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    New The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies Volumes Now On Sale

    Source: John LeMay Author John LeMay (Roswell, USA: Towns That Celebrate UFOs, Lake Monsters, Bigfoot, and Other Weirdness) has recently added two new volumes to his The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies series... The Lost Films: Mutated Edition and Writing Japanese Monsters. The Lost Films was first released in the summer of 2017 as a 386 page, 5.5 x 8.5" book. The newly released second edition is a 470 page, 7 x 10" book by comparison, and sports a great deal of new information about movies that went uncompleted. The companion book, Writing Japanese Monsters, charts the developmental process of finished films. The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films: Mutated Edition

    THAT`S RIGHT. THE LOST FILMS IS BACK. And like a Heisei era Godzilla foe, it’s mutated into its second, bigger, badder form. And it’s got it all: Adam West battling the Big G in BATMAN MEETS GODZILLA? Check. A DAIMAJIN remake starring Steven Seagal? It almost happened. Ultraman teaming with a monkey monster in Thailand’s 6 ULTRA BROTHERS VS. THE MONSTER ARMY? Yep, it exists—even if Tsuburaya Productions wishes it didn’t. This book covers: Unproduced scripts like BRIDE OF GODZILLA (1955), GAMERA VS. THE ICE MEN FROM OUTER SPACE (1966), ULTRAMAN: OPERATION GIANT (1966), KING KONG VS. EBIRAH (1966), GAMERA VS. TWO-HEADED MONSTER W (1971), THE TIME MACHINE II (1979), GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS IN 3-D (1983), IT ATE CLEVELAND! (1984), COO FROM A DISTANT SEA (1989), MOTHRA VS. BAGAN (1990), GAMERA VS. PHOENIX (1993), GODZILLA VS. GHOST GODZILLA (1995), YAMATO TAKERU II (1997), and HEDORAH VS. MIDORA (2017). Films that came close to shooting, like THE VOLCANO MONSTERS, which Toho produced new monster suits for, and NESSIE -- an aborted team-up between Hammer and Toho that sunk itself in the seventies. Partially shot productions such as Daiei’s GIANT HORDE BEAST NEZURA, which had to be shut down when real rats overran the studio. Banned films like ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN (1955), GREAT PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS (1974) and JUMBORG ACE AND GIANT (1974). Fan films like 1983’s ambitious still in production LEGENDARY GIANT BEAST WOLFMAN VS. GODZILLA and 2003’s GAMERA 4: TRUTH. Oddities like the Italian colorized version of GODZILLA (1978) code-named “COZZILLA” and even ATTACK OF THE GALACTIC MONSTERS (1983) and SPACE WARRIORS 2000 (1985)! ISBN-13: 978-1701683945 Pages: 470 Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 Inches Paperback Price: $24.99 Kindle Price: $9.99 · Paperback Order: Writing Japanese Monsters: From the Files of the Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies

    You`ve seen books dedicated to the special effects of Japanese monster movies, but this is perhaps the first tome to take an in-depth look at both the writers and the writing process behind these films. This book charts the wild developmental process of all of Japan`s many monster films. Learn how Gamera was born when the Daiei Studios president looked out his airplane window and saw a cloud shaped like a turtle; how KING KONG VS. GODZILLA began as King Kong vs. Frankenstein; and how Ultraman originally started out with the name and design of one his future opponents! Discover a floppy-eared Godzilla; a blue-scaled, rainbow-winged King Ghidorah; and a transforming Mechagodzilla! Marvel at Gorgo`s roots as a Japanese co-production called Kuru Island; puzzle at a spoof of GODZILLA 1985 starring Leslie Nielsen; thrill to Mothra`s secret origin in The Luminous Fairies and Mothra; and be amazed at Miki Saegusa`s surprising backstory in an early treatment for GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE. And that`s not all, this book has bios on writers like Shinichi Sekizawa, Niisan Takahashi, Yukiko Takayama, and Kazuki Omori plus appendices including a comprehensive script guide, and even comparisons between the films and their manga adaptations! ISBN-13: 979-8605509066 Pages: 370 Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 Inches Paperback Price: $17.95 Hardcover Price: $35.00 · Paperback Order: · Hardcover Order:

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