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    Celebrate the Summer of Godzilla with SciFi JAPAN TV!

    Original Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima watches the new GODZILLA in the trailer for SciFi Japan TV's upcoming "Summer of Godzilla" episodes.

    SciFi Japan Gives You a Preview of Things to Come this Summer!

    Source: ACTV Japan


    This summer, join SciFi JAPAN TV as we cover the release of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' new GODZILLA in Japan, and more!

    SciFi JAPAN TV is shot on location in Japan exclusively for SciFi Japan by the ACTV Japan production team. The show delves into the world of Japanese monsters and science fiction, featuring the latest and hottest tokusatsu events in Japan, as well as simple yet in-depth discussions with the people who bring all of our favorite films and shows to life!

    About ACTV Japan

    Official Website: Established 2005, with offices based in Shibuya, Tokyo, ACTV Japan offers video production and editing solutions to a host of clients both in Japan and abroad. ACTV Japan has and continues to serve a variety of clients from around the world, including: FOX International Channels, Universal Channel, Warner Bros. Japan, TV Asahi, TBS, Fuji Television, NTV, GPlus Media, Honeywell and Teradata, among many others.

    For more information on Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures' GODZILLA, please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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