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    Kamen Rider Wizard battles the sinister Kamen Rider Sorcerer in KAMEN RIDER WIZARD IN MAGIC LAND. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © Ishimori Pro TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

    Double Feature Opens in Japan on August 3rd Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan) Translations: Elliot Gay Additional Material: Alicia Ashby SPOILER WARNING: This article contains plot details and images from an upcoming movie.

    Theatrical poster for the double feature. Image courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 The Movie 'Wizard ? Kyoryuger' Production Committee

    MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE: KAMEN RIDER WIZARD X ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER Japanese Title: ??????? ??????????? x ????????????? (Majikku Myuujikku Muubii Kamen Raidaa Uizaado x Juu-den Sentai Kyouryuujaa) Movie: Saturday, August 3, 2013 (Roadshow) Production: The Movie "Wizard ? Kyoryuger" Production Committee Distributor: Toei International Sales: Toei Every fall for thirteen consecutive years, Toei has released a theatrical double feature starring the current incarnations of their top henshin hero franchises; the Super Sentai and the Kamen Riders. The 2013 entry pairs a musical featuring the heroes of the new Super Sentai television series KYORYUGER (?????????????, Juuden Sentai Kyooryuujaa, 2013-2014) with a magic-themed adventure for the characters of KAMEN RIDER WIZARD (???????????, Kamen Raidaa Uizaado, 2012-2013). The two films are being promoted under the banner title, MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE: KAMEN RIDER WIZARD X ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER. As is customary for the Toei hero double features, the two films are separate stories rather than a crossover between Kamen Rider Wizard and the Kyoryugers. Generally the Sentai film in the fall double bills is designed as a stand-alone adventure that often feels like a big-budget TV episode, while the modern Rider films tend to be continuity-heavy affairs that explore the TV show`s setting or characters in new ways. While it is easy to sit down and watch the Sentai shorts as stand-alone films, the Rider films are often difficult to appreciate without some familiarity with the TV show. To some extent, the double bills as they are currently produced are intended to appeal to fans of Kamen Rider on television first and foremost. The MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE: KAMEN RIDER WIZARD X ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER double feature will open at Japanese cinemas nationwide on Saturday, August 3, 2013.

    Sorcerer, as a rival Rider, proves to be a tough foe for Wizard. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © Ishimori Pro TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

    KAMEN RIDER WIZARD IN MAGIC LAND Japanese Title: ??? ??????????? ?? ??????? (Gekijoo-ban Kamen Raidaa Uizaado in Majikkurando) The strongest wizard appears! Kamen Rider Sorcerer! ? Introduction Those who are born with an innate magical power are known as Gates. When they fall into despair, they become vulnerable to strange monsters called Phantoms that can use the Gates` magic power to increase their own numbers.

    Heroes Kosuke Nitou (a.k.a. Kamen Rider Beast) and Haruto Sohma (a.k.a. Kamen Rider Wizard) stand together. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © Ishimori Pro TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

    Fortunately for the Gates, there is one mage who exists to guard them from the Phantoms and change their anguish into hope. His name is Kamen Rider Wizard. Having once fallen into a deep, dark pit of depression himself, Haruto Sohma uses his powers to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard and -- alongside his friends and allies -- fight to protect people`s hopes and dreams. The fourteenth entry in the Heisei Kamen Rider series, the KAMEN RIDER WIZARD show combines a magical motif with beautiful action to create a product that really brings the word “showtime” to mind. Practical effects are blended with magic VFX and a dash of XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) to offer the type of stylish action that kids love. And the mysterious story centered around magic appeals to older viewers, proving once again that the Heisei Rider series isn’t just for children, but for a wide range of demographics who enjoy long-running dramas. KAMEN RIDER WIZARD is also a merchandising success, with the Wizard Driver (Wizard`s transformation belt) and Wizard Ring selling well in consumer markets. Wizard’s final form, Infinity Style, has just appeared and is ready for the final battle coming this summer. Prepare yourselves for the most intense magical battle climax in TV/film history!

    Minister Orma (Takanori Jinnai) counsels Emperor Maya (Shugo Oshinari). Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © Ishimori Pro TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

