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    The Art of Japanese Monsters Softcover Edition Coming this October

    Source: Sean Linkenback

    Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla Collectibles author Sean Linkenback has announced a new softcover edition of his latest book, The Art of Japanese Monsters, will be available starting October 13th. Featuring a new cover illustration by Alex Wald (American Splendor, Japan’s Favorite Mon-Star), this reference guide to Japanese science fiction film posters from 1954 to present contains artwork from over 60 different films, including the Godzilla, Gamera, and Mothra series; RODAN, GAPPA, the Majin films, WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS, THE H-MAN, and many more. Linkenback explains... "After the amazingly quick sell-out of the hardcover edition of The Art of Japanese Monsters (less than one month at both wholesale and retail), I`ve been fielding calls and emails from collectors all over the world who are just now hearing about the book and wondering how they can get a hold of a copy. Wanting to stay true to my word that the hardcover would be a limited edition and not be reprinted, I made the decision that if I went back and did a softcover version that it would have to be abridged, thus ensuring that the people who stepped up early and purchased the hardcover still had their interests protected. So with that in mind, I went back and made as few slices as I could to the pages -- ultimately settling on 24 as the number to be excluded from the new edition. I really feel that even people who have a copy of the hardcover will have a difficult time at first glance to be able to tell what has been cut, as the book still has well over 1,000 poster images represented inside. For the cover, I contacted Alex Wald and worked with him on creating a cover that would be reminiscent of the joy and wonder of coming up to the theater for the first time and seeing images of giant monsters fighting it out. The posters represented on the cover are fantasy `what if` films, but still manage to covey what you will see inside." Cover Price: $39.99 Pages: 208 Softcover ISBN: 978-0991459919 Release Date: October 13, 2014 Visit Kaiju Posters Database for additional details and updates.

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