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    The Rise of Ultraman Creative Team Answers Fan Questions

    Writers Mat Groom and Kyle Higgins and artist Francesco Manna answer fan questions about their new Marvel Comics miniseries The Rise of Ultraman. Photos courtesy of Ultraman Galaxy. © TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Author: Keith Aiken Source: Ultraman Galaxy Special Thanks to Steele Filipek Writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom and artist Francesco Manna -- the creative team behind Marvel's upcoming comic book miniseries The Rise of Ultraman -- answer fan questions in an exclusive for Ultraman Galaxy, the official official website for the Ultraman franchise for North America. Check out the 2-part article at the following links... ● RISE OF ULTRAMAN PREVIEW: THE CREATIVE TEAM ANSWERS FAN QUESTIONSRISE OF ULTRAMAN PREVIEW, PART 2: THE CREATIVE TEAM ANSWERS FAN QUESTIONS

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