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    Directors to Attend Vancouver Screenings of DEATH NOTE and THE iDol

    Kenichi Matsuyama steals the show as L, the brilliant young detective tracking down the unknown killer Kira in DEATH NOTE. The hit film will be screened in Vancouver Canada this month. Photo courtesy of VIZ Media. © 2006 'DEATH NOTE' FILM PARTNERS

    Shusuke Kaneko is coming to Vancouver Canada for the Western Canadian premiere of his film DEATH NOTE Author: Stan Hyde

    DEATH NOTE director Shusuke Kaneko will be a guest at this month`s OF HORRORS AND HEROES show and attend a screening of his film. Photo courtesy of VIZ Media. © 2006 'DEATH NOTE' FILM PARTNERS

    Tokyo based film makers Norman England and Shusuke Kaneko will visit the city for events on Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st. The visit is sponsored by Leonard Wong and the Vancouver Comicon, Stan Hyde and Monster Attack Team - Canada, and the Churchill Film Studies program. On Saturday October 20th, there will be two film presentations at the Film Society Theatre at the University of British Columbia (U.B.C.). The Film Society Theatre is on the main floor near the south entrance to the U.B.C. Student Union Building, 6138 Student Union Boulevard in Vancouver. DEATH NOTE shows at 11:30. Admission for this showing will be $6.00 THE iDOL and DEATH NOTE will show at 2:15. Directors Norman England and Shusuke Kaneko will be in attendance for this show to do a question and answer session with the audience. Admission for this showing will be $10.00 DEATH NOTE is the story of an idealistic young law student who gains access to a (God of Death) Shinigami`s notebook. Once a person`s name is inscribed within the book, that person will die within 40 seconds of a heart attack. So what`s a young idealist to do with that power, except begin to kill every criminal on Earth to bring about a Utopia? DEATH NOTE is based on the hit supernatural action mystery manga and anime series. The live-action film was a smash hit in Japan in summer 2006 and was recently acquired for release in North America by VIZ Pictures.

    THE iDOL is the story of an evil toy from outer space that lives off its owner`s emotions. When it falls into the hands of a young, Japanese toy collecting otaku (fan boy), his life begins to fall apart... or was it falling apart already? The iDol is a science fiction satire that takes aim at the across-the-board otaku culture of Japan. Shot in Tokyo, THE iDol features locations throughout the Japanese megalopolis. In addition, THE iDol boasts acting talent from such well known films as the Gamera, Godzilla and Ju-on franchises, THE GRUDGE and countless Japanese TV and theatrical productions. A peek behind the scenes of THE iDol reveals vast talent, with work being contributed by top rung staffers on such notable films as the RING series, JU-ON series, THE GRUDGE, RETURNER, the Millennium Godzilla series, the Heisei Gamera series, the Zeiram series, THE GREAT YOKAI WAR, INUGAMI, and even Ultraman. On Sunday October 21st, the directors will be signing autographs at OF HORRORS AND HEROES #9, Monster Attack Team’s yearly show devoted to fantasy film, and the models, toys, and garage kits from those films. OF HORRORS AND HEROES #9 runs from 11:00 to 5:00 on Sunday, October 21st. Admission is $5.00. The Vancouver Heritage Hall is located at 3102 Main Street in Vancouver, between 15th and 16th Streets. Mr Kaneko will be signing autographs at the show. Signatures are free, but there will be limits on the number of items per person. There may be a restriction on some items as well.

    Event sponsor Stan Hyde with THE iDol director Norman England in Japan. Photo courtesy of Stan Hyde.

    OF HORRORS AND HEROES #9 is a model and toy show, as well as a contest. Model builders can enter as many science fiction/fantasy themed model kits as they want at no additional charge. Models in competition must be on the tables by 1:30, with judging to take place at 3:30 and winners announced at 4:00. Panel events include: 11:30 - 12:30 TRACKING DOWN MONSTERS IN 2007 Join Stan Hyde to find out the essential releases of classic Monster movies on DVD that rose from the grave in 2007. 12:30 - 1:30 NORMAN ENGLAND’S ADVENTURES IN JAPANESE FILM MAKING Norman England has shot an independent feature in Japan, and covered films as diverse as JU-ON and GODZILLA as a writer for Fangoria and other magazines. Come and hear what film making is like in the land of the Rising Sun. 1:30 - 2:30 THE GODZILLA (and friends) STORY - 2007 Join Stan Hyde to find out what’s up in the world of kaiju (Japanese Giant Monsters).

    The LOST IN SPACE Robot guards the entrance to the Vancouver Heritage Hall, home of the OF HORRORS AND HEROES #9 show. Photo courtesy of Stan Hyde.

    2:30 - 4:00 BUILDING ANY KIND OF MODEL, AND RE-CREATING YOUR TOYS Join the expert panel from Monster Attack Team Canada to find out how to build or re-sculpt any kind of fantasy model kit. From out of the box to sculpting original kits, our panel has done it all. Bring questions and let’s get building! Monster Attack Team - Canada is a club of fans and professionals whose work has appeared in Fine Scale Model Magazine, Amazing Kit Builder Magazine, Hobby Japan and more. Professional members of the club have contributed to film and television shows like FLY 2, THE X-FILES, JUMANJI, FANTASTIC FOUR and more recently BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM, and WATCHMEN. The club welcomes ANYONE who is interested in expressing their creative side by building models, resculpting toys, or creating original works. “Building imaginary friends and weird stuff since 1989..." There will be advance tickets for the screenings. For updates check out Leonard Wong’s site. For more info regarding the show, screenings, Monster Attack Team club, or model contest, contact Stan Hyde at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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