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    Minoru Kawasaki To Reboot PLANET PRINCE!

    Source: Avery Guerra and Minoru Kawasaki Official Twitter: @yousayouji2021 @yousayouji2021 Translation: Benjamin Chaffins


    The classic special effects TV series PLANET PRINCE (遊星王子, Yūsei Ōji) aired on the NTV (Nippon Television) network from November 4, 1958 to October 6, 1959. Now, a remake of PLANET PRINCE is being developed. The original PLANET PRINCE was produced by Nippon Gendai and Senkosha, and distributed by Toei. It became popular as Japan`s first alien super hero TV program, and had a lot of influence on many subsequent special effects works. In 1959, Toei also released two theatrical movies -- PLANET PRINCE and PLANET PRINCE: THE TERRIFYING SPACESHIP (遊星王子 – 恐怖の宇宙船, Yūsei Ōji - Kyōfu no Uchūsen) -- which were edited together into the 1962 English dubbed feature, PRINCE OF SPACE. In the new reboot, tentatively titled PLANET PRINCE 2021 (遊星王子2021, Yūsei Ōji 2021), the legendary hero revives in the modern Reiwa age to much confusion! In the starring role is the talented Sho Higano, who has shown outstanding acting ability in a wide range of genres including movies and theatrical performances like “Reading Literature at the End of Autumn-Ryunosuke Akutagawa-”. Japanese TikTok and YouTube idol Nana Oda, an up-and-coming actress, will be the heroine. The costume designer for the newborn Planet Prince is Kia Asamiya, a manga artist who created the legendary cyberpunk science fiction Silent Möbius (サイレントメビウス, Sairento Mebiusu). And the director is Minoru Kawasaki, a master of Japanese comedy FX movies such as THE WORLD SINKS EXCEPT JAPAN (日本以外全部沈没, Nihon Igai Zenbu Chinbotsu, 2006), EARTH DEFENSE WIDOW (地球防衛未亡人, Chikyū Bōei Mibōjin, 2014) and MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS (三大怪獣グルメ, San Daikaijū Gurume). "The pressure is great for me," Kawasaki said. "I would like to be able to make PLANET PRINCE so that it will be a work that is packed with the type of goodness from the old days, which is not seen today in the Reiwa era. Please look forward to our movie PLANET PRINCE 2021!" There is laughter! There are tears! A timeless entertainment action special effects movie that will be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. PLANET PRINCE is scheduled to be released to general theaters in the autumn of this year.

    Outline Original: Nobuhirosha Original Screenplay: Masaru Igami Director: Minoru Kawasaki Cast: Sho Higano, Nana Oda, more TBA Screenplay: Akihiko Kikawa, Minoru Kawasaki Planet Prince Costume Design: Kia Asamiya Production: "Planet Prince 2021" Production Committee © 2021 "Planet Prince 2021" Production Committee

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