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    SciFi JAPAN TV #09: Godzilla and His Maker 第9話「ゴジラと彼の創造者」


    This time on SciFi JAPAN TV, we bring together two of the biggest figures from the most recent series of Godzilla movies, suit actor Tsutomu Kitagawa and suit maker Shinichi Wakasa! The pair brought Godzilla to life in five feature films from 1999 to 2004.

    In this episode, the creative duo discuss how they came to be involved in the legendary franchise, and share some personal stories from behind the scenes.

    Be sure not to miss our special commemorative episode on February 19th paying tribute to Godzilla art director Yasuyuki Inoue!


    A regular video program focusing exclusively on Japanese scifi and monsters is something we've always wanted to see, but nothing like it has ever been available, neither in Japan nor overseas. So we decided to make it ourselves!

    SciFi JAPAN TV is shot on location in Japan exclusively for SciFi Japan by the Gaijin Channel production team. The show will delve into the world of Japanese monsters and scifi, featuring the latest and hottest tokusatsu events in Japan, as well as simple yet in-depth discussions with the people who bring all of our favorite films and shows to life!

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    About Gaijin Channel

    Filmmaker JR Lipartito and SciFi Japan writer Jim M. Ballard make up creative duo behind the Gajin Channel project. Both have worked on television and corporate/client works but found that to be quite uninspiring nor even much challenge. So they left that world and joined a young multimedia company called ACTV Japan, with high hopes of making a living doing nothing but creating cool web videos and mobile apps!

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