    ? Story One evening, a mysterious rainbow-colored tornado appears and swallows the Earth whole. When Sohma and Koyomi regain consciousness, they are shocked to find that everybody around them is using magic. Somehow, they have come to Magic Land, a strange country in which scientific progress has been eclipsed by magic. Sohma and his partner meet a young boy, Shiina, who lost his mother to the awesome terror of the rainbow tornado. The boy believes that the culprit behind the tornado is none other than the Gold Wizard; Kamen Rider Sorcerer. In the hopes of finding answers, Sohma journeys across Magic Land to the Emerald Castle of Emperor Maya. Cast Haruto Sohma: Shunya Shiraishi Koyomi: Makoto Okunaka Kosuke Nitoh: Tasuku Nagase Shunpei Nara: Junki Tozuka Rinko Daimon: Yuko Takayama Misa Inamori/ Medusa: Erina Nakayama Sora Takigawa/ Gremlin: Takahisa Maeyama Yugo Fujita/ Phoenix: Atsumi Donut Shop Manager: Kaba-chan Shigeru Wajima: Hisahiro Ogura Emperor Maya: Shugo Oshinari Minister Orma: Takanori Jinnai Kamen Rider Wizard: Seiji Takaiwa Kamen Rider Beast: Jun Watanabe Medusa: Toshihiro Ogura Gremlin: Kazuya Okada Crew Original Concept: Shotaro Ishinomori Screenplay: Junko Kohmura Director: Shojiro Nakazawa Music: Kotaro Nakagawa Action Director: Hirofumi Ishigaki (Japan Action Enterprise) Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (SFX Institute)

    KAMEN RIDER WIZARD IN MAGIC LAND logo, courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © Ishimori Pro TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

    The Kyoryugers share a moment of levity with their foes, the Zorima. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei

    ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER THE MOVIE: GABURINCHO OF MUSIC Japanese Title: ??? ????????????? ???????????????? (Gekijoo-ban Juu-den Sentai Kyouryuujaa Gaburincho Obu Myuujikku) Literal Translation: Electrobeast Squadron Kyoryuger The Movie: Gaburincho of Music Awaken! Legendary Lightning Dragon! ? Introduction

    Daigo Kiryu, a.k.a. Kyoryu Red (Ryo Ryusei), brandishes his Gaburevolver. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei

    Long ago, the dark seed Dehbos arrived on Earth from outer space. The alien being was defeated by the Zyudenryu (lightning dragon beasts), dinosaurs who had been given mechanical bodies by the benevolent space god Torin. As time passed however, Dehbos’ lackeys began their plan to revive their great leader. In order to counter these foes, Torin began his search for a group of young people who could communicate with the hearts of the Zyudenryu. These chosen ones became the strong dragon warriors, Kyoryuger. In order to save the world from destruction, these young warriors fight against Dehbos Monsters. The thirty-seventh Super Sentai series, the KYORYUGER television series once against utilizes dinosaur imagery. With its bright imagery, strong heroes, and fun atmosphere, KYORYUGER captured the hearts of audiences right from the start. For the first time, this new Sentai series is being directed by Koichi Sakamoto, the man who helped to bring the franchise to North America as POWER RANGERS. This is a TV series with great action, and a fantastic story that represents the best of what Sentai has to offer. Of course, it is impossible to mention Kyoryuger without bringing up the samba! The heroes, the Zyudenryu, and even the giant robots dance! This summer, KYORYUGER will be coming to theaters as a special musical. Toei invites fans to enjoy the best in musical entertainment!

    The sinister Deathryuger faces off with Kyoryu Red. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei

    ? Story

    Kyoryu Red speaks with the the super idol, Meeko (Shizuka Nakamura). Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei

    During a concert by the super idol Meeko (Mikito Amano), Zori demons suddenly crash the party! The Kyoryugers are on the scene to save the day and are able to repel the monsters. Once the danger has passed, Daigo realizes that he knows Meeko; the two had met in France years before. But Daigo and his friends barely have time to enjoy their reunion before the legendary knight Deathryuger -- also known as D -- appears and kidnaps Meeko. D’s goal is to acquire the Zyudenryu 0: Tobaspino. The key to reviving the legendary dragon beast is hidden within Meeko’s song! Cast Daigo Kiryu: Ryo Ryusei Ian Yorkland/ Kyoryu Black: Syuusuke Saito Nobuharu Udo/ Kyoryu Blue: Yamato Kinjo Souji Rippukan/ Kyoryu Green: Akihisa Shiono Amy Yuuzuki/ Kyoryu Pink: Ayuri Konno Utsusemimaru: Atsushi Maruyama Mikoto Amano: Shizuka Nakamura Lamunea: Misaki Momose Ashy: Minami Tsukui ?Voices: Torin: Toshiyuki Morikawa Chaos: Takayuki Sugo ? Canderrilla: Haruka Tomatsu Dogold: Satoshi Tsuruoka Aigallon: Yutaka Mizushima Luckyuro: Ai Orikasa Deathryuger: Mamoru Miyano Crew Original Concept: "Saburo Yatsude" Screenplay: Riku Sanjo Director: Koichi Sakamoto Music: Toshihiko Sahashi Action Director: Hirofumi Fukuzawa Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (SFX Institute) Theme Song: "GABURINCHO OF MUSIC!" Lyrics and Composition: Hideaki Takatori Arrangement: Hiroaki Kagoshima Song: Hideaki Takatori, Shogo Kamata & Kyoryuger

    The six Kyoryugers pose together with Meeko. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei
    ZYUDEN SENTAI KYORYUGER THE MOVIE: GABURINCHO OF MUSIC logo, courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2013 TV Asahi · Toei AG · Toei

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