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    A brief look at Noboru Iguchi’s upcoming film Author: Elliot Gay Source: Richard York, Twitch, Fangoria, Fever Dreams LLC, Gomorrahy Special Thanks to Keith Aiken and Sheldon Warnock Director Noboru Iguchi’s latest film effort, THE MACHINE GIRL (Kataude Mashingaru, THE ONE-ARMED MACHINE GIRL, 2008), will be seeing its theatrical release in Japan in 2008. Written by Iguchi himself, the film follows the story of Ami, a young high-school girl who sets out to take revenge on a gang of bullies after they kill her little brother. On the way to revenge, Ami loses an arm and replaces it with a high powered gun. Insane foes armed with their own bizarre weapons meet a violent end as Ami seeks vengeance for the deaths of those she cares about most. Noboru Iguchi is no stranger to horror films. Some of his previous credits include but are not limited to director Yudai Yamaguchi’s MEATBALL MACHINE (Mitoboru Mashin, 2007), and SUICIDE CIRCLE (Isatsu Sakuru, a.k.a. SUICIDE CLUB, 2002). Also on board for THE MACHINE GIRL are Yoshihiro Nishimura and his company, Nishimura Motion Picture Model Makers Group (Y.K. Nishimura Eizô) - "NMPMMG" for short, who will be handling the multitude of special effects in the film. Previous special effects credits include MEATBALL MACHINE and SUKEBAN BOY (Oira Sukeban, 2006). Yuji Shimomura, director of the hyper kinetic film DEATH TRANCE (2005), is handling the martial arts choreography of the film.

    The film is said to be a mix of the relentless action of DEATH TRANCE, with the over the top gore of MEATBALL MACHINE, combined to create a dynamic action/horror film. THE MACHINE GIRL stars J-idol Minase Yashiro as Ami. Rounding out the cast are adult actresses Asami Ogawa (Director Noboru Iguchi’s previous film SUKEBAN BOY) and Honoko, model Noriko Kijima, Kentaro Shimazu, Taro Suwa (BATTLE ROYALE, MEATBALL MACHINE), Nobuhiro Nishihara, and Ryosuke Kawamura. THE MACHINE GIRL is a co-production between the US company Fever Dreams, LLC and Media Suits, a Japanese production house that merged with Nikkatsu Corporation (Nikkatsu K.K.) in 2006. Fever Dreams and Media Suits had previously partnered on DEATH TRANCE. The film’s international distribution rights were put up for sale by Nikkatsu at this year’s American Film Market. Media Blasters may be releasing THE MACHINE GIRL in America as a “Tokyo Shock Original” sometime in 2008. Trailer for THE MACHINE GIRL. Warning: Violent Content

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