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    ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY Official Episode Guide

    The Ultimate Guide to the 2004 Revival of the Classic Sci-Fi Series Author: James Ballard Official Website: Ultra Q Dark Fantasy Special Thanks to Brad Warner, Tsuburaya Productions


    Just in time for Halloween, SciFi Japan is pleased to present the first official English language episode guide for ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY, written by James Ballard and approved by Tsuburaya Productions.



    Various scenes from the original ULTRA Q series. ©1966 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

    First broadcast on 2nd January 1966, ULTRA Q (Urutora Kyuu) was a landmark in Japanese television. The series was the first work from Tsuburaya Productions, the production company founded by Eiji Tsuburaya, the master of special effects on Toho`s Godzilla film series. In a similar vein to the hit U.S. series THE OUTER LIMITS (1963), ULTRA Q would bring the audience a new mystery every week, frequently featuring aliens, monsters and other strange creatures. For the first time, the giant monsters that ruled the theatres could be convincingly brought to the small screen and into the homes of families around the country. Kenji Sahara, a seasoned veteran of Toho`s SPFX features, lead the cast as the pilot and self-proclaimed science fiction novelist Jun Manjoume. He was joined by Yasuhiko Saijou as Jun`s apprentice Ippei Togawa, and Hiroko Sakurai as journalist and photographer Yuriko Edogawa. In their investigations the trio would frequently find themselves at the heart of strange phenomena. Retroactively recognized as the first in the "Ultra Series", ULTRA Q would directly lead on to the famous Ultraman series, which itself would pave the way for the super hero boom of the 1970s. In the 1980s, director Shusuke Kaneko and writer Kazunori Itou (who would later collaborate on the Gamera films) had planned to create a movie adaptation of ULTRA Q, and although their project never materialized, the idea of a feature length ULTRA Q was eventually realized. ULTRA Q THE MOVIE: LEGEND FROM THE STARS (Urutora Kyuu Za Muubi Hoshi-no Densetsu) was a full-length feature film, released to theatres in Japan on April 14th 1990. Directed by Akio Jissoji and written by Mamoru Sasaki, both of whom had worked on TV series such as ULTRAMAN (Urutoraman, 1966) and ULTRA SEVEN (Urutorasebun, 1967), the film is based around a case of serial murders occurring around historic ruins where a TV crew is shooting a documentary.

    Akio Jissoji`s ULTRA Q THE MOVIE: LEGEND FROM THE STARS. ©1990 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./Shochiku Co., Ltd. /Sega Enterprises/Tohokushinsha Film Corp.

    Unlike the original TV series, which offered a unique blend of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy, ULTRA Q THE MOVIE was played out as a straight sci-fi thriller. Although a well directed and uniquely photographed piece, the movie was not well received, perhaps in part due to it`s departure from the original series. As a result, ULTRA Q returned to the back burner as Tsuburaya Productions pursued a new age of Ultraman programs for the 90s. In early 2003, Tsuburaya Productions underwent management changes that saw Eiji Tsuburaya`s sole surviving son, Akira Tsuburaya, return to the company as vice president. In an interview with the magazine Newtype The Live in July 2003, Akira stated his intentions to revive ULTRA Q as a brand new late-night series: "This will be a pure horror show. Most Japanese horror films after THE RING prefer to describe the inner psychology of horror. ULTRA Q is `outdoor horror`...I`m thinking of making this into a thoroughly scary series." On October 5th 2003, TBS Radio began airing an all-new series of audio adventures entitled THE ULTRA Q CLUB, which broadcast every Sunday from 7.30-8.00pm until March 28th 2004. It re-united Kenji Sahara, Hiroko Sakurai and Yasuhiko Saijou in twenty-four half hour stories featuring monsters both new and old, with a special two hour show airing at 2.00pm on February 21st 2004. As Akira Tsuburaya had promised, 2004 saw ULTRA Q revived as a new late-night television series entitled ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY (Urutora Kyuu Daaku Fantajii). To bring the new vision to the screen Tsuburaya assembled an A-list production team including director Shusuke Kaneko, who revitalized the Gamera series in the 1990s; Shozo Uehara who wrote teleplays for the original ULTRA Q and many of the classic Ultraman series; Hiroshi Takahashi who wrote the popular RING (Ringu) film series; RING 0 (Ringu 0 Baasudei, 2000) director Norio Tsuruta, among many others. ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY was co-produced with Avex Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, and Imagica Entertainment, and shown on TV Tokyo.

    Cast & Character Profiles

    Yoshihiko Hakamada as Goichi Sakamoto Goichi Sakamoto is a journalist for Global Magazine`s MIND magazine, which covers everything from political scandal to the paranormal. Although considered something of a eccentric in the department, he has a somewhat ingenius and tenacious journalistic spirit, and is also an expert with computers. The editor of the magazine cannot help but acknowledge that ever since Sakamoto joined the department, the sales of the magazine have increased astronomically. In his University days, Sakamoto was a student of Professor Watarai. Yoshihiko Hakamada was born on July 16th 1973 in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka. He won the "Junon Super Boy Contest" for the fourth time in 1991, before taking the lead role in the movie SLIGHT FEVER OF A 20 YEAR OLD (Hatachi-no Binetsu, 1993). He appeared in GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE (Gamera Daikaiju Kuchu Kessen, 1995) as the scientist studying the Gyaos DNA.

    Kumiko Endo as Ryo Kusunoki Working alongside Goichi, Ryo Kusunoki is a 25-year-old freelance photographer. Although she appears to dislike and even hate Goichi at times, she in fact holds great respect for him and his work. While she sometimes finds herself too deep in the events she is covering, her friend Professor Watari is always there to help her. Kumiko Endo was born on April 8th 1978. Her credits include the movie TOMIE RE-BIRTH (2001).

