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    Source: NEW PEOPLE Entertainment, Warner Home Video Official Movie Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Shio Toyoda This August, NEW PEOPLE Entertainment (formerly VIZ Pictures) is bringing the Japanese live action science fiction adventure GANTZ (??, 2011) to DVD and Blu-ray in North America. The film is based on the hit manga series created by Hiroya Oku, which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide (published in America by Dark Horse Comics) and was previously adapted in a 26 episode anime series. Directed by Shinsuke Sato (THE PRINCESS BLADE) and starring Kazunari Ninomiya (LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA) and Kenichi Matsuyama (DEATH NOTE, DETROIT METAL CITY), GANTZ made its world premiere in the U.S. with screenings held at over 330 theaters nationwide. The movie went on to top the Japanese box office for four consecutive weeks, grossing over $40 million. In the

    Boy Detective Franchise Still Going Strong Author: Andrew Nguyen Source: FUNimation Entertainment, VIZ Media Official Manga Site: (Japan), (US) Official Anime Site:, (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Jackie Smith Shinichi Kudo is one of Japan’s most famous tantei (detective) due to his ability to solve even the most baffling cases. The press referred to him as the "Detective of the East" even though he is only a teenager. After finishing a date with his childhood friend Ran Mouri at a Tokyo amusement park, he inadvertently witnesses a shady deal between a Japanese businessperson and a mysterious man in black. But before Kudo can investigate further, he is ambushed and knocked out by another man in black. To eliminate Kudo while leaving no trace of their presence, the two men in black force-feed him APTX-4869, an untraceable experimental poison.

    Madman Will Unleash the Freaks on June 22nd Source: Madman Entertainment Official Site: (Japan), Sushi Typhoon (US) Special Thanks to Ben Pollock and Philippa Lamb Action, comedy and splatter: times three! For the first time ever, Japanese cult filmmakers Noboru Iguchi (ROBO-GEISHA, THE MACHINE GIRL), Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE, VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL) and Tak Sakaguchi (DEATH TRANCE, VERSUS, SAMURAI ZOMBIE) have joined forces to bring you three times the heart-pounding action, three times the jaw-dropping comedy and three times the head-exploding splatter of your average action / horror / comedy! It’s MUTANT GIRL SQUAD (???? ???????, Sento Shojo: Chi no Tekkamen Densetsu, 2010)... a three-times-larger Mutant Action Extravaganza, filled with so much outrageousness that it took three directors to bring it to you! Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) is a seemingly normal Japanese high school girl, but on her sixteenth birthday,

    HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD COMPLETE COLLECTION Available on June 28th Source: Section23 Films press release Special Thanks to Mike Bailiff Home video distributor Section23 Films has provided details on its June 2011 slate of releases, including the highly anticipated complete collection of HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD to be released on DVD & Blu-Ray by Section23 client Sentai Filmworks. Product details follow, in order of release... MAID SAMA COLLECTION 1 Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 325 min. Street Date: 6/7/2011 Format: DVD Language: Japanese with English Subtitles SRP: $49.98 Getting sent to Seika High School is scary enough if you`re a guy, but now that the notorious former boys` school has gone coed, the unfortunate girls who`ve been enrolled there have only one goal - getting through each day as it comes. But into this untamed and testosterone-filled wilderness comes

    The Anime Classic Gets a Major UK Re-release Source: The Associates press release To coincide with Manga Entertainment’s 20th anniversary celebrations, in June 2011 the company will be releasing on Blu-ray— for the first time ever in the United Kingdom— the movie that started it all and defined the Manga brand as one of the world’s leading anime distributors... Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic AKIRA! Prior to the Blu-ray release, the film will also open at selected UK cinemas, giving fans the chance to see this “lavish animation extravaganza” (Variety) in all its big screen glory. Universally acclaimed as one of the greatest anime features of all time and hailed as “a visionary, game-changing masterpiece” (News of the World), the film has been digitally restored and remastered in full HD with super dynamic “Hypersonic” audio especially for this long-awaited Blu-ray release. Acknowledged as a hugely

