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    Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association Offers Ultraman-Themed Attractions For Amami Islands Tours

    The Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association is now running a tourism campaign with the Ultraman series. Photo courtesy of Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    Source: Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association press release
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    Beginning this Tuesday, August 8th, the Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association will run "Go! Go! Ultra Great Voyage"(ゴー!ゴー!ウルトラ大航海, Gō ! ! Urutora Dai Kōkai), an Ultraman-themed event for parents and children taking the sight-seeing ferry around the Amami Islands southwest of Kyushu. The campaign runs through November 7th and includes Ultra Hero special cabins and a stamp rally to win limited edition Ultraman collectibles.

    The Kagoshima Passenger Boat Association released a statement: "We hope that many people will take a boat trip to the Amami Islands, including the World Natural Heritage sites of Amami Oshima and Tokunoshima. We hope that the tie-in campaign with the Ultraman series will provide an opportunity for more people to enjoy the boat trip and sightseeing on the islands, and to learn about the appeal of the Amami route connecting the World Natural Heritage islands."


    Passengers can reserve rooms with Ultraman designs. Photo courtesy of Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Ultraman Series Limited Design Rooms

    During the event, passengers on the three ferries on the Amami route can book special cabins decorated with designs from the Ultraman series. These rooms must be booked in advance. The first 200 guests (one per couple) who make a reservation will receive a "Limited Edition Room Keychain" as a gift.

     Digital Stamp Rally

    A digital stamp rally is being held to win exclusive goods with an Ultraman series designs or round-trip tickets for a pair of first-class cabins + 10 sets of original QUO Cards worth ¥10,000 ((Approximately $70.34 US).

    Passengers can take part in the stamp rally by visiting 18 stamp points located on board the six ferries operated by Marix Line Co., Ltd., A"Line Ferry Co., Ltd., and Amami Shipping Co., Ltd., as well as at ports in Kagoshima and Amami, and sightseeing spots in the Amami Islands. A total of 78 winners will receive exclusive Ultraman series prizes  including  stainless steel bottles, acrylic diorama, an Amami specialties set, and more.

    During the event, the first 10,000 passengers who board the ferry from Kagoshima New Port or Kagoshima Main Port will receive limited edition Ultraman Series goods as a boarding privilege.

    Examples of the Stamp Rally prizes. Photo courtesy of Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    Ultraman Blazar Photo Shoot + Special Ferry Cabin Tour on Saturday, August 26

    A photo session with the latest hero, Ultraman Blazar, will be held for one day only in the waiting area on the 3rd floor of Kagoshima New Port. There will also be a tour of a special ferry cabin designed exclusively for the Ultraman series. This is a free event, but advance application is required to attend.* Limited edition novelties will be given away exclusively to those who attend the photo session.

    *Please check the event website for more details.

    Enjoy a giant sized art display and a photo shoot with Ultraman Blazar at Kagoshima New Port. Photo courtesy of Kagoshima Passenger Ship Association. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    Giant Art Corner Installed at Kagoshima New Port in Kagoshima City

    A "Giant Art Corner of Ultraman and Monsters" with a glass surface approximately 20m long will be installed on the 3rd floor of the Kagoshima New Port Terminal Building as an exhibit that allows visitors to experience the "Ultraman Worldview."

    Guests are encouraged to share photos and information with other participants by posting their photos on SNS (Simple Notification Service) with the hashtag "#Ultra Grand Voyage" (#ウルトラ大航海).


    "Go! Go! Ultra Great Voyage" Outline

    Campaign Period: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 - Tuesday, November 7, 2023
    Target Area: Onboard the six ferries on the Amami route, at ports in Kagoshima, and on the islands of the Amami Archipelago
    Participation Fee: There is no fee to participate in the campaign.

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