    Masao Kusakari as Kakunoshin Watarai 54-year-old Watarai is a somewhat eccentric inventor and professor of science and engineering at Teito University. He is highly educated with a wealth of knowledge from science and history to myth and folklore. He has previously spent much time in Britain, where he discovered a taste for tea and biscuits. Masao Kusakari was born on September 5th 1952. Fans may also remember him as Maki`s boss at the airfield in ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT (Ultraman, 2004). Since 2004 he has continued to appear as Takamura in the CELL PHONE DETECTIVE ZENIGATA (Keitai Keiji Zenigata) TV series, as well as it`s two accompanying feature films.

    Shiro Sano as The Narrator / Tatsumi Stepping into the shoes of Koji Ishizaka as the narrator for ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY is Shiro Sano. He also plays the part of Tatsumi in Episode 6: "Bound for Paradise". Born on March 4th 1955, Sano is perhaps best remembered for his role as Miyasaka in Toho`s GODZILLA 2000 (Gojira Ni-Sen Mireniamu, 1999), as well as Yuri`s boss Kadokura in GODZILLA, MOTHRA & KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK (aka GMK, Gojira Mosura Kingugidora Daikaiju Soukougeki, 2001). Sano returned the following year as narrator for Tsuburaya`s ULTRAMAN MAX (Urutoraman Makkusu, 2005). He also appeared as Morita in ULTRA Q THE MOVIE.

    Staff Profiles

    Shozo Uehara ~ Series Organizer / Writer Serving as Series Organizer and writing four screenplays is Ultra series veteran Shozo Uehara. Born on February 6th 1937, Uehara joined Tsuburaya Productions after graduating in literature. He made his debut as a screenwriter with the original ULTRA Q episode "Space Directive M774" in 1965. He continued writing screenplays for Tsuburaya`s ULTRAMAN and ULTRA SEVEN, and was promoted to main writer for 1971`s THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (Kaettekita Urutoraman). He continued to write for ULTRAMAN ACE (Urutoraman Eesu, 1972), ULTRAMAN TARO (Urutoraman Taro, 1973), ULTRAMAN TIGA (Urutoraman Tiga, 1996), ULTRAMAN DYNA (Urutoraman Daina, 1997) and most recently ULTRAMAN MAX. Uehara also contributed screenplays to many of Toei`s classic TV productions, including as INAZUMAN (Inazuman, 1973), SECRET SQUADRON FIVE RANGER (Himitsu Sentai Gorenjaa, 1975), BATTLE FEVER J (Batoru Fiibaa Jei, 1979) and MASKED RIDER BLACK (Kamen Raidaa Burakku, 1987).

    Takeshi Yagi ~ Main Director Born in Tokyo in 1967. After joining Tsuburaya Productions he was assigned to the production department, where he served as an assistant director for the early 1990s ULTRA SEVEN TV specials. He made his directorial debut with MOON SPIRAL (Muunsupairaru, 1996) Episode 4: "Red Paper, Blue Paper, Yellow Paper", after which he returned to his work as an assistant director for ULTRAMAN TIGA. Yagi returned to directing with ULTRAMAN GAIA (Urutoraman Gaia, 1998) Episode 49: "An Angel Descends", on which he also served as FX director for the first time. He continued this dual role for all subsequent Ultraman TV series. He also served as producer for the popular ULTRAMAN MAX and as Series Organizer for the late-night series ULTRASEVEN X (Urutorasebun Ekkusu, 2007). He recently directed his first feature film SUPERIOR ULTRAMAN 8 BROTHERS (Daikessen! Chou Urutora Hachi Kyoudai, 2008). Yagi retired from Tsuburaya Productions in January 2008 and began working as a freelance director/producer.

    Mitsunori Hattori ~ Director Prior to ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY, Mitsunori Hattori served as Assistant Special FX Director on ULTRA Q THE MOVIE. He served as Director of Special Effects for two episodes of ULTRAMAN TIGA, and later as both Director and Director of Special Effects for one episode of ULTRAMAN DYNA. He has also directed episodes for the popular horror series EKO EKO AZARAK (Eko Eko Azaraku, 1997) and EKO EKO AZARAK: EYE (Eko Eko Azaraku Manako, 2004). He most recently produced THE SILVER MASK (Die Silbermaske/Shiruba Kamen, 2006) as well as directing one of three segments.

    Shusuke Kaneko ~ Director Kaneko was born on June 8th 1955 in Tokyo. After graduating he sat an entrance exam at Nikatsu Studios, and was subsequently hired by the studio as an assistant director. He made his directorial debut in 1984 with KOICHIRO UNO`S WET AND SHOOTING (Uno Koichiro No Nurete Utsu), and went on to direct films such as SUMMER VACATION: 1999 (1999 Nen-no Natsu Yasumi, 1988). Kaneko garnered much attention from genre fans in 1995 with his revival of Daiei`s super monster Gamera in GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE, followed by the increasingly popular GAMERA 2: ADVENT OF LEGION (Gamera 2 Region Shurai, 1996) and GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS (Gamera 3 Irisu Kakusei, 1999), before directing the acclaimed GODZILLA: GMK for Toho. He has more recently directed episodes for ULTRAMAN MAX and earned two box office hits with DEATH NOTE (Desu Nooto, 2006) and DEATH NOTE II: THE LAST NAME (Desu Nooto 2, 2006).

    Tsugumi Kitaura ~ Director Kitaura served as director and assistant special effects director on ULTRAMAN TIGA, and was then promoted to special effects director on ULTRAMAN DYNA. He went on to serve as both director and special effects director for the feature films ULTRAMAN COSMOS 2: THE BLUE PLANET (Urutoraman Kosumosu 2 Za Buruu Puranetto, 2002) and ULTRAMAN COSMOS VS. ULTRAMAN JUSTICE (Urutoraman Kosumosu vs Urutoraman Jasutisu Za Fainaru Batoru, 2003). For ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY, he directed three episodes. Since then, he has continued to direct episodes of ULTRAMAN NEXUS (Urutoraman Nekusasu, 2004), ULTRAMAN MEBIUS (Urutoraman Mebiusu, 2006) and ULTRA GALAXY: GIANT MONSTER BATTLE (Urutora Gyarakushii Daikaiju Batoru, 2007).

