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    Production Begins on Director Takayuki Hirao’s Latest Work! The Creative Team of POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE Reunites

    Source: KADOKAWA CORPORATION Animation Group, Qdopp Media Relations press release


    The creative team behind POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE has reunited for an exciting new project. Photo courtesy of GKIDS. ©2020 Shogo Sugitani/KADOKAWA/Pompo Project

    The creative team behind POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE (映画大好きポンポさん, Eiga Daisuki Ponpo-san, 2021), a film that captured the hearts of many with its love for movies, has reunited for an exciting new project!

    Shingo Adachi, who is known for his work on LYCORIS RECOIL and SWORD ART ONLINE, will be in charge of character design. Kenta Matsukuma, who made his film music composition debut with POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE and went on to contribute to KAMEN RIDER BLACK SUN, will compose the music. Animation production will be handled by CLAP, whose latest work, THE TUNNEL TO SUMMER, THE EXIT OF GOODBYES, was selected for the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

    This film marks Takayuki Hirao’s first time directing a completely original work! It’s a fresh film by a seasoned team. Intriguingly, the project is code named “Wasted Chef,” making it a cooking-themed film?! Please look forward to it!

    Project Code: WASTED CHEF

    Production underway


    Director: Takayuki Hirao

     Notable works: POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE (Director), MAGICAL SISTERS YOYO & NENE (Director)

    Character Design: Shingo Adachi

     Notable works: LYCORIS RECOIL (Director), SWORD ART ONLINE (Character Design)

    Music: Kenta Matsukuma

     Notable works: POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE (Music), KAMEN RIDER BLACK SUN (Music)

    Animation Production: CLAP

     Notable works: POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE (Theatrical release 2021), THE TUNNEL TO SUMMER, THE EXIT OF GOODBYES (Theatrical release 2022)


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    POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE Screening & Q&A with Director Hirao at Anime Expo2023


    Director Takayuki Hirao will be participating in Anime Expo 2023, scheduled to take place from July 1 to 4 in Los Angeles. During the event, we are excited to host a special screening of POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE, followed by a director Q&A session.

    POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE Screening at Anime Expo 2023

    Guest: Director Takayuki Hirao

    Date & Time: 13:00 on July 1 (PDT)

    Venue: Room 403

    Contents: POMPO: THE CINÉPHILE screening + Q&A with Director Hirao

    Special screenings are also being held in Japan to commemorate the second anniversary of the film’s release!

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