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    GARO Returns With New Series In 2024

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     After a four-year hiatus, GARO is back with a new series!Photo courtesy of Toei Agency. ©2024 Hagane wo Tsugumono by Keita Amemiya / TOHOKUSHINSHAThe GARO franchise returns with its first completely new work in four years! The series GARO: HAGANE WO TSUGUMONO (牙狼<GARO> ハガネを継ぐ者, Kiba Okami GARO Hagane wo Tsugumono) --  "GARO: The Inheritor of Steel” in English --  will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon TV starting in January 2024.

    The story of the Golden Knight Garo begins once again, with Ryuga Dogai (played by Wataru Kuriyama) as the main character, celebrating his 10th anniversary since his introduction in the series GARO: THE ONE WHO SHINES IN THE DARKNESS (〈-GARO-〉~闇を照らす者~, GARO: Yami o Terasu Mono, 2013). The ``Hagane'' in this title is a general term for the armor summoned by anonymous knights that have appeared in past works. It appears for the first time in this series as an important character who holds the key to the story. Witness the drama of the Golden Knight Garo Ryuga Dogai and "Hagane" as they approach the origins of the protector.

    In addition, this show takes a new approach to the ``dynamic action'' and ``high-quality design'' that have been the hallmarks of the GARO series since its inception! The action scenes have been carefully constructed by action director Masaki Suzumura (RUROUNI KENSHIN film series, HiGH & LOW THE WORST X, etc.) while the  special makeup by SFX Makeup Artist JIRO (ATTACK ON TITAN films, SHIN GODZILLA) is fully incorporated in the character designs. The series is a must-see for hero fans. 

    The creative team includes director Yasuhiro Matsuda who has been involved in the GARO series for many years, director Yuwa Tanaka who has worked on a wide range of films including police dramas and character studies, and director Yoshikatsu Kimura who has a proven track record in action films. The new GARO presents a  new expression of the worldview of the Ryuga Dogai series established by directors Keita Amemiya and Makoto Yokoyama.


    Lead actor Wataru Kuriyama. Photo courtesy of Toei Agency.


    Comment from Wataru Kuriyama

    I'm back after 5 years! 

    Thanks to everyone's great support, I was able to come back!

    This is the beginning of a new chapter in the Ryuga series!


    ◆ Comment from Planning/Producer Fumi Tanaka (Tohokushinsha)

    "Creating GARO". It means "creating something new."

    A new story of Ryuga Dogai has been born this time.

    The action, the modeling, the direction...the combined efforts of the wonderful staff and cast create an unprecedented new sensation of action entertainment.

    It will be fun for everyone who has always supported us, as well as those watching it for the first time!

    Please take a look!




    Cast: Wataru Kuriyama and others
    Original Story: Keita Amemiya
    Directors: Yasuhiro Matsuda, Yuwa Tanaka, Yoshikatsu Kimura
    Action Director: Masaki Suzumura
    Screenplay: Norikatsu Kodama, Ryuji Yoshizaki
    Executive Producer: Kiyotaka Ninomiya
    Planning/Producer: Fumi Tanaka
    Producers: Ichiro Higa, Shuhei Okabayashi

    Broadcast Period:January - March, 2024
    Broadcast Stations: TOKYO MX, BS Nippon TV
    Production: TOHOKUSHINSHA

    ©2024 "Hagane wo Tsugumono" by Keita Amemiya / TOHOKUSHINSHA

     Logo courtesy of Toei Agency. ©2024 Hagane wo Tsugumono by Keita Amemiya / TOHOKUSHINSHA

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