    Masaki Harada ~ Director Masaki Harada, born March 9th 1955, died February 28th 2008. He was a graduate of Yashiro senior high school. After a friend`s introduction, he worked as an assistant director on an education film at only age 19. After SPACE IRONMEN KYODAIN (Uchuu Tetsujin Kyoudain, 1976), he began working as a freelance assistant director. He directed episodes of ULTRAMAN TIGA, ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN GAIA and ULTRAMAN COSMOS (Urutoraman Kosumosu, 2001). In 2006 he was credited as the Main Director for Takara Tomy`s THE MAGIC BULLET CHRONICLES: RYUKENDO (Madan Senki Ryuukendoo, 2006). His final posthumous film will be TRIAL (Shinri).

    Norio Tsuruta ~ Director Tsuruta was born in Tokyo on December 30th 1960. After graduating from Wakou University he worked for a TV commercial production company. He made his directorial debut in 1991 with an episode of SCARY TRUE STORIES (Hontoni atta kowai hanashi) which he wrote together with Ultraman series writer Chiaki Konaka. In 2000 he directed RING 0, the third entry in the popular horror franchise. In 2003 he directed for TV Asahi`s SKY HIGH (Sukaihai), starring Yumiko Shaku of GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA (Gojira tai Mekagojira, 2002) fame.

    Iwao Takahashi ~ Director After serving as Assistant Director under Hirokazu Koreeda on films such as PHANTOM LIGHT (Maboroshi-no Hikari, 1995) and WONDERFUL LIFE (Wandafururaifu, 1999), Takahashi went on to direct REI-YA (Reiya, 2003). In 2004, Takahashi directed the horror movie MAIL (Meiru) under the "Kadokawa Horror" label for Kadokawa Herald Pictures, a compilation of nine short stories based on the horror manga by Housui Yamazaki.

    Atsushi Shimizu ~ Director Born in 1964, Shimizu studied under director Akio Jissoji on ULTRA Q THE MOVIE. He made his directorial debut in 1997 with SCHOOL IN THE CROSSHAIRS (Nerawareta Gakuen) for TV Tokyo. The same year he also directed episodes for the TV horror series EKO EKO AZARAK. Following ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY, Shimizu went on to direct episodes of THE MAGIC BULLET CHRONICLES: RYUKENDO. He also directed one of ten segments for the movie TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS (Yume Juuya, 2007) based on Natsume Souseki`s short stories from 1908.

    Akio Jissoji ~ Director Akio Jissoji, born March 29th 1937, died November 29th 2006. After graduating from Waseda University in 1959, he began working at Radio Tokyo (later TBS) where he shortly began directing dramas and musical programs. He directed six episodes of the original ULTRAMAN, and was quickly recognized for his unconventional and contemporary style of direction. He went on to direct episodes of other series including ULTRA SEVEN, OPERATION: MYSTERY (Kaiki Daisakusen, 1968), THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN and SILVER MASK (Shirubaa Kamen, 1971). After directing the big screen feature ULTRA Q THE MOVIE, Jissoji returned to the Ultraman series directing episodes of ULTRAMAN TIGA, ULTRAMAN DYNA and ULTRAMAN MAX. Among his final projects, he directed a segment for THE SILVER MASK and served as Series Organizer and writer for OPERATION: MYSTERY - SECOND FILE (Kaiki Daisakusen Sekando Fairu, 2007).

    Mitsutaka Hirota ~ Writer Hirota was born in Osaka in 1967. Following his graduation from Tamagawa University, he worked in a leasing company until 1997, before completing a screenwriting course at the Scenario Center. He made his debut in 2000 writing for NTV`s WEEKLY STORY LAND (Shuukan Sutooriirando), and soon began working on shows such as the anime series VIEWTIFUL JOE (Byuutifuru Joo, 2004) and THE SHADOW PROTECTOR (Kage Kara Mamoru, 2006).

    Sadayuki Murai ~ Writer Sadayuki Murai was born in 1964. He is perhaps best known for writing the screenplay for the acclaimed animated film STEAMBOY (Suchimuboi, 2004). His other writing credits include EKO EKO AZARAK, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040 (Baburugamukuraishisu TOKYO 2040, 1998), EKO EKO AZARAK: EYE and the Ultraman series ULTRAMAN DYNA and ULTRAMAN NEXUS. He also served as Series Organizer for the anime adaptation of the manga ALIEN 9 (Eirian Nain, 2001).

    Chiaki Konaka ~ Writer Konaka was born in Tokyo on April 4th 1961, and is a graduate of Seijo University. He has written for ULTRAMAN TIGA, SCHOOL IN THE CROSSHAIRS, EKO EKO AZARAK, EKO EKO AZARAK: EYE, ULTRAMAN MAX and MIRROR MAN: REFLEX (Miraaman Rifurekkusu, 2006). In 1998, he served as Series Organizer (alongside Naoyuki Etou) for ULTRAMAN GAIA, as well as contributing teleplays for the show. Konaka has also written for a number of anime series, including BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040, HELLSING (Herushingu, 2001) and DIGIMON TAMERS (Dejimon Teimaazu, 2001). He is the brother of Ultraman series director Kazuya Konaka.

    Ai Ota ~ Writer Born in 1964 in the Kagawa prefecture, Ota made her debut as a screenwriter with ULTRAMAN TIGA Episode 21: “Deban’s Turn!”, and ever since she has remained one of Tsuburaya Productions’ regular writers. Her credits for the studio include ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN GAIA, ULTRA SEVEN 1999: FINAL CHAPTER 6-PART WORK, BOOSKA! BOOSKA!! (Buusuka! Buusuka!!, 1999) ULTRAMAN COSMOS, ULTRAMAN NEXUS, ULTRAMAN MAX, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS and ULTRASEVEN X. In the world of anime, she was part of the writing team for the TV series ASTRO BOY (Asutoro Booi Tetsuwan Atomu, 2003), a show which featured the talents of many other regular Ultraman series creative staff, including director Kazuya Konaka and writers Keiichi Hasegawa, Chiaki Konaka and Sadayuki Murai. Ota is a member of the Writers Guild Of Japan.

