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    All Masked Riders Return For Heisei Series 10th Anniversary Movie Author: James M. Ballard Official Movie Site: With the successful revivial of the Masked Rider franchise with 2000`s MASKED RIDER KUUGA (Kamen Raidaa Kuuga), Toei Company has continued to produce new Masked Rider TV series every year. The current series MASKED RIDER DECADE (Kamen Raidaa Dikeido), which began airing in January this year, celebrates 10 years of the new era of Masked Rider productions, with the titular hero traveling between alternate Masked Rider worlds.

    Now, the new movie MASKED RIDER DECADE: ALL RIDERS VS. GREAT SHOCKER (Kamen Raidaa Dikeido Ooru Raidaa tai Daishokkaa) brings together all the leading Riders since the original MASKED RIDER (Kamen Raidaa, 1971) through to the upcoming series MASKED RIDER DOUBLE (Kamen Raidaa Daburu, 2009), due to air in September. The film opens as Tsukasa, Natsumi and Yusuke arrive in a mysterious western-style house during their travels between worlds. A lone girl calls out to Tsukasa, telling him she is his younger sister and has been waiting for him to return from his journey. Has Tsukasa finally returned to his own world? Following the girl, a man arrives and informs the trio that the destruction of this world has already begun. In order to defend this world, he says they must find the strongest Rider. As Tsukasa rises up to the challenge, the grand multi-Rider battle unfolds. Is the Great Rider War from Natsumi`s dream becoming reality? As Tsukasa`s memories are finally restored, the dark organization Great Shocker make their appearance. But where will the Rider Battle take place, and what are Great Shocker`s plans for world conquest? Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa Kadoya/Masked Rider Decade) and Ryota Murai (Yusuke Onodera/Masked Rider Kuuga) are joined by the rest of the MASKED RIDER DECADE principal cast. The movie also sees Tetsuo Kurata reprise his role as Kotaro Minami, the human alter-ego of the titular character in the popular 1987 series MASKED RIDER BLACK (Kamen Raidaa Burakku). Okinawan music artist Gackt Camui provides the movie`s theme song, "The Next Decade", as well as playing the role of Joji Yuki/Riderman. The creative team behind the movie includes many resident Masked Rider veterans. Director Osamu Kaneda directed both 2008 feature films MASKED RIDER DEN-O & KIVA: CLIMAX DEKA (Kamen Raidaa Denou ando Kiba Kuraimakkusu Deka) and FAREWELL, MASKED RIDER DEN-O: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Saraba Kamen Raidaa Denou Fainaru Kauntodaun). Writer Shoji Yonemura has contributed teleplays for each Masked Rider TV series since MASKED RIDER HIBIKI (Kamen Raidaa Hibiki, 2005), penned the screenplay for the 2006 movie MASKED RIDER KABUTO: GOD SPEED LOVE (Kamen Raidaa Kabuto GOD SPEED LOVE) and was the writer of the contemporary sci-fi drama series SH15UYA (Shibuya Fifutiin, 2005). MASKED RIDER DECADE: ALL RIDERS VS. GREAT SHOCKER opens to theatres nationwide in Japan on August 8th, playing as a double-bill with SAMURAI SENTAI SHINKENGER THE MOVIE: THE FATEFUL WAR (Samurai Sentai Shinkenjaa Ginmakuban Tenkawakeme no Tatakai). The hero line-up features: Masked Rider Decade, Masked Rider Kuuga, Masked Rider Diend, Masked Rider 1, Masked Rider 2, Masked Rider V3, Riderman, Masked Rider X, Masked Rider Amazon, Masked Rider Stronger, Sky Rider, Masked Rider Super 1, Masked Rider ZX, Masked Rider Black, Masked Rider Black RX, Masked Rider Shin, Masked Rider ZO, Masked Rider J, Masked Rider Agito, Masked Rider Ryuki, Masked Rider 555, Masked Rider Blade, Masked Rider Hibiki, Masked Rider Kabuto, Masked Rider Den-O, Masked Rider Kiva and Masked Rider Double.

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