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      Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Toho Co., Ltd press releaseOfficial Site: (Japan), (US)Official Twitter: (Japan), (US) Instagram: (Japan), (US) TikTok: Facebook: (US) YouTube: (US) Toho is holding two GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan) events in Hokkaido on November 29th.  Fans can enter a drawing for tickets but can only attend one of the two events.  To apply, please click here:   ■ Event 1GODZILLA MINUS ONE Landing Event in Hokkaido  (『ゴジラ-1.0』北海道上陸イベント,  “Gojira -1.0” Hokkaidō Jōriku Ibento) Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023Time: Doors open at 3:30 p.m. / Concert begins at 4:30 p.m.*Guest Speakers: Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Director Takashi Yamazaki (tentative)**Location: A certain place in Sapporo City (Only the winners will be notified.) *This is a live event. There will be no screening of the

      GODZILLA MINUS ONE comes to Germany in both dubbed and subtitled versions this December. Photo courtesy of peppermint anime. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: peppermint animeOfficial Site: (Japan), (Germany)Official Twitter: Instagram: Thanks to Ksenia Kalinichenko and Volker Kirchmann German poster. Photo courtesy of peppermint anime. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Distributor peppermint anime GmbH has shared some details on their upcoming theatrical release of GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan). Peppermint is bringing the film to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg this December 1st. A list of cinemas screening the movie in those territories can be found at GODZILLA MINUS ONE will be released with mutliple language options; in the original Japanese with either German or English subtitles and separately with a German dub. Peppermint anime has issued subtitled trailers for the film with a German dubbed version coming

      Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Comscore, variousSpecial Thanks to Paul Dergarabedian In its second weekend of release in Japan, GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan) once again topped the domestic box office.  From November 10 to 12, the film took in 560 million yen (5億6000万円) -- $3,717,364.00 US -- from 356,000 in ticket sales. These numbers include more than 63 million yen (6329万円) -- $420,000 -- from IMAX screenings. GODZILLA MINUS ONE's 2nd weekend also outperformed the opening in Japan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's THE MARVELS,  which earned 323 million yen (3億2300万円) -- $2,146,399.00 US. To date, GODZILLA MINUS ONE has made over 2.1 billion yen (21億0000万円) -- $14,080,510.00 US -- excellent numbers for a live-action Japanese film. The movie will expand outside Japan with an IMAX fan event in the United States on November 29th. The main

    Enjoy some egg-fried rice with Godzilla-1.0. Photo courtesy of ISE Foods. ©ISE FOODS. INC. All Right Reserved. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Ise Foods Inc. press release Photo courtesy of ISE Foods. ©ISE FOODS. INC. All Right Reserved. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. The Japanese egg company ISE Foods is celebrating its 111th anniversary with a special promotion tied to the new Toho hit movie, GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan). ISE's main production base is in Ibaraki Prefecture, where the latest Godzilla movie was filmed. For a limited time, "Godzilla-n" (ゴジラん, Gojira-n) product tie-ins will be part of ISE's top-selling "Mori-Tama" (森のたまご,  Mori no Tama Go) egg line.  Fans will be able to enjoy Godzilla as they eat their TKG (卵かけごはん, Tamago Kake Gohan) egg-fried rice by scanning a code on the "Godzilla-n" packages. A picture frame will appear in which

      GODZILLA MINUS ONE will be shown with English subtitles in some Japanese theaters. Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Toho Co., Ltd press releaseOfficial Site: (Japan), (US)Official Twitter: (Japan), (US) Instagram: (Japan), (US) TikTok: Facebook: (US) YouTube: (US) Toho has announced that the English subtitled version of GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan) will be shown in some Japanese cinemas starting Thursday, November 12, 2023 (national Labor Thanksgiving holiday). Please check the theater websites below for further details... TOHO CINEMAS Hibiya: Cinemas Premium Shinjuku: Cinemas Roppongi Hills: CINEMAS Namba: About Toho Co. Ltd. Toho Company provides high-quality entertainment to a wide range of customers through its film production, distribution, and exhibition business, which is solidly supported by its real estate business

