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    Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD Classic Media is offering FREE Shipping on all orders (US only) for GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN and MOTHRA VS GODZILLA on DVD received now through 10/27/06. Enter the code GRAMOTH1 at check out and free shipping will be reflected in your order. Your order will be shipped to arrive on or just prior to the release date of 11/07/06. All orders received after 10/27/06 will be subject to applicable shipping and handling fees. Standard delivery orders received after 10/27/06 and 2-3 day Rush delivery orders received after 11/4/06 are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the release date. Official Press Release:

    A look at the incredible fantasy adventure YOKAI DAISENSO from Takashi Miike and Kadokawa Pictures Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc., Horizon Entertainment Ltd Official site: Yokai-Movie Special Thanks to Kyle Yount, Daisuke Ishizuka, Vivian Chen,, Clay Holden, and Kyle Byrd DVD REVIEW: THE GREAT YOKAI WAR Double-Disc Special Edition from Media Blasters The Cast and Characters of THE GREAT YOKAI WAR The legends of Japan are replete with tales of the strange creatures known as yokai. Not quite apparitions, monsters, or ghosts, the yokai are mystical beings that secretly live in the world of men. Mostly unseen, they come in a variety of bizarre forms— some hideous, some cute— and have incredible supernatural powers. They tend to be mischievous and playful, but they are sometimes dangerous towards humans because the yokai are not restrained by the

    Nobuo Nakagawa’s HELL on DVD from the Criterion Collection Author: Keith Aiken Source: Criterion Collection “Shocking, outrageous, and poetic, JIGOKU (HELL, a.k.a. THE SINNERS OF HELL) is the most innovative creation from Nobuo Nakagawa, the father of the Japanese horror film. After a young theology student flees a hit-and-run accident, he is plagued by both his own guilt-ridden conscience and a mysterious, diabolical doppelganger. But all possible escape routes lead straight to hell— literally. In the gloriously gory final third of the film, Nakagawa offers up his vision of the underworld in a tour de force of torture and degradation. A striking departure from traditional Japanese ghost stories, JIGOKU, with its truly eye-popping (and -gouging) imagery, created aftershocks that are still reverberating in contemporary world horror cinema.” – from Criterion publicity materials The award-winning Criterion Collection continues their tradition of top-quality DVDs

    Media Blasters announces more Toho DVDs Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Tuesday’s coverage of Media Blasters’ upcoming DVDs revealed that the company was planning to release more Toho titles in the new year. Today, Media Blasters officially announced that the Ishiro Honda/Eiji Tsuburaya collaborations FRANKENSTEIN VS BARAGON (Furankenshutain tai Chite Kaiju Baragon, US title FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD, 1965) and LATITUDE ZERO (Ido Zero Daisakusen, 1969) will be coming to Region 1 DVD in 2007 from the `Tokyo Shock` label. This will be the first US DVD release for both films. Media Blasters put out their first DVDs of classic Toho fx movies in March 2005, and to date they have released THE MYSTERIANS (Chikyu Boeigun, 1957), VARAN THE UNBELIEVABLE (Daikaiju Baran, 1958), MATANGO: ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE (Matango, 1963), ATRAGON (Kaitei Gunkan, 1963), DOGORA (Uchu Daikaiju Dogora, aka DAGORA THE SPACE MONSTER, 1964),

    Upcoming 2006 Titles from the `Tokyo Shock` Label... and Early News on What to Expect in 2007 Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Media Blasters has announced the following Tokyo Shock titles for November 2006 through January 2007. Not all details are final, but the following information provides a sneak peek at what will be coming to Region 1 DVD over the next few months. November 7, 2006: ZEIRAM Special Edition (Zeiramu, 1991) The vicious space outlaw Zeiram (Mizuho Yoshida) escapes to earth, pursued by an attractive bounty hunter named Iria (Yuko Moriyama) and her assistant Bob, a sentient computer. Iria sets up a dimensional trap called the Zone that will allow her to fight and capture the bio-engineered monster without drawing any outside attention, but two bumbling power company employees, Kamiya and Tepphei (Yukijiro Hotaru, Kunihiko Iida), accidentally stumble into the

    Could this be the best presentation of the best movie ever made? Author: Richard Pusateri Official Site: Criterion Collection Special thanks to Stuart Galbraith IV SEVEN SAMURAI (Shichinin no Samurai) Year: 1954 Running time: 207 minutes Black & White Aspect ratio: 1.33:1, Not Anamorphic Dolby Digital Mono 1.0 Japanese language with English subtitles SRP: $49.95 One fine day last week, I came home to find Classic Media’s GOJIRA/GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS and Criterion’s SEVEN SAMURAI special edition DVD sets waiting for me. By coincidence, they arrived the same day from different retailers; both sets are from Japan, black and white, Academy aspect ratio, originally released in 1954 and they are probably Japan’s two internationally best known movies. I presume everyone visiting SciFi Japan has read Dutch’s comprehensive review of the new Godzilla release. I also expect all readers have acquired that Classic Media set or

    Classic Media Releases the Original GODZILLA in a Deluxe Edition on DVD Author: John "Dutch" DeSentis Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD Special Thanks to Aaron Cooper and James Ballard September 5th, 2006 is a date that should forever be important to Godzilla fans as the day that the original, unaltered, post-war masterpiece GOJIRA was finally and officially released on DVD in North America. After years of hoping and clamoring, fans finally get their wish and much to our satisfaction the film is given an incredibly packaged and dignified release. Dignity is a word not often associated with the Godzilla series. For years the character has been lambasted and the subject of ridicule almost directly brought on by the childlike movies of the 1970s. Certainly, most Godzilla fans have similar stories of mentioning the monster`s name to non-fans and being met with rolling eyes and

    Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD With the 2-disc GOJIRA/GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS set barely two weeks away, Classic Media has revealed DVD specs and packaging art for their next two releases, GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN and MOTHRA VS GODZILLA. Both DVDs will be available separately on November 7, and have a SRP of $19.98 each. GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN and MOTHRA VS GODZILLA will feature both the original Japanese version (with English subtitles), the US release version, audio commentaries, and other extra features. GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN Single sided DVD Black and White Original theatrical aspect ratio: 4X3 (1.33:1) Japanese version GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (Gojira no Gyakushu, 1955) • English Subtitles • Runtime of film 81:34 American version GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER (1959) • English Dub • Runtime 79:00 Special Features: • Commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski • Art of Suit Acting featurette •

    Classic Media launches "RETURN TO THE KING OF THE MONSTERS HOMETOWN SWEEPSTAKES" today to celebrate the release of GOJIRA on DVD Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive an 8-Day, 7-Night Trip For 2 to Tokyo, Japan Godzilla wants to show you his hometown! To celebrate the US release of GOJIRA, the original 1954, uncut Japanese Godzilla movie, Classic Media kicks off the "Return to the King of the Monsters Hometown" Sweepstakes. Starting today, Godzilla fans can log onto Godzilla on DVD to enter to win one of more than 250 monstrous prizes. One grand prize-winner will receive an 8-day/7-night vacation to Tokyo, Japan for two, including travel and first-class accommodations. Classic Media will also give away one SONY PSP per day for the duration of the sweepstakes, running from August 16 September 16, 2006.

      The award-winning GC kaiju film comes to the Alamo Mason Park Cinema Source: Central Park Media, CoMix Wave Official US Site: Negadon Attacks Official Japanese Site (in English): Wakusei Daikaiju Negadon Press release Additional information and photos from the film can be found in the earlier NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS coverage here on SciFi Japan.  

    Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD The 60-second promotional trailer for Classic Media’s GOJIRA/GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS 2-disc Collector’s Edition DVD will premiere online on Friday, July 7 at The trailer is the final feature on “IGN Weekly Episode 16”, the website’s 14 minute long video magazine that covers current video game, movie, and DVD news. For more information on the Classic Media Godzilla DVDs, check the official website and the earlier reports here on SciFi Japan.

    DVD News, Website Launch, Film Screenings, Festival Appearances, Giveaways, and More! Author: Keith Aiken Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD A SciFi JAPAN EXCLUSIVE More than fifty years after its initial theatrical run in Japan, the original version of GODZILLA (Gojira, 1954) finally comes to home video in the United States this September, courtesy of Classic Media. The company is currently hard at work on a 2-disc collector’s edition DVD featuring the Japanese language version, the 1956 American edit GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS, and a wealth of extra material that includes trailers, two audio commentaries by noted Godzilla experts Steve Ryfle (author of Japan’s Favorite Mon-Star) and Ed Godziszewski (editor of Japanese Giants), featurettes on the making of this classic film, poster and image galleries, and more. The GOJIRA/GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS set will be followed by

    Author: Aaron Cooper Source: Geneon Video Special Thanks to Bob Johnson It looks like Japan is on the same bandwagon as the United States in remaking, re-imagining and re-tooling older properties for the next generation. Unfortunately, with this comes the same pitfalls and lack of imagination Hollywood suffers from in this era of remakes if not done correctly. TETSUJIN-28, known as Gigantor in the States, is no exception. The 2005 production of TETSUJIN-28 has a promising premise. A fatherless boy, talented yet misunderstood and bullied by his peers, comes to find out his father had been working on a top-secret giant robot project before he was killed. When a former colleague of Dad’s starts attacking Tokyo with his own giant robot known as the Black Ox, it’s up to young Shotaro to grasp the radio control of destiny and command Tetsujin-28 to stand up for right

    Author: Robert Saint John Source: Kadokawa Entertainment DVD Region 2 (Japan) Release date: April 21, 2006 Price: 1575 Yen (approx $13.50 US) Official Japanese Site: In the wake of the popularity of "Making of" DVDs such as 2001`s THE MATRIX REVISITED and promotional items such as 2004`s GODZILLA BATTLE HISTORY, the Japanese market for such releases seems to have taken off in the past year. While the U.S. market sees very few such releases (2005`s KING KONG: PETER JACKSON’S PRODUCTION DIARIES, for example), it has become increasingly standard in Japan to produce these relatively short, inexpensive "preview" or "making of" DVDs and release them just prior to the opening of the actual feature. This seems especially true of big budget, effects heavy extravaganzas such as SUNSET ON THE THIRD STREET (Always- Sanchome no Yumi), THE LAST LOVE SONG ON THIS LITTLE PLANET

    Author: Keith Aiken Source: Central Park Media, CoMix Wave Official US Site: Negadon Attacks Official Japanese Site (in English): Wakusei Daikaiju Negadon Central Park Media has revealed full details for their DVD of NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS. The disc will be released on July 11, retails for $19.95, and comes with a wealth of extra features. Press release NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS will be shown this summer at selected theaters in the United States. The film has already had a pair of theatrical screenings, and will next play at the ImaginAsian Theater in New York City: Additional information and photos, as well as details on the upcoming screenings can also be found in the earlier NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS coverage here on SciFi Japan.

    Source: Central Park Media, CoMix Wave Official US Site: Negadon Attacks Official Japanese Site (in English): Wakusei Daikaiju Negadon Next month, Central Park Media begins their US theatrical run of NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS. Written and directed by Jun Awazu, NEGADON is the world’s first completely computer generated kaiju movie -- a 26-minute long tribute to the classic Japanese monster movies of the 1950s and 60s. Full details are available from the latest press release from CPM. For more information and photos for NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS, please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan.  

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