    Yuji Kobayashi ~ Writer Born in 1979 in the Nagano prefecture, Kobayashi was studying in the arts department at Nihon University when he took a screenwriting course. After graduating from university, he made his debut writing a screenplay for the animated TV adaption of SAZAE-SAN (2002). He followed this writing episodes for ULTRAMAN BOY’S ULTRA COLISEUM (Urutoraman Booi-no Urukoro, 2003), a series of 5-minute shorts starring a young Ultraman character, Ultraman Boy. Since ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY, Kobayashi has gone on to serve as the leading writer for both ULTRASEVEN X and GARO (2005), as well as writing episodes for ULTRAMAN MAX, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS GAIDEN: THE HIKARI SAGA (Urutoraman Mebiusu Gaiden Hikari Saaga, 2006), BIO PLANET WOO (Seibutsu Suisei Woo, 2006), THE SILVER MASK, OPERATION MYSTERY: SECOND FILE and BEAST FIST SQUADRON GEKIRANGER (Juuken Sentai Gekirenjaa, 2007).

    Masakazu Migita ~ Writer Masakazu Migita is both an actor as writer who has a long association with Tsuburaya Productions and the Ultraman series. His writing history include episodes of LIGHTNING SUPER-MAN GRIDMAN (Denkou Choujin Guriddoman, 1993), MOON SPIRAL, ULTRAMAN TIGA, ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN GAIA, BOOSKA! BOOSKA!!, ULTRAMAN NEOS (Urutoraman Neosu, 2000), ULTRAMAN COSMOS and the movie ULTRAMAN COSMOS VS. ULTRAMAN JUSTICE: THE FINAL BATTLE, while he has appeared in front of the camera in ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN GAIA, BOOSKA! BOOSKA!! and ULTRAMAN COSMOS.

    Episode Guide

    The following guide for ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY features the official English episode titles and monster/character names as approved by Tsuburaya Productions.

    DANCING GARAGON ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    01. DANCING GARAGON (Odoru garagon) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday April 7th 2004 Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Shozo Uehara Story: An intelligent toy robot called Gara Q is taking the country by storm; families are captivated by the singing and dancing critters. Meanwhile, a huge meteorite lands in Tokyo and the giant monster Garagon emerges from within. Professor Watarai soon makes the connection between this creature and the monster Garamon who attacked 38 years ago. Electromagnetic waves emanating from Gagagon have a paralyzing effect on our modern technological society, and soon the true nature of the Gara Q becomes clear! Guest Stars: Akitoshi Ootaki, Hiroaki Matsuzawa, Hiromi Onoe, Shuujirou Shimizu, Reina Nakajima, Yuuna Gotou, Reiko Maki, Naoko Tamura, Kenji Hashimoto, Katou Tadao, Yuutatsu Koyama, Tsutomu Henmi, Nobuhiko Tanabe, Eikei Iwata, Sami Sakiyama, Yokoo Kazunori, Akiko Nakagawa (voice) Trivia: The episode acts as a sequel to the original ULTRA Q episode #13 "Garadama". Guest star Akitoshi Ootaki was a prominent actor in the 1990s Ultraman series, best remembered as the Sub Commander Seiichi Munakata in ULTRAMAN TIGA. Professor Watarai makes his appearance driving director Yagi`s personal Citroen 2CV.

    GRAFFITI ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    02. GRAFFITI (Rakugaki) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday April 14th 2004 Director: Mitsunori Hattori Writer: Aya Takei Story: "Please believe me, I`ve seen an alien" Kyoko begs as she enters the Global Magazine office. As the rest of the staff try to have her removed from the office, Sakamoto interjects and offers to listen to her story. Kyoko tells how a mark had been continually graffitied around her neighbourhood, so one night she stayed out late in hope of catching the culprits. But what she witnessed were no ordinary graffiti artists -- they were aliens! Realizing they have been caught, the aliens have now begun to stalk her. Their mark is now appearing in her own home. Who are these creatures, and what is the meaning of their mark? Guest Stars: Mai Houshou, Yuuna Gotou, Hiroaki Nagaia, Miyuki Hiro, Momoko Tezuka, Rie Hagiwara, Junichi Kubozono, Tani Touta, Naoaki Morio (voice), Atsuko Koganezawa (voice) and Toshihiko Nakanishi (voice)

    03. WHO ARE YOU? (Anata-wa dare desu-ka?) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday April 21st 2004 Director: Shusuke Kaneko Writer: Tamio Hayashi Story: One morning, Yamazaki woke up and felt something was different. He went to work at the barbershop as usual and began talking to a customer. He soon recognized the customer was Yoichiro, one of his classmates from elementary school. However, Yamazaki remembered Yoichiro had died in an accident when they were children. So who was this man? He visited his classmates who were with him at the time of the accident, but they all unanimously confirmed that Yoichiro had died that day. Returning home, Yamazaki opened his old yearbook. Due to the accident, whoever died that day should be abset from their summer school photos. Yoichiro was there. All his friends were there. Then he realized; "I`m not... I`m not there... it`s me... I`m not there!" Guest Stars: Yoshimasa Kondo, Taikichi Sugawara, Kaori Mizuki, Marumi Shiraishi, Joutaro Koike, Kuraudo Konuma, Erika Suzuki, Shouhei Murata, Kai Shishido Trivia: Yoshimasa Kondo, starring as Yamazaki, appeared in GODZILLA: GMK as the Hakone tourist who tried to photograph his wife infront of the monster Baragon. Kai Shishido, playing Yamazaki`s long lost friend Yoichirou, went on to play the DASH team captain Shigeru Hijikata in ULTRAMAN MAX. Behind the scenes photos from this episode can be found on the Shusuke Kaneko Information Website.

