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    Source: VIZ Media Official Site: DEATH NOTE Anime Site The first DVD volume of the highly anticipated anime series DEATH NOTE makes its debut in stores on November 20, 2007. DEATH NOTE is the latest addition to VIZ Media’s SHONEN JUMP Home Video line. The DVD is rated T+ for Older Teens, and features four original and uncut episodes with English dub and Japanese with English subtitles for $24.98. DEATH NOTE, based on the Shueisha manga series of the same name, is currently one of the hottest properties in Japan. Published in North America by VIZ Media, the manga consistently ranks as one of the top performing graphic novels on BookScan, and depicts the adventures of Light Yagami, an ace student with great prospects but is bored out of his mind. All of that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook

    Source: Magnolia Home Entertainment Official Site: The Host Movie Official Press Release: About Magnolia Home Entertainment Magnolia Home Entertainment is the home video division of Magnolia Pictures. Launched in November 2005, the company is releasing a diversified slate of films, including Alex Gibney’s Academy Award nominated documentary ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, Steven Soderbergh’s BUBBLE, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s Academy Award nominated documentary JESUS CAMP and Roger Donaldson`s THE WORLD`S FASTEST INDIAN. Magnolia Home Entertainment is part of a vertically-integrated group of media properties co-owned by Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban that includes distributor Magnolia Pictures, the Landmark Theatres chain, production companies HDNet Films and 2929 Productions, high-definition cable networks HDNet and HDNet Movies. For more information visit _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more on THE HOST, please see the previous coverage here on SciFi Japan:

    Get on. Get dead. Source: ADV Films Nana thought her life was scary enough. Her high school graduation is looming, her mother is in the hospital and her sister Noriko is in a constant need of attention. But, the train ride between all her responsibilities will prove to be the most horrifying part of her day. Somewhere, deep underground in the tunnel near Mizunahsi Station, a dark spirit yearns for revenge. One by one, people begin to mysteriously disappear. Eventually, Nana`s own sister falls prey to the wicked tracks. The only clue Noriko has left is the commuter pass that she had picked up on the train before disappearing, and the dark shadow that followed her in the surveillance camera. Together with her friend Kanae, Nana must now take one more trip into the darkness and confront the sinister force haunting below the depths. -Plot synopsis

    The original GODZILLA wins a 2007 Saturn Award Source: The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films On May 10, Classic Media`s GOJIRA won “Best DVD Classic Film Release” at the 33rd Annual Saturn Awards in Universal City, CA. Created by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in Los Angeles, the Saturn Awards are the major award show for genre releases. SUPERMAN RETURNS was the event`s big winner, taking home "Best Fantasy Film", "Best Actor" for Brandon Routh, and a "Best Director" award for Bryan Singer. Other major awards went to CHILDREN OF MEN, CARS, PAN`S LABYRINTH, THE DESCENT, and CASINO ROYALE. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN`S CHEST won for "Best Special Effects". Other DVD winners include the documentary THE SCI FI BOYS ("Best DVD Release"), SUPERMAN II: THE RICHARD DONNER CUT ("Best DVD Special Edition Release"), and JAMES BOND ULTIMATE

    Standard and 2-Disc Collector`s Editions go on sale July 24 Source: Magnolia Pictures Official Site: The Host Movie Following a limited stateside theatrical run, the international hit THE HOST will arrive on Region 1 DVD this July 24. Distributor Magnolia Home Entertainment will be releasing the film in a Standard Edition, a 2-Disc Collector’s Edition, and both Blu-Ray and HD DVDs. The Standard DVD comes with the movie (running time:119 minutes), presented in the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Audio options include the original Korean (with English subtitles) and a new English dub track, both in 5.1 Dolby Digital. The extras are deleted scenes and a feature length audio commentary with Director Bong Joon-ho. The suggested retail price is $ 26.98. For a mere $3.00 more, the 2-Disc Collector’s Edition includes everything from the Standard version plus a second DVD of supplemental material. Extras include the documentary “The Making of

    1970s sex and violence trilogy comes to DVD Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Special Thanks to Richard York, Oki Miyano, and Anthony Romero Half-breed Rica was born under a very bad sign. Her mother was raped by American GIs and Rica was the result. Rica herself was raped by Hirose, one of her mother`s johns, at an early age. Scarred for life from Day One, Rica was practically raised with a knife in her hand and hate in her heart for all men! Soon Rica is mixed up in a world of trouble, running with gangs, scrapping with hoodlums and excelling in the ways of the underworld. But no matter how many times she ends up in jail or gets manhandled by thugs, nothing can stand in the way of her ultimate goal: Revenge! –Plot synopsis for RICA Media Blasters has acquired rights to Toho’s

    Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD Classic Media`s official Godzilla website has updated with a description and specs for their upcoming DVDs of GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER. The latest information can be found on the site`s Godzilla Blog page. GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER will be available in stores and from online retailers on June 5th.

    Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD In celebration of the April 3rd release of GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN and MOTHRA VS GODZILLA, Classic Media is offering Godzilla fans a coupon for $3 off either DVD at participating retailers. The offer expires on June 30th. Look for Classic Media’s DVDs of GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER on June 5th.

