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    Network Premiere of ULTRAMAN NEXUS on TOKU

    Source: TOKU press release Special Thanks to Jesús Piñango

    TOKU, the only 24/7 live and on demand television network dedicated to eye-catching anime, popular live-action titles and cult classics from Asia dubbed into English, announced the network premiere of the highly anticipated tokusatsu television series ULTRAMAN NEXUS (??????????, Urutoraman Nekusasu, 2004-05) on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Weekdays at 7 p.m. EST, TOKU will feature back-to-back episode of ULTRAMAN NEXUS. This 37-episode Japanese television series follows the story of a powerful warrior whose main mission is to protect mankind from destructive monsters and gigantic creatures called the Space Beasts. As a member of the Terrestrial Liberation Trust (TLT), Ultraman Nexus is committed to fight any threats that could endanger the planet. When needed, his powers and abilities can be summoned by the deunamists, a group of young and brave individuals who poses the power of the light. Starring Takuji Kawakubo and Ysuki Kirishima, ULTRAMAN NEXUS was produced by Tsuburaya Productions and directed by Kazuya Konaka. The series is the 18th installment of the popular Ultra series and the 3rd and final product of the Ultra N Project. TOKU will now air all 30-minute episodes subtitled in English. The final episode is scheduled to premiere on Friday, June 2, 2017. “TOKU distinguishes itself from the competition for its large variety of unrivaled programming, which is why we are investing in more high-quality content from Asia,” stated Jesús Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. TOKU is owned and operated by Olympusat, Inc., and it’s currently available on Armstrong, AT&T U-verse, Cablevision Optimum, Claro TV, Comcast Xfinity, Hotwire Communications and MCTV. For more information on TOKU’s programming, including tune in dates and times, please visit ULTRAMAN NEXUS Episode Summary 1. Night Raid (?? -??????-, Yashuu – Naitoreido) In the not so distant future, alien creatures known as Space Beasts are threatening humanity. An organization, TLT, was formed to combat the Beasts threatening humanity. 2. Space Beast (??? -????????-, Iseiju – Supeesubiisuto) Komon is now a member of the Night Raiders, a Special Forces agency who deals with the threat of the extraterrestrial Space Beasts. 3. Ultraman (?? -??????-, Kyojin – Urutoraman) The Beast have taken hostages. As the Night Raiders plan a response, the silver giant appears again! 4. Meta Field (??? -???????-, Akuukan – Metafiirudo) The Beasts are back, and deadlier than ever. The Night Raiders are dispatched to clear out a tunnel that has been occupied by the menace. 5. Deunamist (??? -??????-, Tekinosha – Dunamisuto) Hoping to find the truth, a freelance journalist appears before Himeya. 6. Relic (?? -????-, Iseki – Rerikku) Komon is searching for the man that he thinks is Ultraman`s secret identity. 7. Faust (?? -?????-, Majin – Fausuto) A new Beast appears at an abandoned factory, and when the Night Raiders arrive, Komon finds a lost girl. 8. Memory Police (M?P -???????-, M.P – Memoriiporisu) Thanks to Komon and Himeya, Rina has survived. But Komon is held responsible for disobeying orders. 9. Warning (?? -?????-, Keikoku – Wooningu) Komon is troubled by TLT’s decision to prioritize Space Beast extermination and memory erasure over the protection of civilians. 10. Strike Formation (?? -??????????????-, Totsunyu – Sutoraiku Foomeeshun) Komon and Nagi`s jet crashes into the mountains, where they find Riko. 11. Marionette (?? -??????-, Ningyou – Marionetto) Komon gets closer to Riko, and decides to keep fighting for her sake. 12. Lost Soul (?? -???????-, Betsuri – Rosuto Souru) Nagi finally encounters Mizorogi, an ex-Night Raider that shares a history with her. 13. Illustrator (??? -????????-, Yochisha – Irasutoreetaa) Reeling from loss, Komon is ordered to take some personal time. 14. Mephisto (?? -?????-, Akuma – Mefisuto) Komon is depressed after learning the truth, and Mizorogi only has more torment in store for him. 15. Nightmare (?? -?????-, Akumu – Naitomea) Komon attacks a Beast that has taken a girl hostage. 16. Labyrinth (?? -?????-, Meiro – Rabirinsu) After letting a Beast escape, the Night Raiders consider expelling Komon from the team. 17. Darkness (? -?????-, Yami – Daakunesu) As soon as Komon make up his mind about fighting against the Beasts, he`s attacked by someone that`s under their control. 18. Apocalypse (??? -??????-, Mokushiroku – Apokaripusu) Nagi is missing and could be subject to memory erasure if she is declared AWOL. 19. Cross Phase Trap (??? -????????????-, Yogekisen – Curosufeezutorappu) A new Space Beast appears with the ability to phase in and out of existence, rendering Ultraman`s attacks useless. 20. Chrome Chester Delta (?? -?????????-, Tsuigeki – Curomuchesutaa?) Things are getting desperate for the TLT and the Night Raiders. Himeya is badly injured. 21. Sacrifice (?? -???????-, Junan – Sakurifaisu) The TLT takes the injured Himeya into custody. 22. Cure (?? -???-, Ansoku – Kyua) Himeya survives a dangerous test, but ultimately is confronted with the fact that his body cannot withstand transforming again. 23. Satisfaction (?? -??????????-, Shukumei – Satisufakushun) Himeya turns into Ultraman, despite the fatal risk. 24. Hero (?? -????-, Eiyu – Hiiroo) Ultraman is defeated and captured. 25. Prophecy (?? -??????-, Yocho – Purofeshi) Komon, Nagi, and Captain Wakura are questioned about Himeya`s identity. 26. The Third (? -?????-, Ren – Za Saadoo) While a Space Beast causes rumors to fuel panic and speculation in society, Ren works at an amusement park. 27. Prayer (?? -?????-, Inori – Pureiya) A new Ultraman appears! The blue giant fights off the Beast. 28. Reunion (?? -?????-, Saikai – Riyunion) As the surveillance of Ren continues, Komon begins considering the Prometheus Project. 29. Calling (?? -?????-, Yusei – Cooringu) A series of attacks at a campground where Mizorogi was spotted raises questions of his involvement. 30. Watcher (??? -??????-, Kanshisha – Wocchaa) After learning Ren is the product of the Prometheus project, Komon goes to visit him at the amusement park. 31. Bird (? -???-, Tori – Baadoo) Ren refuses to discuss whatever or whoever Raphael is. 32. Unknown Hand (? -????????-, Kage – Announhando) Mizorogi escapes TLT’s custody and takes Mizuo as a hostage. 33. Oblivion A.D 2004 (?? -A.D.2004-, Bokyaku – A.D.2004) The North America TLT headquarters dispatches Sara Mizuhara to Japan. 34. Blockade A.D 2009 (?? -A.D.2009-, Bokyaku – A.D.2004) It becomes clear that even the officers of TLT have had their memories tampered with, specifically regarding an incident in Shinjuku five years ago. 35. Revolt (?? -????-, Hanran – Reboruto) With the drug that could save Ren`s life on its way to Japan, Komon begins to suspect that the TLT intends to perform dangerous experiments on its young friend. 36. Farewell (?? -??????-, Kessen – Feaweru) The drug that could save his life is on its way, but if Ren transforms into Ultraman before it arrives, he won`t live long enough to take it. 37. Nexus (? -????-, Kizuna – Nekusasu) The Unknown Hand is finally revealed, a new Ultraman is chosen, and the final battle for Earth begins.

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