are subject to change without notice. ATTACK ON TITAN TACTICS is a tower defense and real-time strategy game where players build and deploy an elite team of Scouts to defend their base from a relentless onslaught of Titans. The game features fan-favorite characters like Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, Captain Levi, and more, and follows the story from the first season of the Attack on Titan anime. The game is free-to-start with in-app purchases on compatible iOS and Android devices in the US, Canada, and Australia, and can be downloaded using the links below: Fans can also stay tuned for news about the game on the official social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the game’s website. Crunchyroll Games is an official partner of ATTACK ON TITAN TACTICS. Fans who want to catch up on the anime can stream ATTACK ON TITAN now on Crunchyroll. Based on the manga "Shingeki no Kyojin" by Hajime Isayama originally serialized in the Monthly BESSATSU SHONEN magazine published by Kodansha Ltd. ©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/"ATTACK ON TITAN"Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

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