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    DEAD SUSHI World Premiere on July 22nd

    It Will Take More Than Soy Sauce To Put This Sushi Down! Source: Office Walker Official Movie Site: Special Thanks to Marc Walkow

    Noboru Iguchi (THE MACHINE GIRL, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR) is back with DEAD SUSHI (?????, Detdo Sushi), the first film from the new Japanese production company, Walker Pictures. The movie reunites the director with actress Rina Takeda, who had a supporting role in in the superhero TV series DOGOON FIVE but now takes center stage. The World Premiere of DEAD SUSHI will be held this coming Sunday, July 22nd, at 7:10pm at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. The Asia premiere will follow soon after in Korea at the Puchon Fantastic Film Festival, on July 26th and 27th. Noboru Iguchi and Rina Takeda will be present for both events. DEAD SUSHI will be released in Japan in late 2012 or early 2013. Story Keiko (Rina Takeda) is the daughter of a legendary sushi chef. Hoping to follow in his footsteps, she enters into training under her father’s guidance. His kung fu-like regime is rigid, pushing her to impossible mental and physical limits and Keiko, unable to bear the strain, runs away from home. Finding work at a rural hot springs inn, she is dismayed to find that her co-workers are an eccentric lot who have it in for the new girl. Complicating matters is the arrival of a group of employees from Komatsu Pharmaceutical there to sample the inn’s famous specialty sushi. Following them in pursuit of revenge is Yamada (Kentaro Shimazu), a medical researcher betrayed by the Komatsu president. Disgruntled and seeking revenge, Yamada injects the hotel sushi with a drug that not only brings it to life, but also turns it into ferocious, bloodthirsty killers!

    Right away, the reanimated sushi begins to kill off the hotel guests. Fatty tuna chews into human tongues; flesh-hungry salmon roe leaps about with gnashing fangs; and the sashimi pieces laid across the bodies of beautiful, semi-nude women devour them before the eyes of the stunned guests. Panic ensues as the sushi multiplies, infecting humans and turning them into zombie-like creatures. Fighting back with the assistance of the inn’s disgraced former sushi chef Sawada (Shigeru Matsuzaki), Keiko turns her kung fu on the flying killers. But will it be enough to fend off the unremitting terror of the killer fish and rice? Director Noboru Iguchi has brought audiences machine gun schoolgirls, robot geisha, toilet zombies and karate robots. The next logical step for him? Killer sushi! And with the participation of martial arts prodigy Rina Takeda, DEAD SUSHI is sure to deliver action and crazy splatter in equal measure. But watch out if you get hungry while watching the film... because this sushi bites back! About Writer / Director NOBORU IGUCHI

    Born in 1969 in Tokyo, Noboru Iguchi is practically a one-man genre film factory, working in a genre known as “Noboru Iguchi movies,” which marry a fetishistic personal vision with a remarkably self-assured filmmaking method, tied to a complete unwillingness to self-censor any crazy idea that comes into his head. He began filmmaking in 1996, and shot his first professional feature, A LARVA TO LOVE, in 2003. He works frequently as an actor, and has also worked in Japan’s adult video industry as a director, but his international career really took off with the release of the Tokyo Shock production THE MACHINE GIRL in 2008, followed by ROBO-GEISHA in 2009, and his Sushi Typhoon productions MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (2010, co-directed with Yoshihiro Nishimura & Tak Sakaguchi) and a live-action update of the 1970’s transforming hero TV show, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR (2011). Iguchi shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, having in recent years created two TV series (THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRL and its follow-up DOGOON FIVE), a reboot of the popular J-horror series TOMIE, the extreme splatter comedy ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD, a short film segment for the international anthology film THE ABCs OF DEATH, and his latest feature, the killer food action comedy DEAD SUSHI, starring martial arts prodigy Rina Takeda. Partial Filmography 1998: KURUSHIME-SAN 2003: A LARVA TO LOVE 2004: TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO & ALL OVER JAPAN COP FESTIVAL (co-directed) 2005: KAZUO UMEZU’S HORROR THEATER: THE HARLEQUIN GIRL 2006: SUKEBAN BOY MANJI CAT-EYED BOY 2008: THE MACHINE GIRL 2009: ROBOGEISHA THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRL (TV series) 2010: MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (co-directed) THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRLS: DOGOON FIVE (TV series) 2011: KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR TOMIE: UNLIMITED ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD 2012: YAMAGAMI-KUN (co-directed) NEW TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO & ALL OVER JAPAN DEAD SUSHI THE ABCs OF DEATH (co-directed) About Lead Actress RINA TAKEDA

