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    New Photos and Posters Released for THE TOWER

    Promotional Images Begin to Appear for the New Korean Disaster Movie Author: Kim Song-ho Source: The Tower Pictures / CJ Entertainment The Tower Pictures and CJ Entertainment released three character posters and several stills from THE TOWER (??), the upcoming Korean disaster movie. The companies also announced that the movie will open in Korea in December. The exact release date has not yet been revealed, but will soon follow suit. THE TOWER is about a massive fire in a 108-story skyscraper in Seoul on Christmas Eve. The movie will depict the struggles for survival of the people trapped inside. It is said to be the second all-out Korean disaster movie after 2009`s HAEUNDAE (???, released on Blu-ray and DVD as TIDAL WAVE in the US market), which showed a great tsunami that struck the coastal city of Busan.

    The movie was directed by Kim Ji-hoon, who brought the 3D creature feature SECTOR 7 (7??, Chil gwanggu) last year. He also directed MAY 18 (??? ??, Hwaryeohan hyuga, 2007), which was about the 1980 Gwangju pro-democracy movement, a critical and commercial success in Korea. The main cast of THE TOWER includes Sol Kyung-gu, who also starred in HAEUNDAE, playing firefighter Kang Young-gi. His credits include PEPPERMINT CANDY (????, Bakhasatang, 1999), PUBLIC ENEMY (??? ?, Gonggongui jeog, 2002) and its two sequels ANOTHER PUBLIC ENEMY (??? ? 2, Gonggongui jeog 2, 2005) and PUBLIC ENEMY 3 (???: ??? ? 1-1, Kang Chul-jung: Gonggongui jeog 1-1, 2008), OASIS (????, 2002), SILMIDO (???, 2003), NO MERCY (??? ??, Yongseonun upda, 2010) and TROUBLESHOOTER (???, Haegyeolsa, 2010). Son Ye-jin plays Seo Yoon-hee, a restaurant manager. Son’s primary works include CLASSIC (???, 2003), A MOMENT TO REMEMBER (? ?? ?? ???, Nae meorisokui jiwoogae, 2004), APRIL SNOW (??, Oechul, 2005), MY WIFE GOT MARRIED (??? ????, Anaega kyeolhonhaetda, 2008), INTO THE WHITE NIGHT (???, Baekyahaeng, 2009), SPELLBOUND(??? ??, Ossakhan yeonae, 2011) and the TV series SUMMER SCENT (????, Yeoreum hyanggi, 2003) and ALONE IN LOVE (????, Yeonaesidae, 2006). And rounding out the main cast, Kim Sang-kyoung plays Lee Dae-ho, a chief facility manager. He was the star of director Kim’s MAY 18 and is well known for Hong Sang-soo’s ON THE OCCASION OF REMEMBERING THE TURNING GATE (??? ??, Saenghwalui balgyeon, 2002), Conte de cinéma (???, Geukjangjeon, 2005), HAHAHA (???, 2010) and Bong Joon-ho’s MEMORIES OF MURDER (??? ??, Salinui chueok, 2003). It is expected that more promotional materials including trailers and making-of clips will be revealed soon. Keep checking SciFi Japan for more information about THE TOWER in the coming weeks.

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