    Marvel's 1977-79 Godzilla comics series will be collected in a hardcover omnibus. Photo courtesy of Marvel. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Experience Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe's thunderous run of 'Godzilla' in 'Godzilla: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus,' coming October 2024.Source: Marvel Entertainment press release New cover by Junggeon Yoon. Photo courtesy of Marvel. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. In 1977, Godzilla became one of Marvel Comics’ biggest stars, headlining a hit solo series set in the heart of the Marvel Universe! Now, thanks to an exciting new collaboration with Toho International, the Japanese studio’s U.S.-based subsidiary that has brought global sensation Godzilla to life, this host of monumental Godzilla escapades costarring your favorite Marvel heroes will be collected next year in GODZILLA: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS OMNIBUS!  Marvel’s take on Japan’s greatest export represented an incredible creative collaboration

    Photo courtesy of Nijigen no Mori. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Nijigen No Mori press releaseOfficial Website: The "Nijigen no Mori" anime theme park in Awaji Island Park, Hyogo Prefecture will hold the limited event "NIGOD Special Mission" (NIGOD特別任務, NIGOD Tokubetsu Ninmu) for elementary school children at its "Godzilla Interception Operation - National Awaji Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster" (ゴジラ迎撃作戦 ~国立ゴジラ淡路島研究センター~, Gojira Geigeki Sakusen ~ Kokuritsu Gojira Awajishima Kenkyū Sentā ~) attraction from Saturday, December 2, 2023 to Monday (holiday) January 8, 2024. In this event, a special mission sheet will be available only to elementary school students who enter "Gojira Interception Operation". Observe every corner of the area and try to complete the special mission to reveal the various histories of the Godzilla Interception Operation and the ecology of the inactive full-scale Godzilla! Upon completion of the mission, a commemorative photo will be taken

    Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monsters Ultimate Battle key art with logo. Image courtesy of Seibu Railway Co. © SEIBU Railway Co., LTD. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Seibuen Amusement Park press release   Photo courtesy of Seibu Railway Co. © SEIBU Railway Co., LTD. Next week, Seibuen Amusement Park (Location: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, General Manager: Tomohiro Nishida), Seibuen Amusement Park (Location: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, General Manager: Tomohiro Nishida) will hold "Prefectural Citizen Appreciation Days" for residents to enjoy the park at a discount. November 13th is ``Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen's Day'' and November 14th ``Saitama Prefectural Citizen's Day.'' Set in the Sunsey Hill Shopping District, there is the ``Sunset Street Lights Illumination'' where guests are enveloped in nostalgic and warm light, and the ``Yuhi-oka Residents Gathering Shopping District Specialty Boogie Woogie Festival'' where unique residents sing, dance, and engage guests. Please

      Pizza-La is doing a GODZILLA MINUS ONE promotion. Photo courtesy of Four Seeds Corporation. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Four Seeds Corporation press releaseOfficial Site: (Japan)Editor: Keith Aiken GODZILLA MINUS ONE Collaboration Sticker. Photo courtesy of Four Seeds Corporation. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. The Japanese delivery and take-out pizza chain “Pizza-La” operated by Four Seas Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Sachiko Asano) is now offering three limited time "Mega-Size" meals as part of their collaboration with Toho's GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan). Each meal comes with 1 or more collectible Godzilla stickers. ■ “Pizza x Godzilla”! The GODZILLA MINUS ONE “Pizza x Godzilla” collaboration was made possible by the connection between the origin of the restaurant's name and the 70th anniversary of Godzilla's birth. The secret behind the naming of Pizza-La is

      Godzilla Whiskey OKINAWA BLUE is now on sale from Kumesen Sake Brewery. Photo courtesy of Kumesen Sake Brewery Co. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Kumesen Sake Brewery Co. press release Kumesen Sake Brewery Co. (Head Office: 155 Nakaima, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture; President: Yoichi Higa) is now selling "Godzilla Whiskey OKINAWA BLUE," a collaboration with Godzilla, the king of monsters who has been a representative of special effects movies for nearly 70 years, on the Kumesen Shuzo website. The theme of this collaboration product is GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (ゴジラ対メカゴジラ, Gojira Tai Mekagojira), which was made in 1974 as the 20th anniversary movie of the Godzilla series and set on the main island of Okinawa. The packaging for each of the film's three monsters has been created in the same nostalgic retro design as when the movie was first released, and

