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    New Information on Upcoming Korean Monster Movie Author: Kim Song-ho Source: CJ Entertainment

    The Korean film company and distributor CJ Entertainment and production company JK Film recently revealed the advance teaser poster for their upcoming 3D creature feature SECTOR 7 (7??, Chil gwangu). The revised design overall is basically the same as the promotional artwork distributed at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA back in November, but has been somewhat modified with a different color tone and added elements (mainly the smoke and the flying birds in the sky). It also shows the new English title logo for the film. Along with the new artwork, CJ and JK announced that they have pre-sold the picture to four international markets during AFM. The foreign distributors who have acquired rights to SECTOR 7 are TF1 Group of France, M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Ltd. from Thailand, and Scorpio East Holdings Ltd. of Singapore and Malaysia. The companies were reportedly impressed by promotional materials and computer generated concept art shown at the film market. Produced by Youn Je-kyun, who directed the disaster hit HAEUNDAE (???, released in the US as TIDAL WAVE), the film is about a group of workers on the `Eclipse`, an oil prospecting platform, being terrorized by a hostile undersea creature. The movie is directed by Kim Ji-hoon, who is well known in Korea for his 2008 drama MAY 18 (??? ??, Hwaryeohan hyuga), which depicted the 1980 Gwangju pro-democracy movement. Starring Ha Ji-won (Youn`s HAEUNDAE and MIRACLE ON 1ST STREET), Ahn Seong-gi (SLEEPING MAN), Lee Han-wee (CITY OF GLASS), Park Cheol-min (MAY 18), Oh Ji-ho (MY WIFE IS A GANGSTER 3), Song Sae-byeok (MOTHER) and Cha Ye-ryeon (DOREMIFASOLASIDO), SECTOR 7 is now in post-production and will open in Korea in the summer of 2011.

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