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    No April Fools, UCHUSEN Returns!

    Hobby Japan Brings Back Classic Japanese Magazine. Author: Bob Johnson In January of 1980, a new magazine was published in Japan covering Science Fiction films, television, books and other media. Called “Space Magazine Uchusen”, this publication grew over 25 years to become a leading source of information on the latest Japanese films and television series, as well as an authoritative resource on classic movies and TV from not only Japan, but all over the world. First released as a quarterly magazine, Uchusen would switch between quarterly and bi-monthly over the years, finally settling on bi-monthly status shortly before its demise in July of 2005 after 119 issues.

    Early issues of Uchusen featured articles on classic science fiction, as well as information on new and upcoming releases. However, the most fascinating aspect of the earlier issues were the splashy covers, many painted in retro-sci fi style, as well as blueprints and diagrams of robots, space ships and other mecha. Much of the art for the magazine was provided by Yuji Kaida who did most of the blueprints, as well as covers and would go on to become one of Japan’s most sought-after artists for model kit boxes, video covers and much more. Another artist who worked on Uchusen in the early years was famous Japanese director and designer Keita Amemiya. As the years and issues went on, the magazine would go from a more fan-friendly format to become a slick publication with mostly photo-based covers and more current coverage.

    Now, almost three years after it ceased publication, Uchusen Magazine is returning to bookshelves and magazine racks throughout Japan. Asahi National Broadcasting and another long running Japanese publication, Hobby Japan, are bringing Uchusen back for a new generation of readers. Released on April 1, 2008, the new Uchusen Magazine is a quarterly publication in a similar format as its predecessor. The first issue will continue the numbering of the original and begin with issue number 120. The 132-page periodical will go for 1,800 yen and the first issue includes a supplemental 42-page 2008 Yearbook insert. In an attempt to recapture the spirit of Uchusen, Hobby Japan brings back three of the original staffers, Shinohara Mamoru, Keita Amemiya and Kobayashi. The magazine will contain all the requisite film and television coverage, but will also return to serializations and incorporate a fan club, which will promote fan-involvement in the magazine’s content.

    Issue 120 includes cast interviews from the newest KAMEN RIDER series, a special photo collection from KAMEN RIDER and the first of a series of articles called “Detail of Heroes”. Coverage will also be provided for the new Ultraman movie, GREAT DECISIVE BATTLE! THE 8 ULTRA BROTHERS. Space Magazine Uchusen’s return is like welcoming back an old friend. Let’s hope the newest run is a long one! For more information, go to Title: Space Magazine Uchusen vol.120 (revival 1, volume 120) Price: 1,800 Yen Binding: Page A4 deformation format flat binding. 132 pages. Special supplement: Separate volume "Uchusen Year Book 2008" all color, 42 pages.

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