    04. THE PUZZLE WOMAN (Pazuru-no onna) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday April 28th 2004 Director: Tsugumi Kitaura Writer: Mitsutaka Hirota Story: A letter with no addressor unexpectedly arrived at Mochizuki`s house, and inside the envelope were a number of pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. He began to assemble it, however when he completed the puzzle it was still unfinished. The puzzle itself depicted a woman wearing a most characteristic anklet. "What... is this?" he asked himself. One by one the puzzle pieces arrived, and Mochizuki would assemble them. Soon he began to sense he was being followed around by the woman from the puzzle. One evening he saw a leg wearing the anklet, and later at night a mysterious woman grabbed him around the neck. Just who is this woman, and what are her intentions towards Mochizuki? Guest Stars: Takatoshi Kaneko, Yuka Miura, Hiromi Senno, Mitsuko Abe, Hana Yuuko, Izumi Yoshiko, Ben Yuzawa, Tamio Saito, Takayoshi Horiguchi, Fu Tanabe

    05. THE SLAVE OF HIERONYMUS (Hieronimusu-no shimobe) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday May 5th 2004 Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Hiroshi Takashi Story: A strange rumor has been going around the interenet, posted by the a user called "The Slave of Hieronymus". The rumor claims "as the program commences, newscaster Manami Kuwahara will be erased." The media gathered inside the noisy TV station as the news program was due to air. Yoneda, both the show`s producer and Manami`s husband, was unable to relax. Soon the program began to air, and in accordance with the announcement Manami dissapeared in a flash of light. Who is "The Slave of Hieronymus"? How and why has he done this? Guest Stars: Kenjirou Nashimoto, Noriko Watanabe, Shintaro Takatsuchi, Masahiro Noguchi, Seiki Chiba, Toshi Shunnosuke, Aika Kamimura, Hiroyuki Tamayama, Katsuo Shirai, Yoshihiro Ishizuka, Kyoushi Matsumoto Trivia: The name "Hieronimusu" is the Japanese transliteration for the name of the 15th/16th century painter Hieronymus Bosch, who was renowned for creating demonic images featuring demons and half-human creatures. Noriko Watanabe appears as the newscaster Manami. She played Shun`s mother in GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS (Gojira Mosura Mekagojira Tokyo SOS, 2003).

    06. BOUND FOR PARADISE (Rakuen Iki) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday May 12th 2004 Director: Mitsunori Hattori Writer: Sadayuki Murai Story: We live in a stressful society. There are many people who desire to cast everything aside and travel far away. One day, an ordinary office worker named Tatsumi disappeared, leaving behind a mysterious letter saying he was "bound for paradise". Concerned for her father`s saftey, Tatsumi`s daughter requests Goichi to investigate and find the whereabouts of her father. Goichi searched for the "delivery person" that Tatsumi had written about in his journal. In pursuit, Goichi was led into a dark labyrinth beneath the city, where he found a hidden society! Guest Stars: Shiro Sano, Kei Ishibashi, Kei Takyo, Takashi Naha, Yoshihiro Fukuda, Tomoya Harunobe, Saburo Tamura, Hiroaki Tokoro, HIDE, Yuusuke Sekine, Shinichi Yoda, Hiroshi Sakai, Koh Matsushita, Keita Nakayama, Taiga Eto Trivia: Shiro Sano guest stars as Tatsumi. He is also the narrator for ULTRA Q: DARK FANTASY. In the role of the delivery person is Kei Ishibashi, who played Mayumi Shinjou in both ULTRAMAN TIGA and ULTRAMAN DYNA.

    07. KIARA (Kiara) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday May 19th 2004 Director: Shusuke Kaneko Writer: Chiaki Konaka Story: Returning home after an evening performance, jazz bassist Sakaguchi almost hit a young woman with his car. He soon began living together with this mysterious girl, Kiara, who had no identity. One day an old friend working at a record company showed Sakaguchi a rare LP by the legendary black jazz musician Buster Karkland. Soon after, the LP was stolen. Caught on the security camera was Kiara, who was followed by a gang of ghoulish creatures. Just who is this girl? Guest Stars: Hironobu Nomura, Arisa Nakamura, Ito Depitto, Joseph Debitto, Shouji Takemoto, Akira Horikoshi, Yuka Sakurai, Shinya Sakaguchi, Hisaya Wakabayashi, Tomoyuki Dan, Kingo Matsui, Yuuji Iwase, Atsuo Nakata, Ippu Sato, Shigeo Hirata, Masashi Morishima, Junichi Kikawa, Keiji Uchida, Masayuki Sato, Katsuhito Nagai, Kazuaki Kurokawa, Hiroaki Agawa

    08. UNITORODA`S REPAYMENT (Unitorooda-no ongaeshi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday May 26th 2004 Director: Tsugumi Kitaura Writer: Shozo Uehara Story: In Tokusuke`s small factory in the outskirts of town, a strange substance has begun to appear on the machines and equipment. According to Professor Watari, it`s a mysterious substance that`s neither rust nor mold. That evening, as Tokusuke rode his bicycle home in a rather drunken state, he knocked down a strange figure in the dark. Helping the person up, Tokusuke realized it was in fact an alien! With few options available, he brings the alien back home with him. Is there a connection between the alien and the mysterious substance that is appearing? A heartwarming story where human and alien cultures unite! Guest Stars: Kenichi Nagira, Yukiko Shimizu, Mitsuyoshi Jougo, Satokozue Matsumi, Kanji Kubo, Arisa Miyo, Hiromi Kikai, Morio Takuyama, Noriko Sakurai, Kazunori Yokoo, Yasuhiro Takato (voice)

    09. TEMPTATION AT 2 AM (Gozen ni-ji-no yuuwaku) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday June 2nd 2004 Director: Masaki Harada Writer: Takashi Shinohara Story: Hiroko Oshima is employed as the head of the Global Magazine accounts department. She has a long experience in the business and an excellent work record, however she has alienated herself from all the other employees in the office. Her so-called private life is spent alone, eating pre-packaged meals from convenience stores and watching late-night TV shopping channels. Every day for her is lonely. However, one day was quite different; she came to work looking beautiful and being polite to all her co-workers. The secret? As if by magic, a miracle health drink she had purchased from a TV shopping channel the night before. But where is the channel broadcasting from, and what will be Hiroko`s fate? Guest Stars: Tamao Sato, Yamaguchi Edo, Naoki Ichimura, Masakazu Migita, Rina Hashiba, Sayaka Noguchi, Naka Oikawa, Seiko Itou, Maki Yamashita, Kouji Sasagawa, Ken Silverberg, Shelley Sweeney, Shusuke Kaneko, Sou Takahashi, Eiichi Iizuka Trivia: Gamera series director Shusuke Kaneko makes a cameo appearance alongside Sou Takahashi, who was SPFX cameraman for the Ultraman series beginning with ULTRAMAN DYNA.

