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      Kakiyasu Honten has partnered with Godzilla for a limited restaurant collaboration. Photo courtesy of Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd. TM & ©TOHO CO.,LTD. ©KAKIYASU HONTEN   Source: Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd. press release Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture / President: Yasumasa Akatsuka) is a general food company whose history stretches back more than 150 years with the opening of their first Gyunabe-ya ( a beef hot-pot restaurant) in 1871. In the year's since, the company has expanded to cover take-out, home cooking, dressed meats, delicatessens, Japanese confectionery, processed foods, and traditional-style restaurants that have become known for their popular shigure (beef and other foods boiled and simmered in soy sauce) dishes. This week, Kakiyasu has released their first collaboration product with Godzilla,  the world's favorite giant monster produced and licensed by Toho Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / President: Hiroyasu Matsuoka). The "Godzilla Japanese

      Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD.   Source:  Ghost X Ghost Special Thanks to Brock Otterbacher  Ghost X Ghost has released several licensed enamel pins of Godzilla and other Toho monsters...  ■ Hedorah Head Soft Enamel Pin Soft enamel pin on black metal, approx. 2" wide, with double posts and rubber clutches, bagged on a card back.  Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Designed by Christian Gonzalez Price: $12.00 Order Link:                    ■ Hedorah METALCROPOLIS Logo Soft Enamel Pin Soft enamel pin on black metal, approx. 3" wide, with double posts and rubber clutches, bagged on a card back. Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM &

    Photo courtesy of Bandai. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. press release Premium Bandai, the official mail order site of Bandai Namco, is now accepting pre-orders for the "Ultra Replica X Devizer" (ウルトラレプリカ エクスデバイザー, Urutora Repurika Ekusu Debaizā), a replica of the transformation device used by Daichi Oozora (played by Kensuke Takahashi) in Tsuburaya Productions' 2015 series ULTRAMAN X  (ウルトラマンX, Urutoraman Ekkusu). B Photo courtesy of Bandai. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONSandai produced a DX version of the  X Devizer at the time of the show's original broadcast, but has now created a new design and sculpt for their "Ultra Replica Series" that more accurately matches the props used in ULTRAMAN X. A voice recognition gimmick, which was not included in the DX version, has been added to help fans recreate the frequent conversations between Daichi and Ultraman X that took place during the show.In addition to the device itself,

    Photo courtesy of CAVITYCOLORS. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source:  CAVITYCOLORS Special Thanks to Henry Chapman CAVITYCOLORS has released their Godzilla Heisei Era Monster Series Part 2 line of shirts, featuring stunning artwork of the 1990s versions of Godzilla and his foes. These shirts can be ordered at   Photo courtesy of CAVITYCOLORS. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. GODZILLA: HEISEI ERA - T-SHIRT Art by: Yannick Bouchard Unisex black t-shirt  XS - 5X 100% cotton $30 Available on June 13th at 5:00pm EST                         Photo courtesy of CAVITYCOLORS. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. GODZILLA: HEISEI ERA - CREWNECK SWEATSHIRT Art by: Yannick Bouchard Unisex black crewneck sweater XS

    Photo courtesy of TOKYOPOP.  Nation’s Biggest Anime Convention Will Host Panels Powered by TOKYOPOP for LoveLove Romance Imprint and BIPOC Manga Brand Noir Caesar Source: TOKYOPOP press release Special Thanks to Erik Jansen (MediaLab) Publisher TOKYOPOP heads to Anime Expo 2023 with a slate of not-to-be- missed panels, special guests and special booth activities and premiums that will be available during the convention. Anime Expo will take place July 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. The annual event draws more than 100,000 attendees and is the nation’s biggest dedicated anime fan convention. TOKYOPOP will be located on the main exhibit area in Booth #1615. Additional details on Anime Expo are available at: TOKYOPOP AX 2023 Panels: Noir Caesar: Powered by TOKYOPOPMonday, July 3rd at 3:00pm-4:30pmPanel Room: 404 Founded by former NBA player and self-proclaimed “Blerd,” Johnny

