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    Toei Announces New Kamen Rider Anniversary Movie: MASKED RIDER 1

    Logo for the new MASKED RIDER 1 movie, courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2016

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan)

    Promotional art for the film featuring the classic Masked Rider design. Image courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2016

    On New Year`s Day, Toei Co. announced their 2016 "Superhero Year" project commemorating the anniversaries of the studio`s Kamen Rider and Super Sentai franchises with new movies, home videos, TV programs, and events. The first major release will be the feature film MASKED RIDER 1 (????????, Kamen Raidaa 1-go), opening nationwide in Japan on Saturday, March 26th. The movie is based on the original Kamen Rider television series, MASKED RIDER (??????, Kamen Raidaa), which aired from April 3, 1971 – February 10, 1973. The hit show sparked a "transforming hero" boom in Japan, inspiring decades of imitations and sequels up to the current KAMEN RIDER GHOST (?????????? Kamen Raidaa Goosuto, 2015-2016) series. For the new film, the hero Takeshi Hongo will wear an updated version of the classic Masked Rider costume. The following is taken from Toei`s press release... 45 years after his creation Masked Rider still boasts tremendous popularity throughout the world. Out of the darkness of a hidden past There was one person who risked his life, fighting a war for mankind`s freedom. The introduction of a new enemy. An encounter with a new friend. The old excitement, force and justice power up! The megaflick the whole world awaits is born here! March 26, 2016 The curtain opens a new legend of Masked Rider!

    Superhero Year promotional artwork featuring the updated Masked Rider 1 design. © 2016
    MASKED RIDER 1 and Superhero Year announcement video, courtesy of Toei Co., Ltd. © 2016 "Masked Rider 1" Production Committee © Ishimori Pro · TV Asahi · ADK · Toei

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