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    International sales flier for KIKAIDER -THE ULTIMATE HUMAN ROBOT-. © Ishimori ? Toei © 2014 KIKAIDER Film Partners

    Source: Kadokawa Corporation Official Site: (Japan) Kadokawa Corporation is now offering the feature film KIKAIDER REBOOT (????? ??????, Kikaidaa Ribuuto, 2014) for international distribution as KIKAIDER -THE ULTIMATE HUMAN ROBOT-. Opening in Japanese cinemas on May 24th, KIKAIDER -THE ULTIMATE HUMAN ROBOT- is an update of Toei`s classic hero television series ROBOTMAN KIKAIDER (?????????, Jinzo Ningen Kikaidaa, 1972 – 1973) created by Shotaro Ishinomori. After ushering in an era of transforming heroes with the "altered human" Kamen Rider, Ishinomori took on the challenge of a new type of hero... the "artificial human", Kikaider. Jiro, a creation of robotics genius Dr. Komyoji, was built with an incomplete "conscience circuit" implanted within his body. The existence of this circuit causes inner conflict as he struggles with both good and evil impulses. This was the premise of KIKAIDER, which gained a loyal following thanks to story elements such as the melancholy romance between an android and a human, and the introduction of Kikaider`s rival, Hakaider. Now KIKAIDER has been revived with the latest modeling and visual effects technology, and a story dealing with contemporary themes.

    The new version of Hakaider. © Ishimori ? Toei © 2014 KIKAIDER Film Partners

    About Kadokawa Corporation

    Regenerated as a one company structure on October 1, 2013, Kadokawa will generate growth in their publishing, video, and digital content related business.

    About Toei Company, Ltd.

    Established in 1951, Toei Company is not only producing and distributing films, but it is also one of the major exhibitors in Japan. The company owns two film studios located in Tokyo and Kyoto. The films produced cover a wide range of genres, exceeding 20,000 titles.

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