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    ROARing Onto iTunes

    The Highly Popular CLOVERFIELD End Credits Music to Be Released on iTunes Author: John “Dutch” DeSentis Source: Soundtrack Net, Film Score Monthly Online, CLOVERFIELD DVD Official site: iTunes On April 29th, iTunes will make available for download “ROAR!” the CLOVERFIELD overture. Written by frequent J.J. Abrams composer Michael Giacchino, “ROAR!” is a tribute to the classic style of monster movie scoring and has become a much sought after track among fans who enjoyed it during the closing credits of the 2008 film. “ROAR!” came to be when director Matt Reeves screened a version of the movie in which editor Kevin Stitt temped in music from Akira Ifukube’s score to GODZILLA (1954) which went over very well and gave them as well as producer J.J. Abrams the idea to do something like that of their own seeing as there was no real score to speak of during the film. They turned to Abram’s composer of choice, Michael Giacchino. “It turned out that he is a HUGE monster movie fan and that he loved all of that Godzilla music. And he relished the idea of basically writing us this, I guess you’d consider it a song, but it’s really the Cloverfield overture at the end.” said director Reeves on the commentary track of the recent DVD release of CLOVERFIELD. He goes on to add, “…I couldn’t have been more excited…the music that comes in somehow feels like the music you would have heard had it been the huge, grand-scale version of the movie shot in the traditional fashion.”

    In a recent interview with Film Score Monthly Online, Giacchino said of the overture; “I have never received so many emails, phone calls, just a constant barrage of ‘When can I get this?’, ‘Where does this come from?’, ‘Why did you do this?’. All these kinds of things because literally, I just did it ‘cause I said oh wouldn’t it be fun if we just did a big overture at the end of a movie that had no music? You know, and I always wanted to write a monster movie score.” He also goes on to say that neither he nor the producers of CLOVERFIELD were prepared for how popular the track would be and would have to go through some of the “legal knots” needed to make the track available. Now with the release of the film for download on iTunes, fans will finally be able to get their hands on it. The film version of “ROAR!” ran nearly ten minutes. The version to be released will be the complete twelve minute plus track which will offer just over two more minutes of music yet to be heard. Michael Giacchino is an Academy Award nominated and Grammy Winning composer who has created memorable scores to films such as THE INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE as well as the television show LOST. This year is set to be and even bigger year as he recently scored SPEED RACER for The Wachowski Brothers and will be joining the likes of Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, and James Horner when he scores STAR TREK for J.J. Abrams.

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