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    TIME TRIP APP Premieres July 18th

    In 1868, time traveling school teacher Mikako Kawabe (Satomi Ishihara) amazes the Shogun’s Navy Commissioner, Katsu Kaishu (Hiroshi Tamaki), with 2014 technology. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd., Fuji Television Network, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Official Site: (Japan) Toei and Fuji Television have released a plot synopsis and several high-res photos from their new movie, TIME TRIP APP (?????, Bakumatsu Kokosei, 2014). The film will have its world premiere at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea on July 18th, with the Japanese theatrical run beginning on July 26th.


    Photo courtesy of Fuji TV. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee

    The year is 1868, Year 1 of Japan’s ‘modern’ period of history. The nation faces one of the most dramatic times in its history, with forces loyal to the Shogun pitted against modernizers who wish political power restored after many centuries to the Emperor. This new imperial army has defeated the Shogun’s forces near Kyoto, and now plans a full-scale assault on his capital of Edo -- modern Tokyo -- to take place March 15th. The Shogun’s Navy Commissioner, Katsu Kaishu, has sent a message to Saigo Takamori, commander of the imperial army, proposing a negotiated surrender of Edo Castle. Rather than fight each other, he believes, Japanese should unite to face the threat of powers that would make the country into another of their many colonies. There are those within the Shogunate, however, who do not agree, and are importing modern weapons from France to resist Takamori’s attack. Yanagida Ryuzo, Deputy Commander of the Shogun’s forces, wants to preserve the Shogunate and its samurai way of life, and is working behind the scenes to make sure that no negotiations take place. Having received no answer to his message, Katsu is becoming more and more isolated. Now he encounters Mikako and Masaya, two strangely dressed people who have been taken into magistrate’s custody. They tell him they have traveled back through time from 2014. Katsu is understandably suspicious of this story, but they have with them a smart phone, an automobile, and a Rubik’s cube. Gradually he comes to think they might be telling the truth. They tell him they want to find their two companions from the future, Eri and Shintaro, and return to their own time. In 2014, Mikako is a history teacher, and the other three are her students. She has just finished teaching them that negotiations took place, and thus there was no battle in Edo. However, according to history, Takamori’s messenger should have already arrived. And there is no ‘Yanagida’ in modern-day history books. Something has thrown history off its course. If no message from Takamori arrives, and Edo becomes a battleground, will there be a future for Mikako and the others to return to? There are four days until the attack. Will Mikako and Masaya find Eri and Shintaro? Will they make it back to the future? Can Katsu preserve that future for them? The battle to prevent the battle has now begun!

    Katsu Kaishu ponders the mystery of a Rubik`s cube. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee


    World Premiere: Friday, July 18, 2014 (Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival) Japanese Release Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014 (Roadshow) Running Time: 108 Minutes Cast Katsu Kaishu: Hiroshi Tamaki Mikako Kawabe: Satomi Ishihara Masaya Takase: Tokio Emoto Eri Morino: Haruna Kawaguchi Shintaro Numata: Yudai Chiba Ryuzo Yanagida: Akira Emoto Takamori Saigo: Koichi Sato Chiyo: Mitsuki Tanimura Tamiko: Yo Yoshida Hachiro Miyagawa: Kunito Watanabe Yamashita Toshizo: Daisuke Ryu Noriatsu Osaki: Masato Ibu Choei: Renji Ishibashi Yoshinobu Tokugawa: Eisuke Shinoi Takashi Kanda: Hajime Inoue Satsuma-ya: Kyusaku Shimada Staff Director: Toshio Lee Screenwriter: Atsuko Hashibe Original Story: Snow Relic (Nagori no Yuki) by Taku Mayumura Producers: Yoshihiro Suzuki, Kaoru Matsuzaki, Kazuma Kuryu (TOEI COMPANY), Noriko Koyanagi Cinematographer: Fujiishi Osamu Editor: Ryuji Miyajima VFX Supervisor: Koichi Noguchi Music: Takayuki Hattori Theme Song: "INFINITY?ZERO" by nano TIME TRIP APP Production Committee: Fuji TV, Toei, FNS27 Production Company: Toei Kyoto Studios Distributor: Toei Company, Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee

    Mikako and her student, Masaya Takase (Tokio Emoto) are taken captive. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee
    Mikako talks with student Shintaro Numata (Yudai Chiba). Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee
    Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee
    Director Toshio Lee. Photo courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2014 TIME TRIP APP Production Committee

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