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    Win a Signed Copy of Writing Japanese Monsters

    Special Thanks to John LeMay

    Author John LeMay is offering SciFi Japan readers a chance to win a signed paperback copy of his Writing Japanese Monsters: From the Files of the Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies, perhaps the first tome to take an in-depth look at both the writers and the writing process behind these films. This book charts the wild developmental process of all of Japan’s many monster films. Learn how Gamera was born when the Daiei Studios president looked out his airplane window and saw a cloud shaped like a turtle; how KING KONG VS. GODZILLA began as King Kong vs. Frankenstein; and how Ultraman originally started out with the name and design of one his future opponents! Discover a floppy-eared Godzilla; a blue-scaled, rainbow-winged King Ghidorah; and a transforming Mechagodzilla! Marvel at Gorgo’s roots as a Japanese co-production called Kuru Island; puzzle at a spoof of GODZILLA 1985 starring Leslie Nielsen; thrill to Mothra’s secret origin in The Luminous Fairies and Mothra; and be amazed at Miki Saegusa’s surprising backstory in an early treatment for GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE. And that’s not all, this book has bios on writers like Shinichi Sekizawa, Niisan Takahashi, Yukiko Takayama, and Kazuki Omori plus appendices including a comprehensive script guide, and even comparisons between the films and their manga adaptations! Writing Japanese Monsters is available from< in both paperback (MSRP $17.95) and hardcover (MSRP $35.00) formats.


    Prize: A. There are two (2) prizes, each consisting of one (1) paperback copy of Writing Japanese Monsters, signed by author John LeMay. B. The prizes will be shipped to the contest winners so entrants must include a valid mailing address. This contest is only open to participants in the United States and Canada. C. In the event that a winner chooses not to (or cannot) accept a prize, he or she forfeits all claim to that prize. D. One entry per person. Prizes are non-transferable. No substitution of prizes allowed. Duration of contests: A. The Writing Japanese Monsters contest runs from May 21 until 11:59pm on June 7, 2020. How to enter: A. Submit your name, email address, and mailing address for the random drawing. B. Be sure to write "Writing Japanese Monsters" in the subject header of your email entry. SciFi Japan often runs multiple contests at the same time, so any entries without "Writing Japanese Monsters" in the subject header will be discarded. Exact punctuation is not necessary; we just need to know which contest you are entering. Determination of winners: A. Only contestants who have submitted the requested information will be entered in the final drawing. The first two randomly drawn eligible entries will be judged the winner for this contest. B. SciFi Japan is not responsible for typographical, electronic or other errors in Internet operation affecting the offering, outcome, administration of the contest or the announcement of prizes. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. C. The decision of SciFi Japan is final. Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of the SciFi Japan judges, which are final and binding in all respects. D. Following the drawing, winners will be notified via email.

    THE "Writing Japanese Monsters" CONTEST

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