    3 Complete Versions of the Film on a 2-Disc DVD Set from Media Blasters Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Special Thanks to Richard York Media Blasters has completed work on their highly anticipated DVD of FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD and revealed the final specs for the June 26 release. Today, Media Blasters’ publicist Richard York announced, “We crammed this two-disc special edition of FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD with three complete versions of the film and other assorted goodies — it`s practically pregnant with entertainment!” One big change from earlier reports is that the Japanese version will not have a seamless branching option for the alternate “Frankenstein vs the Giant Devilfish” ending. Richard York explained, “The branching option can be quite troublesome. While we would have been able to make it work, some players just aren`t quick enough to make it truly seamless and we didn`t

    Latest Info and Images for Upcoming Godzilla DVDs Author: Keith Aiken Source: Classic Media Official site: Godzilla on DVD A SciFi JAPAN EXCLUSIVE Region 1 DVDs of the fifth and sixth Godzilla films, GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER (aka MONSTER ZERO), will be available from online retailers and in stores on June 5th. The good folks at Classic Media have provided some information detailing what fans can expect from the upcoming releases. * GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER and INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER are Toho’s official English titles for these films and are used for these DVDs at Toho’s request. * The GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER DVD includes the 1964 Japanese version SAN DAIKAIJU CHIKYU SAIDAI NO KESSEN (Three Giant Monsters: The Greatest Battle on Earth) and the 1965 American edit, GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER. Contrary to rumors and online

    Latest News on the 2-Disc DVD Set from Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Special Thanks to Shinichi Wakasa and Keizo Murase In the two years since Media Blasters began releasing DVDs of classic Toho films, the title they have received the most requests for has been FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD (Furankenshutain tai Chite Kaiju Baragon, 1965). Media Blasters took notice and quickly snapped up US rights to the film when they became available from Toho. On June 26, the company`s ‘Tokyo Shock’ label will release FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD on Region 1 DVD. This will be the first time the movie has been released on home video in North America. American actor Nick Adams (REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, MONSTER ZERO) plays James Bowen, a doctor caring for radiation victims in Hiroshima. Bowen and his assistant Sueko (Kumi Mizuno) find an orphaned

    Classic Media’s DVD of the original GODZILLA proves popular with fans and critics Classic Media’s GOJIRA was named “Best DVD of 2006” in the 5th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. The DVD’s audio commentary by Ed Godziszewski and Steve Ryfle also came in second place for “Best DVD Commentary” behind THE WICKER MAN commentary by Ed Woodward, Robin Hardy, Mark Kermode and the legendary Christopher Lee. The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were started by David Colton and Kerry Gammill of the Classic Horror Film Boards. The award statue is a bust of horror film actor Rondo Hatton, who starred in such films as THE PEARL OF DEATH (1944), HOUSE OF HORRORS (1946) and THE BRUTE MAN (1946). Further details and a complete list of winners can be found on the awards website. SciFi Japan offers our congratulations to this year’s award winners! In related

    Source: Bandai Entertainment On April 17, Warner Bros. Japan’s CUTIE HONEY (Kutei Hanii, 2004) will be released on DVD in America by Bandai Entertainment. The movie was directed by Hideaki Anno (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION) and stars fashion model Eriko Sato (a.k.a. “Sato Eri”) as the flesh and blood incarnation of Go Nagai’s famous manga and anime character. CUTIE HONEY is a fun and fast-paced film in which the super-heroine goes through more than thirty different costume changes as she battles a host of bizarre and silly villains. Bandai has announced that there will be two different releases of CUTIE HONEY. The standard DVD release will retail for $29.98 and includes the 93 minute long feature with the original Japanese audio, an English dub and English subtitles, plus the theatrical trailers, a promo video, and a “Making of CUTIE HONEY” documentary. The Limited

    Source: John DeSentis Official Site: The Criterion Collection The Criterion Collection has announced the March 13, 2007 DVD releases of two classic war dramas by director Kon Ichikawa, THE BURMESE HARP (Biruma no tategoto, 1956) and FIRES ON THE PLAIN (Nobi, 1959). Both are newly restored high-definition digital transfers presented in their original aspect ratios (1.33:1 and 2.35:1, respectively) and feature newly remastered soundtracks. MSRP for both titles is $29.95 each. THE BURMESE HARP stars Shoji Yasui (THE FALL OF AKO CASTLE) as Mizushima, a POW at the end of World War II sent on a mission that will change his very identity. Music plays a key role in the film, which features a score by the late Akira Ifukube (GODZILLA, DAIMAJIN). The DVD also features interviews with director Kon Ichikawa and veteran actor Rentaro Mikuni (KWAIDAN), and an essay by film historian