    Second "Rebuild of Evangelion" Film Streets June 15th Source: Madman Entertainment Official Movie Site: (Japan), (US), (Aus) Special Thanks to Ben Pollock and Philippa Lamb The impressive 21st Century makeover of one of the most revered and influential anime series of all time continues apace with the Australian DVD and Blu-ray release of the feature-length EVANGELION: 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE (????????????: ?, Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Ha, 2009) from Madman Entertainment. The second of four planned movies based on the original anime series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (???????????, Shin Seiki Evangelion, 1995), this latest instalment introduces new pilots, new Evas and new Angels as the ongoing story involves to new heights of intensity. Written by NEON GENESIS EVANGELION creator Hideaki Anno and directed by regular EVANGELION collaborator Kazuya Tsurumaki, EVANGELION: 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE presents a thrilling and visually spectacular

    UK Anime Label Celebrates Two Decades as Market Leader Source: The Associates press release Official Site: Manga Entertainment, the UK’s leading purveyor of Japanese animation, celebrates two decades as film producers, market leaders and video distributors for such acclaimed animation classics as AKIRA, BLEACH and DEATH NOTE. The first and best anime distributor in the UK, Manga Entertainment remains at the forefront of modern media, part of a whirlpool of social networking trends and new forms of fun. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of AKIRA on UK video, Manga Entertainment is releasing Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic in an all-new Blu-ray edition. But that’s not all! • Uniqlo team assemble! Manga Entertainment joins forces with Japanese clothes company Uniqlo to help promote their line of T-shirts based on popular anime characters. • Manga Entertainment is a sponsor and participant in We Love Anime, a

    Special Edition Comes with Bonus Feature Film: EDEN OF THE EAST: AIR COMMUNICATION Source: The Associates press release Official Site: (Japan) 2009`s Most Intriguing New Anime Returns With A Brand New Movie! The story of EDEN OF THE EAST THE MOVIE 1: THE KING OF EDEN (????? ????The King of Eden, Higashi no Eden Gekijooban I: The King of Eden, 2009) continues where it left off from the EDEN OF THE EAST TV series, and brings Saki Morimi back to the USA in order to find Akira Takizawa. The other Selecao however are actively moving to take part in the game, and a few in particular are making dangerous moves in order to eliminate Takizawa or move towards their picture of a better Japan. The EDEN OF THE EAST THE MOVIE 1: THE KING OF EDEN Blu-ray also includes a very special

    Second "Rebuild of Evangelion" Film Streets June 20th Source: The Associates press release Official Movie Site: (Japan), (US) New Pilots, New Evas, New Angels. The landmark anime NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (???????????, Shin Seiki Evangerion, 1995) evolves, reaching new heights of intensity in the new feature film EVANGELION: 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, coming to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK from Manga Entertainment on the 20th of June, 2011. The home video editions present the theatrical anime movie EVANGELION: 2.0 (????????????: ?, Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: Ha, 2009), digitally mastered and with upgraded scenes. In this explosive new story, brutal action and primal emotion clash as a group of young pilots maneuver their towering, cyborg Eva Units into combat against a deadly and disturbing enemy. In the battle to prevent the apocalyptic Third Impact, Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami were forced to

    Babes, Bikinis, Blades, Guns and a Fistful of Zombies on Region 4 DVD Source: Madman Entertainment Special Thanks to Ben Pollock and Philippa Lamb The live action Japanese feature film CHANBARA BEAUTY (??????? The Movie, Onechanbara: The Movie, 2008) is now on DVD (Region 4, PAL) in Australia from Madman Entertainment. The film is based on the hit video game series THE ONECHANBARA for PS2, Xbox360, Wii; created by Tamsoft and D3. CHANBARA BEAUTY was the directorial debut of cinematographer Yohei Fukuda (GROTESQUE), and stars Eri Otoguro (VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL; SHUTTER), Tomohiro Waki (INITIAL D – DRIFT RACER) and Taro Suwa (UZUMAKI; END CALL; THE MACHINE GIRL). The bikini-clad samurai chick, Aya (Eri Otoguru), roams a chaotic and desolate future world where the streets are filled with zombies. In search of her sister, Saki (Chise Nakamura), she meets a mysterious gun-toting

