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    KAIJU GAIDEN: Documentary on Independent Kaiju Films on Kickstarter

    Kickstarter video for the new documentary KAIJU GAIDEN, courtesy of Mark Jaramillo. © 2014 Kaiju Gaiden

    Official Site: Kickstarter Campaign Page: Kaiju Gaiden Special Thanks to Mark Jaramillo A new documentary entitled KAIJU GAIDEN is currently in production and in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. KAIJU GAIDEN is a documentary film spotlighting independent kaiju films and the filmmakers behind them. Many of these films are relatively unknown, obscure, or exist only as a rumor even among hardcore tokusatsu fans. It is the first time that the public will hear from the filmmakers and actually see footage from their films.

    KAIJU GAIDEN began as part of the Independent Kaiju Project, an endeavor by producer Mark Jaramillo to track down, catalog, and promote independent and amateur tokusatsu films such as LEGENDARY GIANT BEAST WOLFMAN VS GODZILLA and GAMERA 4: TRUTH. Directors Shizuo Nakajima and Shinpei Hayashiya were brought to events in the United States to meet fans and screen their films. Although these two films are arguably the most well known of independent kaiju films, they are by no means the only examples. Director/Producer David Hall contacted Mark Jaramillo and proposed the idea of a documentary film about the phenomena of these mysterious productions. David assembled a crew and traveled to Japan this October for 12 days to meet with and interview a list of talented artists who have continued the legacy of giant cinematic monsters. Principal photography has been completed and the process of editing and post-production has begun.

    Besides directors Nakajima and Hayashiya, among those interviewed for KAIJU GAIDEN are Masahiko Katto (ATRAGON 2, MATANGO 2, DAIKAIJU ZERAN), Kiyotaka Taguchi (DAIKAIJU EIGA "G", GEHARHA: THE DARK AND LONG HAIR MONSTER), Shingo Maehata (ZELLA: MONSTER MARTIAL LAW), Fuyuki Shinada (WOLFMAN VS GODZILLA, THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR-), and Shinichi Wakasa (suitmaker for Toho`s GODZILLA series). A Kickstarter campaign has been launched and seeks to raise funds to complete the documentary film. A video on the Kickstarter project home page explains the documentary and features clips from the films covered in the documentary. Many exclusive premiums are available, including figures and posters illustrated by IDW Godzilla comic book artists Jeff Zornow and Matt Frank. The Kickstarter campaign concludes November 12. Please visit the Kickstarter campaign page and consider making a contribution to help complete the film.

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