    The Cast and Crew go behind the scenes for the horror sequel Source: Sony Pictures Official Site: Do You Have A Grudge The following production notes were created by Sony Pictures for the October 13, 2006 theatrical release of THE GRUDGE 2. The text is © 2006 Sony Pictures. THE GRUDGE 2 will be released on DVD on February 6 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. From Sam Raimi and Columbia Pictures comes the eerie thriller THE GRUDGE 2, which explores the dark secrets behind the revenge-seeking grudge’s wrath as the terrifying supernatural curse is unleashed on a group of seemingly unrelated victims, moving out of the burned-out house and spreading everywhere. The much-anticipated sequel to the 2004 hit THE GRUDGE, which earned over $188 million in worldwide box office receipts, stars Amber Tamblyn (JOAN OF ARCADIA), with Sarah Michelle Gellar returning briefly in the memorable

    New DVD Info, Cover Art, and Release Dates for the `Tokyo Shock` Label Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Media Blasters has provided new cover art and information on their upcoming Tokyo Shock releases. Look for the following Region 1 DVDs in the next few months. February 13, 2007: DOLL FROM HELL (Ikenie, 1996) This horror thriller from Gaga Communications (ZEIRAM) is also known as SACRIFICE. Out in the middle of nowhere sits a remote mountain villa where an old doll maker and his daughter Erika reside. There`s is a peaceful existence until a gang of ruthless thugs bring about a whole mess of trouble. When the gang thinks Erika witnessed one of their crimes, they attack and kill her and disfigure her father with acid. With the help of a magic spell, the doll maker sacrifices himself in order to bring Erika back as

    Source: ADV Films ADV Films of Houston, TX recently announced that they had acquired North American theatrical, video and TV rights for several recent properties from the Japanese studio Shochiku Co., Ltd. Their first release will be the 2005 suspense thriller SYNESTHESIA (Gimme Heaven). SYNESTHESIA was the feature film debut of docuentary director Toru Matsuura. It stars Yosuke Eguchi of ANOTHER HEAVEN (Anazahevun, 2000) and SAMURAI COMMANDO: MISSION 1549 (Sengoku Jieitai 1549, 2005); Masanobu Ando from the blockbuster hits REX: A DINOSAUR`S STORY (Rex: Kyoryu Monogatari, 1993), BATTLE ROYALE (Batoru Rowaiaru, 2000) and AEGIS (Bokoku no Igisu, 2005); and actress Aoi Miyazaki from EUREKA (2000) and TOMIE: FORBIDDEN FRUIT (Tomie: Saishu-sho Kindan no Kajitsu, 2002). Rounding out the cast are Ryuhei Matsuda (IZO), Yuriko Ishida (PRINCESS MONONOKE), Hijiri Kojima (OTAKUS IN LOVE), and Shigemitsu Ogi (THE HYPNOTIST). The film was written by Yuji Sakamoto, screenwriter of

    Tokyo Shock Release Schedule Updated for 2007 Author: Keith Aiken Source: Media Blasters, Inc., various Special Thanks to Clay Holden SciFi Japan has learned that Linda Haynes may be recording a brand-new audio commentary for Media Blasters’ Region 1 DVD of LATITUDE ZERO. The former Miss Miami played Dr. Anne Barton in the 1969 Toho science fiction film by director Ishiro Honda and special fx director Eiji Tsuburaya. Her other film credits include COFFY (1973), ROLLING THUNDER (1977), and BRUBAKER (1980). The deal is still in the talking stages, but the actress herself revealed that she had been contacted about providing commentaries for both LATITUDE ZERO and HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, a 1980 American horror film coming to DVD next year from Code Red. We’ll be sure to announce if/when the agreement is approved and confirmed by Media Blasters and Toho. In related news, Media Blasters announced that the

    The Cast and Crew Discuss Making a New Eighth Wonder of the World Source: Universal Studios Official Site: King Kong Movie The following production notes were created by Universal Pictures for the December 14, 2005 theatrical release of KING KONG. The text is © 2005 Universal Studios. Triple Academy Award winner Peter Jackson, whose THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy made motion picture history, now brings his sweeping cinematic vision to one of the screen’s most enduring classics and one of the greatest filmic adventures of all time: KING KONG. Assuming directing, producing and co-screenwriting duties, Jackson turns his attention to the iconic tale immortalized in 1933 by adventurers-turned-filmmakers Merian C. Cooper and co-director Ernest B. Schoedsack, who first conjured the indelible image of the gigantic ape atop the Empire State Building, protecting his human companion from an onslaught of attacking biplanes. Jackson

    More Dinosaurs, More Kong in a Spectacular New 3-Disc Set Author: Keith Aiken Source: Universal Studios Home Entertainment Official Site: King Kong Movie KING KONG ON DVD KING KONG PRODUCTION NOTES from Universal Studios KING KONG DELUXE EXTENDED EDITION Running Time: 201 Minutes Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) Dolby Digital 5.1 SRP: $34.98 Release Date: November 14, 2006 Few movies have had the impact of the original KING KONG. Merian C. Cooper— working with co-director Ernest B. Shoedsack, special effects wizard Willis O’Brien, and a talented cast headlined by Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong— had crafted a “Beauty and the Beast” fable full of adventure, romance, and dinosaurs; a perfect (if temporary) escape for audiences reeling from the Great Depression. The RKO Radio Picture was a box office sensation upon its initial release in March of

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