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    SADAKO 3D Sequel Coming in 2013

    Source: Kadokawa Pictures

    Teaser image for the SADAKO 3D sequel. © 2012

    On May 12, 2012 Kadokawa relaunched the RING J-Horror franchise with the novel S (??) by author Koji Suzuki and the film SADAKO 3D (????) by director Tsutomu Hanabusa. Now the undying curse of the psychic girl Sadako Yamamura will continue in 2013 with a movie sequel, tentatively titled SADAKO 3D 2 (????2). The saga began with Suzuki`s novel Ring (???, Ringu), first published by Kadokawa Shoten in 1991, and exploded in popularity with director Hideo Nakata`s THE RING (???, Ringu) in 1998. The franchise would quickly expand to include three additional novels, three Japanese movie sequels, a TV movie and two series, a Korean remake and two big budget American films. Shortly before the release of the US remake of THE RING in 2002, the Japanese film series was symbolically laid to rest with a Tokyo funeral service for Sadako. But by 2006, Koji Suzuki was back at work writing screenplays for new RING films. After some false starts, the franchise finally returned to Japanese cinemas with SADAKO 3D. While not well received by film critics, SADAKO 3D scored big with teenage moviegoers who purchased more than 50% of tickets sold during the movie`s theatrical run. The film earned ¥1.5 billion (approximately $19 million US) at the box office, inspiring Kadokawa to move forward with a sequel. SADAKO 3D director Tsutomu Hanabusa will return to helm the new film. SADAKO 3D was Hanabusa`s first horror picyure; the filmmaker had previously directed fare like the comedy THE HANDSOME SUIT (????????, Hansamu Sutsu, 2008). Koji Suzuki is also coming back to pen the sequel`s screenplay. SADAKO 3D 2 is set to take place several years after the events of the previous film, and focus on a strange young girl who has somehow inherited Sadako`s genes. While few details about the production have been revealed at this time, Suzuki did note that SADAKO 3D 2 will show the connection between the new films and the original RING movies, and also explain the true motivations behind Sadako`s resurrection in SADAKO 3D. SADAKO 3D 2 will be shot entirely in 3D and will reportedly feature an all-new cast of actors. Filming is scheduled to begin early next year for a Summer 2013 release in Japan.

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