    Photo courtesy of Seibuen Amusement Park. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS Source: Seibuen Amusement Park press release Official Website: (Japan) Seibuen Amusement Park (Headquarters: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, President: Tatsuya Yoda) has announced that "Ultraman the Ride: The Great Duel of the Century" (ウルトラマン・ザ・ライド 世紀の大決闘,  Urutoraman za Raido Seiki no Daikettō),  the world’s largest indoor ride attraction based on Ultraman, will open on Friday, July 14th.  The ride is produced by the same creative team behind the award-winning “Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monsters Ultimate Battle” (ゴジラ・ザ・ライド大怪獣頂上決戦, Gojira za Raido Daikaijū Chōjō Kessen) and is part of the park's year-long "Tobikkiri Sugo YEAR 2023!" celebration. "Ultraman the Ride" allows guests to experience heart-stopping excitement and an unprecedented sense of immersion with their entire body as they travel through the skies with Ultraman as rookie members of the Science Special Search Party (aka Science Patrol) and fight together against monsters. This

    Photo courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS TM & © 2023 Bandai Namco Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America Partners with Tsuburaya Productions and Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment to Bring a Variety of Ultraman Toys to North America Source: Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America Inc. press release Tsuburaya and its new U.S. entity, Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment, Productions and Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America (BNTCA) announce a new partnership that awards BNTCA the master toy license for Ultraman and will be introducing an exciting new, much sought-after line for fans of the hit property. The upcoming Ultraman line, with toy rights exclusive to BNCTA, will include action figures, role play, playsets, and plush that encapsulate the adventurous spirit and high-quality storytelling that has made the IP a staple of the genre since the '60s. The initial lineup will include products

    Enjoy the World of Godzilla and Japanese CultureSource: Nijigen No Mori press releaseOfficial Website: Photo courtesy of Nijigen no Mori. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Through July 17th, the popular "Godzilla Interception Operation - National Awaji Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster" (ゴジラ迎撃作戦 ~国立ゴジラ淡路島研究センター~, Gojira Geigeki Sakusen ~ Kokuritsu Gojira Awajishima Kenkyū Sentā ~) attraction at the "Nijigen no Mori" anime theme park in Awaji Island Park, Hyogo Prefecture is hosting the "Awaji GODZILLA Festival" for fans to further enjoy the world of Godzilla and Japanese culture. During the event, visitors who purchase the "Special Set Ticket" (スペシャルセット券,  Supesharu Settoken) can enjoy two exciting games, including the "Yumiya Challenge" (弓矢チャレンジ, Yumiya Charenji), an archery competition which recreates the story of "Godzilla Interception Operation," and the "Tosenkyo Challenge" (投扇興 「とうせんきょう」ゲーム,  Tō ōgi Kyō 「Tōsen Kyō」 Gēmu), a traditional Japanese fan-tossing game.  According to their results, players will be awarded gorgeous

    Photo courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Diamond Select Toys Special Thanks to Zach Oat Diamond Select Toys is offering SciFi Japan readers a chance to win a collection of three Godzilla Vinimates Two Packs. Each Pack includes 2 articulated 4″ vinyl figures designed by Barry Bradfield, packaged in a full-color window box. Godzilla Vinimates Two Pack (SKU: 84616) ● Godzilla 1954 black-and-white figure from the original GODZILLA (ゴジラ, Gojira, 1954) ● Godzilla 1999 from GODZILLA 2000 ( ゴジラ2000 ミレニアム, Gojira Nisen: Mireniamu, 1999) Godzilla Vinimates Two Pack (SKU: 84617) ● Godzilla 1962 from KING KONG VS GODZILLA (キングコング対ゴジラ, Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira, 1962) ● Mechagodzilla from GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (ゴジラ対メカゴジラ, Gojira Tai Mekagojira, 1974) Godzilla Vinimates Two Pack (SKU: 84618) ● Godzilla 1995 (Burning Godzilla) from GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH (ゴジラVSデストロイア, Gojira Tai Desutoroia,

    Source: Shogakukan Inc. Official Website: (Japan) Cover of the July 2023 issue of Serai. Photo courtesy of Shogakukan. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.  Nostalgic but new!  The July issue of Shogakukan's Super Premium Magazine Serai (サライ, Serai) offers a feature article on FX legend Eiji Tsuburaya plus a special supplement of painted postcards depicting Tsuburaya's Ultraman characters.The main article is "Eiji Tsuburaya, Pioneer of Japanese Special Effects " (円谷英二が拓いたニッポンの特撮, Tsuburaya Eiji ga Hiraita Nihon no Tokusatsu). As the creator of the internationally renowned icons Godzilla and Ultraman, Tsuburaya became known as the "god of special effects". He was born on July 7, which is now called "Special Effects Day" in Japan. The Super Premium Magazine Serai article looks back at the history of special effects from a modern perspective  and the influence of Eiji Tsuburaya on later generations of filmmakers and artists.

