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    Live-Action GARO Series Streaming Exclusively on HIDIVE

    Source: HIDIVE, Kraken Releasing press release Special Thanks to John Parent Starting Friday, June 23, 2017, HIDIVE members in the USA and Canada will be able to stream newly launched episodes of the 25-episode GARO ???GARO?) series every Friday at 12:00 PM CT exclusively on HIDIVE`s streaming service. Created by famed film and video game designer/director Keita Amemiya (ZEIRAM 1 & 2, ONIMUSHA 2, MASKED RIDER BLACK) and directed by Amemiya and a pantheon of Japan’s top action and horror directors including Makoto Yokoyama (POWER RANGERS), Kengo Kaji (TOKYO GORE POLICE, Marvel’s IRON MAN - RISE OF THE TECHNOVORE), and Ryu Kaneda (VIDEO GIRL AI), GARO’s amazing battle sequences, stunning special effects and complex multi-character storyline have spawned over a dozen follow up live action TV series and feature films, as well as multiple anime series and videogames. Kraken Releasing is proud to bring GARO to North America beginning with the deluxe remastered version produced in honor of the franchise’s 10th anniversary, with additional feature film and TV series installments to follow. “Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns Yet by the Blade of Knights, Mankind was given Hope” For thousands of years, mankind has been under attack by an ancient race of demons, nightmarish creatures that feed off the darkness in men`s souls and enter our world seeking bodies to possess. Against these Horrors, the human race has just one hope: the enchanted weapons and armor of the Makai Knights, a secret legion of warriors, priests and magic users who stand as humanity`s last line of defense. To learn more about HIDIVE’s anime streaming services, or to sign up for a 7-day free trial, visit, or follow HIDIVE on Facebook and Twitter.

    About HIDIVE LLC

    HIDIVE is a new anime streaming service built with the needs of anime fans in mind. Currently offering a beta with a curated (and growing) catalog of some the most iconic anime and live action titles of the past and present, HIDIVE provides a unique streaming experience to its territories around the world. Featuring one of the industry’s best players, customizable subtitles, in-episode live-chat, pinned searches, and more, fans can watch, discover, and share their favorite shows. For more information, or to start a free trial, visit

    About Kraken Releasing

    KRAKEN RELEASING is a new international video distribution label specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genre entertainment for mainstream audiences. With classic titles such as THE RETIRN OF GODZILLA, GODZILLA VS HEDORAH and a host of exciting new releases in 2017, Kraken’s goal is to bring the best filmed entertainment from around the world to their customers.

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