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    Source: Joseph O`Brien, Bob Eggleton Official site: Rue Morgue Godzilla fans should head to their local newsstand later this week, as the King of the Monsters is the main attraction in the latest issue of the Canadian horror magazine Rue Morgue. Launched in October 1997, Rue Morgue has become one of the top genre publications in the world. Its success has led to monthly Rue Morgue horror film screenings, an annual expo, an internet radio station, a music label, and a new video movie division. Godzilla is the cover feature of issue #60 of the magazine, with articles covering several topics: -a look at Classic Media’s upcoming GOJIRA DVD -a Godzilla primer -a visit to the set of a Godzilla film at Toho Studios -inside the Godzilla suit Contributors include longtime Rue Morgue staffer Joe O`Brien, (a writer whose credits include the television mini-series ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES

    A Retrospective of Marusan and Bullmark Vinyl Godzilla Toys Author: John “Dutch” DeSentis A Very Special Thanks to Greg Cordaro, Mike Russo, Brandon and Andy Shields, and Erik Boschert Author`s Note: I, as well as the people who helped in the completion of this article, have done our best to ensure that all the information presented herein is as accurate as possible. Specific information is at times hard to come across for things such as the toys you are about to read about. We have taken the best available knowledge that’s been previously put forth into print or passed on from collector to collector and used it for the content following. A SciFi JAPAN RETROSPECTIVE As a reader of this article, you more than likely have some interest in Godzilla collectables. For the average Godzilla collector, most of what they treasure as their collection probably consists of

    Enter CreatureScape`s Japanese monster model photo contest now until July 31! Official Site: CreatureScape As CreatureScape, "The Monster Model and Movie Magazine for the 21st Century," begins its fourth year of web and hard copy publication, it is devoting August to kaiju. In conjunction with the theme, they are having a kaiju model photo contest. CreatureScape was the first magazine printed on CD ROM in the world. It reads like a website and when you pop it in your computer, your browser takes over. As the magazine has grown, the number of articles, videos and now even music require a DVD sized disc. "I estimate over 60 model building articles alone will be featured--plus our share of DVD and kit reviews, movie essays and opinions, Wonderfest photos, horror host videos and lots of special stuff," the publisher said. Expect classic horror, science fiction, original and fantasy

    Review of the new King Kong vs. Godzilla Resin Kit From Alternative Images Author: Loren Portillo Photos courtesy of Alternative Images Of all the great monsters of the silver screen, none have had the endearing longevity of King Kong and Godzilla. Many model and garage kits have attempted to capture these two fantastic monsters in many shapes and versions, but rarely has a garage kit been made to specify both monsters fighting it out in their original forms, until now! Presented by Alternative Images, this giant 14 inch kit called Clash of the Titans is just what it is. Decently priced at $200, this kit is expertly sculpted by renowned monster modeler Joe Laudati. This model work extravaganza will be a great addition for Kong and Godzilla collectors alike. Presented in 25 resin and cold cast pieces, this is a complex kit

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