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    SANA: New J-Horror From JU-ON Creator Takashi Shimizu

    Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co., Ltd. ©2023 SANA Film Partners

    Source: Shochiku Co., Ltd.
    Shochiku has announced a new J-Horror movie, SANA (ミンナのウタ, Minna no Uta) from Takashi Shimizu, creator of the internationally acclaimed JU-ON franchise.
    Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co., Ltd. ©2023 SANA Film Partners


    The latest film by Japanese horror master Takashi Shimizu. It’s the birth of a new bloodcurdling horror queen, following in the footsteps of Sadako from RING and Kayako from JU-ON: THE GRUDGE. Prepare to be haunted by Sana, a young girl who delivers a cursed melody that infects all those who hear it.

    Shimizu’s JU-ON paved the way for Japanese horror films and even saw a Hollywood remake. In recent years, he has delighted audiences with original works like HOWLING VILLAGE from the smash-hit Terror Village series, and now he's back to his horror roots with his latest film.


    You, too, will find yourself humming the melody.
    It all started with a cassette tape.
    Sana is a mysterious middle school girl who collects “the sound of life fading away.”
    Everyone who hears the melody gets possessed and starts to hum it themselves.
    At the end of the cursed melody’s chain of infections lies an unexpected terror waiting to strike. Just what is Sana after?! Once you hum this melody, it will be your undoing.
    “Did you get the cassette tape?”


    Release Date: Friday, August 11, 2023 (Japan)
    Release Information: Nationwide Roadshow 

    Director: Takashi Shimizu
    Production: "SANA" Film Partners
    Planning/Distribution: Shochiku

    ©2023 "SANA" Film Partners

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