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    Nation`s Largest Anime and Manga Convention Announces Power Ranger Reunion and Panel Source: BAM! Marketing, Publicity & Promotions press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Chase Wang

    Blast off with Anime Expo and members of the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS dynasty as they storm into the Los Angeles Convention Center for one of the biggest Ranger Reunions to date at the nation`s largest anime and manga convention held July 2-5, 2009. More information can be found on the website Power Rangers in attendance include: · Karan Ashley: Aisha Campbell, the Yellow Power/Ninja Ranger (1994-96) · Steve Cardenas: Rocky DeSantos, the Red Power/Ninja Ranger (1994-96) · Walter Jones: Zack Taylor, the original Black Power Ranger (1993-94) · Catherine Sutherland: Kat Hillard, the Pink Power/Ninja Ranger (1995-96) · Johnny Yong Bosch: Adam Park, the Black Power/Ninja Ranger (1994-98) · Robert Axelrod: Lord Zedd (1993-96) In addition to attending Anime Expo 2009, the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Reunion event will include a panel on as well as a booth in the Anime Expo Exhibit Hall where fans can meet, take pictures with and obtain autograph head shots of their favorite convention attending Rangers! Attendees, Press and Industry Members are also encouraged to view the video coverage site of the 2008 convention at

    About Anime Expo

    Located in Los Angeles, California - Anime Expo, the nation`s largest anime/manga convention, serves to foster trade, commerce and the interests of the general public and animation/ comics industry. This event serves as a key meeting place for the general public to express their interest and explore various aspects of anime/manga, as well as for members of the industry to conduct business. AX 2009 will be held July 2 ­ July 5, 2009 a the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. More information can be found at its website

    About the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation

    The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to popularize and educate the American public about anime and manga, as well as provide a forum to facilitate communication between professionals and fans. This organization is more popularly known by its entertainment property ­Anime Expo. More information can be found at its website ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information on Anime Expo 2009 please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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