      GODZILLA MINUS ONE has received multiple nominations from the Hochi Film Awards. Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: The Hochi Shimbun Co. press releaseOfficial Site: (Japan) The nominations for the 48th Hochi Film Awards, one of Japan's top film awards, have been revealed. Each award was selected by the Hochi Film Awards Secretariat (advisor, Ms. Sachiko Watanabe) from the most fan votes. The Selection Committee will conduct rigorous screenings and announce the results of each award later this month. The two-part BAIAN: THE ASSASSIN M.D. (藤枝梅安, Fujieda Baian) was nominated in 6 categories, the most of any film. GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan) was nominated in 4, including Best Film. Hochi Film Award-winners receive a bronze statue. Photo courtesy of the Hochi Shimbun. ©The Hochi Shimbun The Hochi Film Awards were established in 1976 as

    Photo courtesy of Apple TV+. © 2023 Legendary. All Rights Reserved. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. MONSTERVERSE TM & © Legendary MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS to roar onto the CCXP23 Thunder Stage on Sunday, December 3 on the heels of its global premiere, Friday, November 17 on Apple TV+Source: Apple TV+ press releaseOfficial Site: Thanks to Hannah Stamer Apple TV+ today unveiled plans to take the stage for the first time ever at CCXP as it brings its highly anticipated new series MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS, based on Legendary’s Monsterverse, to the largest comic and entertainment convention in the world held in the São Paulo Expo in Brazil. Beginning Thursday, November 30, and ending with a can’t-miss panel conversation and live Q&A on Sunday, December 3, the thunderous lineup of CCXP23 events and experiences for MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS will include unforgettable fan experiences for thousands of attendees.  MONARCH: LEGACY

    WORLDWIDE THEATRICAL DISTRIBUTOR PIECE OF MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT SECURES RIGHTS TO NEWEST TOHO PROPERTY Source: Piece of Magic Entertainment press releaseOfficial Site: (Japan), (Europe)Official Twitter: Instagram: European poster for GODZILLA MINUS ONE. Photo courtesy of Piece of Magic Entertainment. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. European distribution company Piece of Magic Entertainment (POM) has acquired the theatrical rights to GODZILLA MINUS ONE, the next instalment of the Japanese global phenomenon and the 30th Godzilla feature from the iconic TOHO. POM have acquired the rights to the film in 38 territories across Europe, with plans to release theatrically from December 1st, in markets including: France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, the Nordics, and Poland, some in Imax and 4DX. The exciting partnership between POM and esteemed TOHO aligns with the 70th anniversary of Godzilla’s cinematic debut and marks the newest Japanese-made Godzilla film since 2016. GODZILLA MINUS

    Photo courtesy of JR Tokai Agency. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Godzilla Announces It's 5 p.m.?!Source: JR Tokai Agency Co., Ltd. press releaseOfficial Website: Keith Aiken On Monday, JR Tokai Agency Co., Ltd. (Representative: Sumio Atsuji) debuted a special display at JR Nagoya Station to celebrate the release of GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan). The Nagoya Express Vision digital sign, located in front of the silver clock at the Station's Shinkansen exit, has been transformed into a “Godzilla Vision” (ゴジラビジョン, Gojira Bijon) for one week only. Location Map, courtesy of JR Tokai Agency. A sheet with artwork of Godzilla-1.0 is attached over the Express Vision display and also onto the floor in front of the signy. The huge illustration, measuring approximately 5.5 m in length and 8 m in width (approximately 18 x 26 feet), has such an impact that visitors

      Japan Society NYC presents a special preview screening of GODZILLA MINUS ONE on November 28th. Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. ©TOHO CO., LTD. Tickets On Sale November 9th! Source: Japan Society press releasePreview Screening Page: Japan Society is honored to announce a special public preview screening of Takashi Yamazaki’s GODZILLA MINUS ONE on November 28 at 7:00pm at Japan Society (333 E. 47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues). The first Japanese Godzilla movie since 2016 will be presented to eager audiences in NYC at this exclusive screening is in partnership with Toho International, who will release GODZILLA MINUS ONE in theaters across the U.S. on December 1. Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Ishiro Honda’s original 1954 GODZILLA film defined a genre and invented a character who would go on to star in nearly 40

