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    Monsters Unleashed on HIGANJIMA: VAMPIRE ISLAND


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    Theatrical poster. Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

    The vampire Miyabi and his island of monsters return in the latest live-action adaptation of Koji Matsumoto`s bestseller -- more than seven million copies sold -- horror action manga series, Higanjima. Shochiku will release the film in Japan as HIGANJIMA DELUXE (????????, Higanjima Derakkusu) and is marketing if for international sales with the English title HIGANJIMA: VAMPIRE ISLAND. In 2010, Warner Bros. Japan released their own Higanjima movie, HIGANJIMA: ESCAPE FROM VAMPIRE ISLAND (???, Higanjima). In 2013, renowned director Takashi Miike supervised a 10 episode HIGANJIMA television series for the TBS and MBS networks. The new movie continues the storyline from the TV series, with the show`s cast reprising their roles. The main character, Akira Miyamoto, is played by Shunya Shiriashi. Shiriashi is a familiar face for tokusatsu fans thanks to his lead role in the KAMEN RIDER WIZARD (???????????, Kamen Raidaa Uizaado) series and films, as well as his appearances in GANTZ (??, Gantsu, 2011), KAIJI 2 (???2: ???????, Kaiji 2: Jinsei Dakkai Geemu, 2011) and STRAYER’S CHRONICLE (?????????????, Sutoreiyaazu Kuronikuru, 2015). Ryohei Suzuki, who co-stars as Akira`s brother Atsushi Miyamoto, portrayed the panty-wearing superhero Pervert Mask in the movies HK / FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO (HK ????, HK Hentai Kamen, 2013) and HENTAI KAMEN: THE ABNORMAL CRISIS (HK????? ????????????, HK/ Hentai Kamen Abunoomaru Kuraishisu, 2016). Additional credits include GATCHAMAN (??????, 2013) and TOKYO TRIBE (????? ????, Tokyo Toraibu, 2014). The evil Miyabi is played by Louis Kurihara from the films DAILY LIVES OF HIGH SCHOOL BOYS (????????, Danshi Kokosei no Nichijo, 2013) and BLACK BUTLER (???, Kuroshitsuji, 2014). STORY Higanjima is a solitary island, dominated by the vampires and monsters created by the immortal vampire Miyabi. It is the closest place to hell on earth. Akira Miyamoto and his friends go back to Higanjima to look for his missing older brother, Atsushi, who disappeared during their battle against Miyabi two years ago. But, upon their arrival, they discover that Atsushi has been turned into a vampire and is now working for Miyabi. Now it`s up to Akira and his friends to kill Atsushi and Miyabi before they wipe out all the human beings and take absolute control of the island. An unimaginable battle begins...

    Brother versus brother! Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

    CREDITS Release Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016 (Nationwide Roadshow) Running Time: 117 Minutes Cast Akira Miyamoto: Shunya Shiraishi Atsushi Miyamoto: Ryohei Suzuki Yuki: Minami Sakurai Ken: Yuya Endo Nishiyama: Shohei Abe Kato: Ryu Morioka Miyabi: Louis Kurihara Rei: Megumi Sato Ryoko: Ayame Misaki Tanaka: Masataka Fujishige Shion: Rinko Uema Camellia: Tomomi Takano Mariko: Yurina Yanagi Ryunosuke Aoyama (Voice): Renji Ishibashi Staff Director: Takeshi Watanabe Original: Higanjima by Koji Matsumoto (serialized in Kodansha`s Young Magazine) Screenplay: Sakichi Sato, Hidehiro Ito Action Director: Hiroyuki Yoshida Special Makeup and Modeling: Etsuko Egawa Music: Koji Endo Theme Song: "SYNERGY" by m-flo featuring Shishido Kafka (rhythm zone) Ending Theme: "Even After 100 Years" by PALU (EPIC Records Japan) Production Partners: "Higanjima: Vampire Island" Film Partners Distribution: Shochiku Blue Line © 2016 "Higanjima: Vampire Island" Film Partners

    Photo courtesy of Shochiku Co. © 2016

    About Shochiku Co., Ltd.

    Shochiku traces its origins to 1895 when Takejiro Otani presented his first stage play. They also produced the first color motion picture in Japan, and have expanded into TV dramas, video contents, Kabuki presentation, theater operations, and real estate. The company has become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of the Kabuki theater in Japan as well as widely known as the creator of the world’s longest-running feature film series TORA-SAN. The company is making all possible efforts to develop business in various fields, including multimedia and co-productions, across generation, national, and cultural borders.
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