    Source: The Associates press release Official Site: (Japan), (US) Ruin is the salvation of man and machine! CASSHERN SINS (?????? SINS, Kyashaan Shinsu, 2008) is a millennial update of NEO-HUMAN CASSHERN (??????????, Shinzo Ningen Kyashaan, aka CASSHAN, 1973) a beloved classic of Japanese animation which saw a lone cyborg hero opposing a robot empire that threatened to overthrow the Earth. This darker reimagining mixes frantic action with heartfelt humanity, as Casshern fights to survive a bleak dystopian future - little realizing that he caused the end of the world! The new series was produced by Tatsunoko Production (NEO-HUMAN CASSHERN, SPEED RACER, GATCHAMAN) with animation by Madhouse (PAPRIKA, MONSTER). The series was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi (DRAGON BALL Z). The animation was supervised by Yoshihiko Umakoshi (FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, COWBOY BEEBOP). CASSHERN SINS: PART ONE of two (containing Episodes 1-12) will be released

    Source: VIZ Media, MediaLab press releases Special Thanks to Jane Lui and Erik Jansen VIZ Media, LLC has announced an array of upcoming new anime DVD releases scheduled for May and June 2011. New DVD releases in May include the latest from VIZ Media’s top selling anime properties, POKÉMON and VAMPIRE KNIGHT GUILTY. Two brand new series, HERO: 108 and KEKKAISHI, will make their long-awaited debut on DVD in June in addition to the latest box set installment of BLEACH. May Anime Releases: POKÉMON DP GALACTIC BATTLES Volumes 3 & 4 Rated “A” for All Ages MSRP: $14.97 U.S. each / $21.99 CAN each Available May 10th POKÉMON DP GALACTIC BATTLES GIFT SET 2 Rated “A” for All Ages MSRP: $24.92 U.S. / $35.99 CAN Available May 10th Ash and his friends are headed to Sinnoh’s snow country, where the weather is the least of their

    Source: Magnolia Home Entertainment press release, Bender/Helper Impact Official Movie Site: When a wild, man-eating boar goes on a rampage in a small Korean village, all bets are off in the inventive black comedy horror romp CHAWZ (??, 2009), now on Blu-ray and Region 1 DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment under the Magnet Releasing label. From the acclaimed CGI specialists at Polygon Entertainment and directed by Jeong-won Shin, CHAWZ pays homage to the classic monster movies of the past with intertwined hilarity. The movie was shown in Korea and internationally as CHAW, with the name both a play on the English word `chew` and meaning `to trap` in the Korean dialect of the Gyeonggi and Chungcheong provinces. For the American release, Magnet slightly altered the film`s title to CHAWZ as a very intentional reference to the 1975 classic JAWS. The US distributor

    Source: Sentai Filmworks press release Official Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to David Williams Sentai Filmworks announces its acquisition of the spectacular anime series NIGHT RAID 1931 (?????????, Senkoo no Night Raid, 2010). Directed by Jun Matsumoto (PERSONA – TRINITY SCROLL) with script supervision by Shinsuke Onishi (THE THIRD, SHIN GETTER ROBO,) the 17 episode series was produced by A-1 Pictures and Aniplex and features character designs by acclaimed manga master Akimine Kamijyo (SAMURAI DEEPER KYO). Sentai’s forthcoming release will include episodes 0-13, plus two unaired episodes as well as a special bonus recap episode. The year is 1931. The City is Shanghai. Ten years before America will enter World War II, the hydra’s teeth planted by the first great global conflict are beginning to germinate, hatching into spiders weaving the complex web of plots and conspiracies destined to inevitably draw entire nations,

    US Release Streets April 26th Source: FUNimation Entertainment Official Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Jackie Smith The intrigue goes international in EDEN OF THE EAST THE MOVIE 1: THE KING OF EDEN (????? ????The King of Eden, Higashi no Eden Gekijooban I: The King of Eden, 2009), a feature-length conspiracy thriller that continues the action of the acclaimed anime EDEN OF THE EAST (?????, Higashi no Eden, 2009). The deadly game that began in Japan now intensifies on the streets of New York City. The rules are the same: Do whatever it takes to win. Die if you lose. Takizawa prevented Japan’s destruction – and then he vanished. Six months later, clues lead Saki to the Big Apple in search of her missing friend. Meanwhile, the remaining Seleção are plotting their final move. Some of them would prefer Takizawa dead