    Photo courtesy of Tokyu Recreation Corporation. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Tokyu Recreation Corporation press releaseOfficial Website: Keith Aiken Photo courtesy of Tokyu Recreation Corporation. ©2023 TOKYU RECREATION CO.,LTD. Tokyu Recreation Co., Ltd.'s (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinzo Kanno)109 Cinemas is a movie theater complex chain with 183 screens in 20 sites across Japan. The company is constantly introducing the latest technology in their theaters; `IMAX, IMAX Laser/GT Technology and ScreenX (Premium Large Format) were all introduced to Japan by 109 Cinemas.  They have also developed the premium pure sound system "SAION", supervised by world-renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, to produce a high-quality sound experience for all their theaters. Tokyu Recreation is also working in a variety of fields related to their theaters, such as the coffee service TAG COFFEE STAN(D) which offers customized lemon squash and oolong tea drinks. By using 

    Source: ComscoreSpecial Thanks to Paul Dergarabedian Comscore has announced the official Global box office estimates for the weekend of November 5, 2023, as compiled by the company’s theatrical measurement services. As the trusted official standard for real-time worldwide box office reporting, Comscore provides the only theater-level reporting in the world. Customers are able to analyze admissions and gross results around the world using Comscore's suite of products. Of particular interest to SciFi Japan readers will be the box office performance of GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan), which opened in Japanese cinemas this past Friday, November 3rd. The film had an excellent domestic debut, taking in 1.02 billion yen (10億2000万円) -- including ticket sales from a hugely successful lauch on IMAX -- for one of the best opening weekends for a live-action Japanese film in 2023. Reviews and word-of-mouth have been positive for GODZILLA

    Mock-up of the Kaiju Land room which will soon open at the GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135 luxury villa. Photo courtesy of Nijigen no Mori. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Nijigen No Mori press releaseOfficial Website: Keith Aiken Nijigen No Mori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Hiroshige Sadamatsu) is commemorating the 70th anniversary of Japan's iconic film GODZILLA (ゴジラ, Gojira, 1954) by bringing monsters that have appeared in past Godzilla movies to the Luxury Villa "GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135°" (GRAND CHARIOT 北斗七星135°, GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei 135°) in Northern Awaji Island. Overnight reservations have begun for the Godzilla Collaboration Room "Kaiju Land" (ゴジラコラボルーム『怪獣ランド』, Gojira Korabo Rūmu “Kaijū Rando”), which will open on Friday, December 1st. "Kaiju Land" is the latest addition to the Nijigen No Mori theme park's popular attraction, "Godzilla Interception Operation" (ゴジラ迎撃作戦 ~国立ゴジラ淡路島研究センター~, Gojira Geigeki

      Photo courtesy of FamilyMart Co. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Source: Toho Co., Ltd, FamilyMart Co. Ltd. press releaseEditor: Keith Aiken To commemorate the Japanese theatrical release of GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan), FamilyMart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kensuke Hosomi) will roll out a total of 10 types of Godzilla cups for their "FAMIMA CAFÉ" blend coffee and cafe latte. The "Godzilla VS FAMIMA CAFÉ" (ゴジラVS FAMIMA CAFÉ) cups will be available in limited quantities at approximately 16,200 FamilyMart stores across Japan, excluding Okinawa Prefecture, starting Tuesday, November 7, 2023.   Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. ■ Famima Exclusive Collaboration Cups Featuring the 70th Anniversary GODZILLA MINUS ONE Design and a Lineup of Past Films Such as KING GHIDORAH and BIOLLANTE! The Godzilla series is a milestone of special effects

    Source: Surreal EntertainmentSpecial Thanks to Larry Pressnell Surreal Entertainment has provided information and photos for their Godzilla Day 2023 items. The products go on sale today; just click the highlighted item names for direct ordering links. More Godzilla items are coming from Surreal Entertainment so look for an update soon on SciFi Japan! Available From Toynk Photo courtesy of Surreal Entertainment. TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Godzilla Movie Poster Oversized Fleece Throw Blanket The alpha predator has arrived with this exclusive Godzilla throw blanket. Regarded as the King of the Monsters, the legendary kaiju has risen from the depths of the ocean to unleash chaos... in the form of a cozy blanket! The monstrous design pays homage to the legacy of the Godzilla franchise, featuring a collage of classic Japanese movie posters.  

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