    CEREMONIAL BONFIRE ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    10. CEREMONIAL BONFIRE (Okuribi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday June 9th 2004 Director: Masaki Harada Writer: Ai Ota Story: Late at night, in-patients at a hospital succumb to unnatural deaths one by one. Eye-witnesses have spoken of a mysterious black hooded man. Right away, Goichi and Ryo begin an investigation to find the truth behind these incidents. One night, Ryo almost hits a young man with her car. The man, Hitaki, has no friends or relatives, and Ryo invites him to stay with her so she can take care of him. Later, Professor Watarai meets with Goichi and Ryo, and tells of a family with an unusual gift buried in the darkness of history. The mission of this family was the make sure people died in tranquility. Could the black hooded man be the descendant of this family? And what is the secret the mysterious boy Hitaki is concealing? Guest Stars: Makoto Kamijo, Shigeki Kagemaru, Daisuke Ima, Yukito Kameda, Kaname Wakaba, Hiromi Kanaya, Mariko Iwasa, Akiko Taumi, Wataru Abe, Shiho Taguchi, Susumu Suou Trivia: Shigeki Kagemaru guest stars as the police detective. A modern Ultra series veteran best remembered as Officer Tetsuo Shinjo in ULTRAMAN TIGA, his other appearances include ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN NEOS, ULTRAMAN COSMOS, ULTRAMAN NEXUS, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS, ULTRA GALAXY: GIANT MONSTER BATTLE among many others.

    THE EYES OF THE TOTEM ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    11. THE EYES OF THE TOTEM (Tootemu-no manako) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday June 16th 2004 Director: Tsugumi Kitaura Writer: Nobuyoshi Shimizu & Masakazu Migita Story: Tachibana was a young high school student devoted to sports. On the sports grounds she could not bring herself to talk to her crush. For her it was an unrequited love. One day she visited a rather suspicious store, where she obtained a three-eyed totem pole that would grant her wishes. Meanwhile, Professor Watarai meets with his friends to inform them of an email he received from an old archeologist friend. The message read "please dispose of the three-eyed totem". After leaving behind this message, the archeologist`s body was discovered, having suffered an unnatural death. What secrets does this three-eyed totem hold, and what will the consequences be once Tachibana is granted her three wishes? Guest Stars: Kana Ishikawa, Asako Yashiro, Masato Uchiyama, Shigeki Kagemaru, Maaya Sakamoto, Takanori Hamachika, Atsuhiko Yamada, Taichi Inomata, Souko Aiba, Yumiko Sakai, Akihiro Mochizuki, Okane Okada, Mika Bandou, Ikiko Mukai Trivia: The episode is based on the British author W. W. Jacobs` short story "The Monkey`s Paw", published in 1902. Masato Uchiyama guest stars as Tachibana`s crush. Uchiyama went on to play Ultraman`s host Ren Senjyu in ULTRAMAN NEXUS, as well as the the host of Masked Rider TheBee and Punch Hopper, Shun Kageyama, in MASKED RIDER KABUTO (Kamen raidaa kabuto, 2006).

    THE DREAM STONE ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    12. THE DREAM STONE (Yumemiru ishi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday June 23rd 2004 Director: Norio Tsuruta Writer: Ai Ota Story: Youhei and Matsubon were two ordinary boys, living in a very ordinary town. One night a meteorite fell in the woods, and the next day a suspicious man moved into town. From that day on, everything started to become very strange. Night after night, the adults would hold a meeting, a private gathering in the outskirts of the town. One evening the adults began to perform a strange ritual around the meteorite, and standing amongst them was Youhei`s own mother! Meanwhile, Goichi remembered a ceremony performed in ancient times surrounding megaliths; when a collective dream materialized, it was alleged that their wish could become reality. So, just what is the the collective dream of the town`s adults? Guest Stars: Minako Tanaka, Kyousuke Ikeda, Kiyonobu Nogami, Tarou Suwa, Hirokatsu Saitou, Jun Oshibi, Yayoi Okuyama, Tomoaki Katou, Keishirou Nakayama, Erena Koike, Hoto Nabekura

    THE INVADER OF SHADOWS ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    13. THE INVADER OF SHADOWS (Kage-no shinryakusha) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday June 30th 2004 Director: Masaki Harada Writer: Ai Ota Story: Would it go unnoticed if those close to you suddenly changed places with someone else? Recently, after receiving an email regarding such an event, Goichi began an investigation. There seemed to be a common feature shared among everyone who had been substituted; they spent most of their days working in front of a mirror. By chance, Goichi became acquainted with a beautiful young woman, Ano, a troupe research student. The "shadows" lead people to the mirror so they can trade places and survey humanity, and it would seem they sometimes kill the person and change places permanently. Furthermore, they have no distinction between good and evil, and do not hesitate to steal or murder. Guest Stars: Mai Saito, Shigeki Kagemaru, Masakazu Migita, Kayoko Fujii, Miyuki Yuda, Shirou Ishimoda, Tomomi Okada, Mitsumasa Negishi, Kaori Harimoto, ANAN, Toshihiro Kikuchi, Masahiro Nagai Trivia: Mai Saito guest stars as Ano. She previously starred as Risa in ULTRAMAN GAIA: THE BATTLE IN HYPERSPACE and as Shau in the second and third of the ULTRAMAN COSMOS movie trilogy. She also made guest appearances in ULTRAMAN MAX and ULTRAMAN MEBIUS.