    Photo courtesy of Seismic, LLC. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS Jirahs - Comics Version, Megadon - Video Game Edition, and Sevenger - Glow in the Dark available now!  Source:  Seismic, LLC. Seismic is continuing both of its popular toy lines: the Dawn of the Monsters toy line and Ultraman Vinyl Oddysey with three new releases. First is Jirahs - Comics Version. This new colorway is based on the character's design in The Trials of Ultraman from Marvel Comics. Seismic's signature translucent effectl and metallic paints are on vivid display in this new figure, limited to 150 pieces. Jirahs is 9 inches tall and is sculpted by Michael Lambert, featuring header card art by Bill Couture. Each figure will come with a limited edition

    Source:  Ghost X Ghost press release Special Thanks to Brock Otterbacher  The King of the Monsters comes to the stage in the next METALCROPOLIS t-shirt from Ghost X Ghost! With art by Jason Edmiston and logo by Christophe Szpaidel, it is available for pre-order until Friday, June 16 at Noon PST. Ghost X Ghost! also have their first pin of the King himself, designed by Christian Gonzalez.   ■ Godzilla METALCROPOLIS T-Shirt  Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, has been reimagined as a metal band! This is the latest in our METALCROPOLIS series of designs- taking your favorite characters, and making them METAL! Screen printed on a 100% soft spun cotton black t-shirt. This is a pre-order timed edition, available from Friday, June 9th until Friday, June 16th at noon PST.  

    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA Experience the terror of Sadako, Japan's great horror icon, in English or Japanese! Source: SCRAP press release Official Site: (Japanese), (English)  TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is now hosting SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO (貞子 呪いのビデオからの脱出, Sadako Noroi no Bideo Kara no Dasshutsu), a new Real Escape Game featuring the world famous J-Horror icon. Sadako was introduced in Koji Suzuki's 1991 novel Ring (リング, Ringu), which told the story of a cursed video that kills whoever sees it. The story was first adapted for Japanese television before finding international acclaim with the 1998 feature film version. The climactic scene of Sadako crawling out of a TV screen to murder one of her victims sent shockwaves through Japan and led to a series of sequels (the most recent being 2022's SADAKO DX) as well as a

    Photo courtesy of Gen X Games. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Gen X Games Special Thanks to Jaime LC The Spanish company Gen X Games has published a trio of Godzilla card and board games, based on the classic Toho franchise and the two most recent Monsterverse films...   Photo courtesy of Gen X Games. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. GODZILLA TOTAL WAR TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Choose a Kaiju, engage in an epic battle and prove who is the strongest! GODZILLA TOTAL WAR is an easy to learn, quick to set up and fun to play card game based on the movie GODZILLA: FINAL WARS. Choose one of the 12 Kaijus from the Toho films  and join the battle. Play cards and special hits to eliminate your opponents faster. Fight the legendary monsters

    Godzilla crawls through Kamata in production art for SHIN Godzilla, drawn by the film's co-director, Shinji Higuchi. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Film and special effects director Shinji Higuchi’s mind revealed over more than 600 pages! Source:  PIE International press release PIE International has announced the publication of Shinji Higuchi Special Effect's Field Notes: Visual Plans and Sketches, an art book by the popular film director and special effects director, Born on September 22, 1965, Higuchi made his movie industry debut working on the 1984 film THE RETURN OF GODZILLA (ゴジラ, Gojira). In 1995, he worked as a special effects director on GAMERA THE GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE (ガメラ 大怪獣空中決戦, Gamera: Daikaijū Kūchū Kessen), for which he won the Japan Academy Awards Special Award. In addition, Higuchi has worked on many hit movies, including the Evangelion series, creating storyboards and image boards. His major

