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    Kamen Rider Chess Piece Vol.1 in August

    Source: Hobby Search Megahouse Official Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to Ryo Negishi Chess Pieces Collection R Kamen Rider Vol.1/ ????????????R ?????? Vol.1

    The Chess Piece Collection R Series from MegaHouse will introduce its first Kamen Rider set, featuring five Kamen Riders plus a Ghoul from KAMEN RIDER WIZARD (???????????, Kamen Raidaa Uizaado, 2012-13). The PVC pieces faithfully replicates the characters with realistic designs and colors, and the display stands come in both black and white. The complete six piece set is now available for preorder from Hobby Search. Manufacturer: MegaHouse Product Size: Height Approximately 90mm (Approximately 3.54 Inches) Material: PVC Shipping: Late August 2013 Price (Individual Figure): ¥950 (Approximately $9.75 US) Price (Set): ¥5,700 (Approximately $57.25 US) ? Set Contents ?Kamen Rider Wizard - Flame Style (King)/ ????????????????????????? ?Kamen Rider Fourze - Base States (Queen)/ ???????????????????????? ?Kamen Rider 000 - Tatoba Combo (Bishop)/ ??????????????????????? ?Kamen Rider Double - Cyclone Joker (Knight)/ ??????W???????????????? ?Masked Rider Den-O - Sword Form (Rook)/ ????????????????????? ?Ghoul (Pawn)/ ????????

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