    GUIN SAGA COLLECTION 2 Available on May 31st Source: Section23 Films press release Special Thanks to Mike Bailiff Home video distributor Section23 Films has provided details on its May 2011 slate of releases, including the 2nd collection of GUIN SAGA to be released on DVD by Section23 client Sentai Filmworks. Product details follow, in order of release... GHOST SWEEPER MIKAMI COLLECTION 4 Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed by: Section23 Films Run Time: 275 min. Street Date: 5/3/2011 Format: DVD Language: Japanese with English Subtitles SRP: $49.98 Yes, despite all common logic or sense of self preservation, the Mikami Detective agency continues to ply their occult trade, dousing spirits, vaporizing vapors and generally not giving the supernatural a ghost of a chance. Of course, once you`ve gotten into this profession, it`s really hard to get out, since you`re actually busiest when your business is dying. And it

    Source: The Associates press release, Pictures Dept. Official Movie Site: (Japan) TIME TRAVELLER: THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME (???????, Toki o Kakeru Shojo, 2010), the latest live-action movie incarnation of Yasutaka Tsutsui`s frequently adapted 1967 sci-fi/fantasy novel The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, gives the tale a contemporary spin as Akari, the teenage daughter of the novel`s protagonist, Kazuko Yoshiyama, travels back in time from the present in search of a mystery man from her mother`s past. TIME TRAVELLER: THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME is the debut feature of director Masaaki Taniguchi, a longtime assistant to some of Japan`s most eminent directors; Kichitarou Negishi, Kazuyuki Izutsu, Yojirou Takita, Hideyuki Hirayama, and Tetsuo Shinohara. The film stars Riisa Naka (female star of Takashi Miike`s ZEBRAMAN 2: ATTACK ON ZEBRA CITY), who provided the voice for Makoto Konono, Kazuko`s time-travelling niece, in

    Source: FUNimation Entertainment Official Movie Site: Goemon (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Jackie Smith The enterprising director of CASSHERN weaves Japanese folklore and history into GOEMON (????, 2009), a tour de force evocative of the classic Robin Hood tale. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray in North America, courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. Both home video editions present GOEMON in its original theatrical aspect ratio, with Japanese and English dub audio tracks, supplemented by an hour of extra features. After the infamous ninja-turned-thief Goemon cracks a deputy’s stronghold, he discovers a conspiracy that proves the poverty-stricken country is under the thumb of a false, warmongering ruler. Armed with the blade of truth, Goemon tears a warrior’s path to cut down the decadent king. Saturated with captivating visual effects and explosive action, the fantastical world of GOEMON surpasses the reaches of

    Author: Keith Aiken Source: Golden Media Group, Tower PR Special Thanks to Roy McAree and Amy Gorton A SciFi JAPAN EXCLUSIVE The North American sales agent for Kadokawa Pictures has revealed that the classic Daimajin monster movie series has been licensed to distributor Mill Creek Entertainment for a home video release in 2011. The Daiei Motion Picture Co. released all three films— MAJIN (???, Daimajin), RETURN OF MAJIN (?????, Daimajin Ikaru), and MAJIN STRIKES AGAIN (?????, Daimajin Gyakushu)— in 1966. But unlike the studio`s Gamera franchise, the Daimajin series were period films set during Japan`s Sengoku (Warring States) period, and combined elements of the kaiju eiga (monster movie) genre with Daiei`s extremely popular jidai-geki (period stories) and chanbara (sword-fighting) films. These movies each followed a similar pattern; telling the story of a giant statue of Daimajin (the name roughly meaning "Great Angry God") that would

    The End of the World is Near in Japanese Sci-Fi Thriller Source: The Associates press release Japanese director Takahisa Zeze (FLYING RABBITS; MOON CHILD) combines the apocalyptic excitement of the disaster movie with the high tension of a medical thriller in PANDEMIC (????, Kansen Retto, 2009), which stars Satoshi Tsumabuki (DORORO; THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT), Kanningu Takeyama (MEMORIES OF MATSUKO) and celebrated veteran actor Tatsuya Fuji (IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES; EMPIRE OF PASSION) in a terrifyingly topical tale of a world threatened by a mysterious virus. When a lethal avian flu outbreak hits a small village in the Northern Philippines, the international medical team working to contain the virus hears unconfirmed reports that one of the residents has left the village to attend a relative’s wedding and has taken a chicken as a gift. Three months later, a

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