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    SciFi JAPAN TV EXTRA: Smog Monster Director [20 Minute Edition]

    Source: ACTV Japan


    This week we present a 20 minute edition of SciFi JAPAN TV EXTRA featuring Yoshimitsu Banno, director of 1971’s GODZILLA VS HEDORAH (ゴジラ対ヘドラ, Gojira Tai Hedora), released theatrically in the U.S in 1972 as GODZILLA VS THE SMOG MONSTER. Mr. Banno also served as Executive Producer on Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ GODZILLA (2014).

    In this exclusive video interview Mr. Banno discusses his early years at Toho Studios, the inspiration for GODZILLA VS HEDORAH, the development of this year's GODZILLA, and much more!

    Be sure to come back for new episodes of SciFi JAPAN TV every Thursday! Next week's show features Masaaki Tezuka, director of GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS (ゴジラxメガギラス, Gojira tai Megagirasu, 2000), GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA (ゴジラxメカゴジラ, Gojira x Mekagojira, 2002) and GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS (ゴジラxモスラxメカゴジラ東京SOS, Gojira x Mosura x Mechagodzilla Toukyou SOS, 2003)!

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