    LILY AND LILI ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    14. LILY AND LILI (Ririi-to ririi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday July 7th 2004 Director: Norio Tsuruta Writer: Noboru Takagi Story: Trivial items such as toys and accessories were being stolen on a regular basis. As they were not high value goods the importance of the case was deemed low, however strange eyewitness testimony suggested that the items were being stolen by a ghost. Before long, Goichi and Ryo were staying in the neighbourhood where the incidents were occurring, and they began to pay close attention to a lonely young girl named Lily. It seemed clear that the girl`s mother was desperately trying to hide something. Furthermore, as they hastened their investigation, they discovered that the girl`s heresiologist father had made Lily participate in an experiment using special mind separation equipment. Guest Stars: Natsumi Yamada, Sachiko Suzuki, Ryushi Mizukami, Hiromi Sube, Hideaki Matsunaga, Yoshie Suzuki, Koichiro Hama, Yuki Umoto, Soukichi Fukuda, Tomoko Sakamoto Trivia: Natsumi Yamada, here playing Lili and Lily, later appeared as Rina Sugiyama in ULTRAMAN NEXUS, the young girl Komon saves from the warehouse site. She more recently played Karen in an episode of ULTRA GALAXY: GIANT MONSTER BATTLE.

    THE SHINING SHIP ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    15. THE SHINING SHIP (Hikaru Fune) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday July 14th 2004 Director: Masaki Harada Writer: Ai Ota Story: Okada was a middle-age man who had just lost his job and was on the verge of being abandoned by his wife and children. One day, per chance, he met a young man with red-dyed hair floating a model ship in the river. The boy had received this "shining ship" from a strange old man, and seriously believed his life would be reborn if he was able to float the ship out to sea. Okada empathised with these words. Can this ship, riding with the dreams of these two men of two different generations, really make it`s journey out to the distant sea? Filled with humour and pathos, this is a heart warming story filled with hope for the future. Guest Stars: Susumu Terajima, Yamazaki Yuuta, Chiho Terada, Nana Koizumi, Kaitarou Nozaki, Tatsumi Nikamoto, Tsuneo Ikeda, Taichi Nakamura, Tamami Sano Trivia: Susumu Terajima guest stars as Okada. He later played Mai`s father Osamu Nishio in GAMERA THE BRAVE (Chiisaki Yusha-tachi Gamera, 2006).

    GARA Q`S REVENGE ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    16. GARA Q`S REVENGE (Gara kyuu-no dai gyakushuu) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday July 21st 2004 Director: Mitsunori Hattori Writer: Shozo Uehara Story: In a park late at night, posessing the silhouette of a woman, the alien being "Cicada Woman" hatched out of her shell. Meanwhile, Ryo requested Professor Watarai to repair the Gara Q, which had been broken ever since the Garagon incident. Meanwhile, there is a successive case of burglaries, and Professor Watari is accused of a computer hacking crime. Goichi soon realizes that the people being targeted as the criminals were all those who helped defeat Garagon. Soon the Cicada Woman summons Garagon II and begins to initiate her revenge! The second chapter for the popular Gara Q! Guest Stars: Chiyomi Matsumoto, Shun Ueda, Noriko Higashide, Ryousuke Sakamoto, Mako Horioka, Toshihiko Kamei, Akiko Nakagawa (voice) Trivia: The title is a reference to the original ULTRA Q episode #16 "Garamon`s Revenge". Guest star Matsumoto appeared as Officer Ichinose in the movie ULTRAMAN COSMOS: THE FIRST CONTACT (Urutoraman Kosumosu Za Faasuto Kontakuto, 2001).

    THE TOWN BEAUTY ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    17. THE TOWN BEAUTY (Komachi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday July 28th 2004 Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Shozo Uehara Story: Wakabayashi was a humble salary man working for a real estate agency. Recently his work record has been droppping, and he has no sweetheart to spend his free time with. Then one day, while slurping down ramen noodles at his local store, he met eyes with Komachi, a part time worker who had just returned from a meal delivery. Perhaps born abroad, her language was rather clumsy, but she was a lovely person by nature. Wakabayashi was taken by her at first sight, but the shopkeeper warned him, "Don`t feel inclined. She`s not an ordinary girl." Feeling down, Wakabayashi went into town one night, where he happened to encounter Komachi dressed up beautifully. What could be so wrong with this seemingly flawless girl? Guest Stars: Masato Sakai, Nao Nagasawa, Kouen Okumura, Youko Ooshima, Keita Shirai, Isao Yatsu, Shigeo Shintomi, Yuuichi Megumi, Hiroyasu Kurobe, Kazuma Oonuma, Yuuki Ayase, Gaku Adachi, Tooru Fukutsuta, Tsutomu Uchigasaki, Atsuya Iwamoto, Masanori Mimoto, Akihiko Nishimura, Shouju Suzuki, Tomomi Oota Trivia: Nagasawa later played Natsumi, the pawn of the alien Zetton, in a two-part ULTRAMAN MAX story. She also starred as Nanami Nono in the TV series NIPUU SQUADRON HURRICANEGER (Nipuu Sentai Harikenjaa, 2002).

    THE FRONT OF THE BEHIND ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    18. THE FRONT OF THE BEHIND (Ushiro-no Shoumen) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday August 4th 2004 Director: Mitsunori Hattori Writer: Aya Takei Story: Recently there has been a strange rumor going around the town. It was said that everyone who accessed a website called "Kagome Kagome" would suffer a mysterious death. Of course veteran detective Hanada did not beleive this rumor, however it was true that there had been a continuing number of unnatural deaths recently. Before long, eyewitness testimony about the suspect, a "golden haired boy", began to surface. Hanada encountered a sweet young woman named Shiori while standing by the scene of one of the deaths. Meanwhile, Goichi and Ryo pursued the case from a different viewpoint, when they realized there appeared to be a different meaning in the traditional "Kagome Kagome" children`s song. Guest Stars: Ikkei Watanabe, Maiko Yamada, Shigeki Kagemaru, Tomozane Hirayama, Yuuna Gotou, Ichigi Anzai, Genichiro Oshita, Emi Fukasawa, Asami Tsubaki, Momoyo Wada, Ayaka Sanya, Hineki Mito, Izumi Arai, Junko Minagawa (voice) Trivia: Wantabe later played Yuuto Date on the TV series CELLPHONE INVESTIGATOR 7 (Keitai Sousakan Sebun, 2008).

