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    The Rescue Force, ready for action! ©2007 Tomica Hero Rescue Force Production Committee

    New SPFX drama to re-invent image of a "hero" Author: James Ballard Source: Press Release On December 5th, Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy issued a press release announcing their participation in the production committee of a new special effects TV drama, TOMICA HERO RESCUE FORCE (Tomika Hiiroo Resukyuu Foosu), scheduled to be broadcast nationwide in Japan from Spring 2008. Until now, Japanese heroes have always been depicted fighting against aliens, monsters and other adversaries. But TOMICA HERO RESCUE FORCE aims to create a new image of a hero. An "exhilarating" action series, the Rescue Force will utilize many "Super Vehicles" and "Super Tools" (based on Takara Tomy`s toys) in order to rescue people in need. The team`s battles will be against an outbreak of super disasters all over the world. The idea behind the series is to communicate the important message of pollution and the state of the global environment to children though an engaging special effects TV series. The series is being produced with Shouchiku Co., Ltd, one of the oldest and renowned production companies in Japan. CGI and animation for the series is being produced by Shirogumi, whose work includes the recent box office hit ALWAYS- SUNSET ON THIRD STREET- 2, which included an impressive CGI sequence of Godzilla attacking Tokyo in the 1950s. Earlier this year, Takara Tomy participated in the creation of KAWAII! JENNY, a late-night special effects series based on the company`s "Jenny" doll, produced in co-operation with Toho and Dream Planet Japan. TOMICA HERO RESCUE FORCE is to be based on Takara Tomy`s Tomica toy cars. In 1970, the Tomica (taken from "Tomy Car"), a palm-sized toy car, was the first of its kind in Japan. In the 37 years since it`s creation, there have been more than 680 variations of the Tomica, with sales of over 500 million.

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