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    Classic Series SHINTARO THE SAMURAI Makes North American Debut Today

    1960s Japanese Hit Begins Streaming on GooHead Channel Source: Golden Media Group Official Site: GooHead Channel Special Thanks to Roy McAree

    In 1962, Senkosha Productions launched the black & white television series, THE SAMURAI (????, Onmitsu Kenshi). The show starred Koichi Ose (MOONLIGHT MASK) as Akikusa Shintaro, a noble wandering samurai in the service of the Tokugawa shogun. 128 half hour episodes of the series were produced through 1965. In December 1964, channel TCN-9 in Sydney, Australia began broadcasting Senkosha`s English dubbed version of THE SAMURAI. The show became a phenomenon in Australia, leading star Koichi Ose to do a promotional tour and live action shows based on the series. 6,000 fans welcomed the astonished actor when his plane landed at Mascot Airport. In 2010, THE SAMURAI`s impact in Australia was detailed in the feature length documentary SHINTARO! THE SAMURAI SENSATION THAT SWEPT A NATION. Despite the show`s incredible success in Australia, THE SAMURAI was never released in North America... until now. Starting today (April 23, 2013), the 13 episode Season 1 of the series is available for streaming on the GOOHEAD CHANNEL on ROKU with the title SHINTARO THE SAMURAI. This marks the first time the show will be released in any media in the United States and Canada. All 128 episodes will be released as scheduled... May 1: Season 2 June 1: Season 3 July 1: Season 4 August: Season 5 Release dates for Seasons 6-10 to be announced. GOOHEAD will be streaming the English dubbed version as originally seen in Australia. The series was shot cheaply and quickly on 16mm so the picture quality is unfortunately soft. Even so, SHINTARO THE SAMURAI is a long-overdue treat for fans of classic Japanese action shows. To watch SHINTARO THE SAMURAI, sign up for GOOHEAD CHANNEL on ROKU at

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