    Born in Kanagawa in June, 1991, Rina Takeda decided when she was ten years old to commit herself to studying karate after witnessing the defeat of her father in a tournament match. Today, after practicing Ryukyu Shaolin karate for eleven years, she holds the rank of Gesshinkai black belt. In June 2008, while visiting the Gesshinkai dojo, actor / director / producer Fuyuhiko Nishi witnessed a display of Rina’s techniques, and was surprised by the high level she had attained. On his advice, Rina auditioned for his film HIGH KICK GIRL!, and won the lead role, making her debut motion picture performance. She also sang the title theme song, which was released as a single in Japan. After a series of training videos produced in conjunction with HIGH KICK GIRL! appeared on the internet, action and martial arts fans across the world began to take note of her talents. Soon after, she appeared in lead action roles in the films KARATE GIRL (for which she again provided the theme song) and KUNOICHI, both of which made appearances at international film festivals and, along with HIGH KICK GIRL!, were released on home video in many countries. Currently, Rina is one of the top action performers in Japan, possessing enormous talent and a spunky personality matched with a winning smile and positive attitude. She is poised to bring her skills and charm to the world as a representative of both Japanese martial arts and Japanese film, and 2012 looks to be her biggest year ever, with two new films and a TV series, in addition to her regular appearances on variety shows, radio, onstage and as a martial arts performer. Her latest film, DEAD SUSHI, reunites her with cult film director Noboru Iguchi (THE MACHINE GIRL, ROBO-GEISHA), who first worked with her on his late-night TV series DOGOON FIVE, casting her as an ancient martial arts warrior. Working with a director like Iguchi, Rina is able not only to show off her expert martial arts skills but also to branch out as a comedy performer, an entertaining new step for her and one which is sure to please her fans worldwide. Filmography 2009: HIGH KICK GIRL! 2010: THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRLS: DOGOON FIVE (TV series) 2011: KARATE GIRL THE KUNOICHI: NINJA GIRL AVEC PUNCH WELCOME TO THE EL PALACIO (TV series) 2012: BLACK REPORT (TV drama) DEAD SUSHI THE STORY OF IYA

    DEAD SUSHI Credits OFFICE WALKER Presents A WALKER PICTURES Release A NISHIMURA EIZO Production CAST RINA TAKEDA: Keiko KANJI TSUDA: Chef Tsuchida TORU TEZUKA TAKAMASA SUGA TAKASHI NISHINA ASAMI YUI MURATA: Miss Enomoto JIJI BOO: Keiko`s Father KENTARO SHIMAZU: Yamada and SHIGERU MATSUZAKI: Sawada STAFF Written & Directed by NOBORU IGUCHI Executive Producer KATSUMI OTANI Producers MOTOHISA NAGATA, YOICHI SAKAI, MANA FUKUI Music by YASUHIKO FUKUDA Director of Photography YASUTAKA NAGANO Gaffer JUN KODAMA Art Director NORI FUKUDA Chief Special Creature and Makeup Designer TAIGA ISHINO Action Director MASAKI SUZUMURA Edit Director YOSUKE YAFUNE Assistant Director YUSUKE INOUE Production Manager RYO UCHIYAMA Special Creature and Makeup Supervisor YOSHIHIRO NISHIMURA VFX Supervisor TSUYOSHI KAZUNO © 2012 Walker Pictures Running time: 91 minutes Available formats: HDCam, Japanese with English subtitles

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