    Photo courtesy of FYE. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Monsterverse © LEGENDARY Source: FYESpecial Thanks to Andrew Gunther and Eric Rosenfield   The pop culture retailer FYE (For Your Entertainment) has provided SciFi Japan with information and large photos of their Godzilla exclusive collectibles. These items  --many now marked down from their SRPs --  can be purchased from FYE stores and FYE is planning another wave of Godzilla items for this year's Godzilla Day (November 3, 2023). Photo courtesy of FYE. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Godzilla 1995 Burning LED Light An FYE Exclusive. The Godzilla 1995 Burning LED Light is the perfect addition to any Godzilla fan's collection! This highly detailed figurine features the iconic Godzilla as he appeared in the 1995 movie GODZILLA VS DESTOROYAH, with his signature burning red LED eyes. Made

    Photo courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. © LEGENDARY PICTURES Source: Diamond Select Toys press release Special Thanks to Zach Oat It’s all-out war! San Diego becomes a battleground this July, with thousands of superfans fighting for elbow room at one of the coolest cons in the country! Comic-Con International, which runs from July 19-23, will be host to hundreds of companies, chief among them Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant LTD, and they’re bringing an army of exclusives! Read Diamond Select's report for details on the complete line of exclusives (including Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, Star Wars and more) and make your plan of attack, but come by booth 2607 early, because they won’t last forever! Not attending? Reserve yours online at and (while supplies last) and they’ll ship out after the show! PACIFIC RIM (10th Aniversary) Deluxe Action Figure Legacy Box

    Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source:  Ghost X Ghost press release Special Thanks to Brock Otterbacher  Ghost X Ghost just put up extras of their Rucking Fotten x GXG Double Feature 2.5 collab variants. These two t-shirts are in stock, and ready to ship. Available in sizes Small to 6XL. Quantities are very limited.   ■ Mothra vs Godzilla - Ghost Variant - Rucking Fotten x GXG T-Shirt Photo courtesy of Ghost X Ghost. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Screen printed on a 100% soft spun cotton black t-shirt.   Ghost X Ghost and Rucking Fotten have teamed up to bring you new a vision of your favorite Godzilla films!     Designed by Rucking Fotten  Printed by Bay Merch Price: $30.00 Order Link:           ■ Destroy

    Source:  PIE International, Diamond Comics Distributors The incredible billingual (Japanese and English) book  GODZILLA History of Formative Arts 1954-2016 was first published in 2021. For those who missed it the first time out, Diamond Comics Distributors has relisted the book for a June 14 release in comic shops and bookstores nationwide. To find a Diamond affilitate store near you visit Additional bookstore locations in North America, Asia, and Europe can also be found here.   Photo courtesy of PIE International. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. ©2021 Kishikawa Edit Office, Ltd./ PIE International GODZILLA History of Formative Arts 1954-2016 The ultimate book of Godzilla showcasing a massive archive of rare material and stunningly beautifully design. From its first cinematic release as GODZILLA in 1954 to its latest incarnation as SHIN GODZILLA in 2016, this book offers a massive collection

    Photo courtesy of Spiral Toy. © TOHO CO., LTD. MONSTERVERSE TM © Legendary Source: Spiral Toy press release “Long live the king” - Dr. Emma Russell (GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS) Spiral Studio is proud to present the first Artisan Dynasty release from Spiral Toy! Made in collaboration with designers, Kazumitsu Akamatsu and Masami Yamada.     AD-GZ19001: Godzilla (2019) is cast in a silver glitter-infused clear vinyl. Akamatsu-sensei and Yamada-sensei have managed to capture Godzilla’s signature look and retain the charm of glitter infused vinyl.     This release is exclusive to the Spiral Toy website.     PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS  ・DIimensions - H: 25cm / W: 12 cm / L: 25 cm  ・Materials: Silver Glitter-Infused Clear Soft Vinyl  ・Edition Size: 200 Units  ・Pre-order Starts: May 26, 2023 - 01:00 P.M. (EST)  ・Est. Arrival: July 2023 About Spiral Studio At Spiral Studio, we are

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