    LOVE THROUGH A LENS ©2004 Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd./avex/SPEJ/I-ENT

    19. LOVE THROUGH A LENS (Renzu goshi-no koi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday August 11th 2004 Director: Mitsunori Hattori Writer: Yuji Kobayashi Story: As Ryo`s junior, Chuu dreamed of becoming a photographer, however his father is urging him to take up employment at the family`s photo studio and eventually become his successor. One day Chuu finds his grandfather`s traditional-style camera and immediately begins taking photographs. However, he soon comes to notice the image of a young wartime girl through the lens, even while the camera is not being aimed at anyone. As he begins to talk to the girl, it seems she believes he is actually his grandfather. It appears she and his grandfather had planned to marry, but in reality this couldn`t have happened, as his grandfather had married his grandmother. Could the reason this girl never married his grandfather be due to the Great Tokyo Air Raid of 1945, the anniversary of which will occur in two days? Putting his own personal history at risk, Chuu resolves to warn the girl to find shelter. A love story crossing space and time! Guest Stars: Issei Takahashi, Rumi Hiiragi, Chisako Hara, Uketa Take

    20. THE QUIET END (Hisoyakana shuumaku) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday August 18th 2004 Director: Iwao Takahashi Writer: Yuuki Okano Story: The pharmaceutical industry is competing ruthlessly to develop a new kind of medicine. At the Makotohone Pharmaceutical College, the genius genetic researcher Yumiko Yamase is leading the research team day and night, unlocking the mysteries of the human genome. On one eventful night six researchers dissapeared, leaving Yumiko as the lone survivor, saved at the hands of her colleague Kouhei Kawano. Before long the experiments had resumed, and the ultimate life-form was created. But what fate awaits them? A science horror, depicting a dreaded not-too-distant future where biotechnology runs wild! Guest Stars: Kaori Takahashi, Yusuke Kirishima, Yayoi Yakahashi, Ryo Ono, Maiko Tomura, Tatsuya Ashidachi, Mayumi Kawabuchi, Yoshimune Kato? Trivia: Guest star Yusuke Kirishima later played Ultraman`s host Jun Himeya in ULTRAMAN NEXUS.

    21. THE NIGHT FOG, THIS EVENING... (Yogiri-yo, konya-mo...) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday August 25th 2004 Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Keisuke Fujikawa Story: Ryo and Goichi arrived in a mountain village to cover a missing persons case. After splitting up, Ryo soon found her path obstructed by a deep fog, and eventually found her way to an old mountain villa. With night fall already approaching she sought a night`s lodging in the villa. Beginning to feel uneasy in her room, she began to explore the old building. However, what she saw she could not believe; the master of the mansion, Hecate, joined by an assembly of strange-looking people. They were all aliens! Dissapointed in the lack of consideration the Earthlings held with their destruction towards nature, Hecate formulated a plan to otherthrow humanity. Ryo`s life, Japan, and the entire planet is at stake! A new gothic-horror sci-fi interpretation to the ancient myth of the moon goddess Hecate. Guest Stars: Makiko Kuno, Rei Mikami, Kyoko Miyashita, Kei Kagaya, Takashi Kakizawa, Toyo Sawada, Misato Iwasaki

    22. KANEGONEH`S SHINING ROAD (Kanegonnu-no hikaru michi) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday September 1st 2004 Director: Atsushi Shimizu Writer: Masahiro Yamada Story: Hanae was always a bright, energetic young girl. Neither her mother nor older sister paid any interest their her father`s old stories, and were merely interested in talking about fashion and brand goods. One day at second-hand market, Hanae discovered her father`s favorite vase that he had left at their old house 4 years ago. One night, after having put a single coin in the old vase, she awoke to find the vase overflowing with money like a waterfall, and soon found herself emotionally attached to shopping. Then one morning, Hanae awoke to find herself transformed into the coin monster Kanegoneh, to whom money is essential for it`s survival! Unsure what to do, she consulted a fortuneteller, who merely told her; "If you meet the person who you truly love, you will turn back into a human." Will Hanae`s true love ever appear? Guest Stars: Ayaka Miyauchi, Tatsuya Gashuuin, Tomoko Saito, Aiko Kayou, Asumi Urita, Maina Tamura, Nanako Makita, Kazuaki Matsuda, Yui Takimoto, Fusayo Takatsu, Youko Sasaki (voice), Akira Murayama (voice), Masaaki Sekine (voice) Trivia: The episode is a reimagining of the original ULTRA Q episode #15 "Kanegon`s Cocoon", also written by Masahiro Yamada.

    23. ALICE IN THE 365 DEGREE WORLD (Migi 365 do-no sekai ?ALICE in the 365 degree world?) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday September 8th 2004 Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Sadayuki Murai Story: Professor Watarai teaches a creative university course in which he discusses quantum mechanics. His abstruse seminars lose more students every week until only two dilligent pupils remain; a young woman named Sora and a young man named Yoshiyasu. Although they did not speak at first, Sora soon came to realize how passionately Yoshiyasu listened to these lectures. He was in fact seeking his own place, a fictional "365 degree world" from quantum mechanics in which he could immerse himself. One day Yoshiyasu disappeared. Soon after, he visited Sora, and with the activation of a mysterious rainbow she was taken to another world. Here, with the total freedom inside her own personal world, Sora sought out her innermost thoughts and desires. What will she find, and will she be able to return to the real world? Guest Stars: Ai Maeda, Daiju Oonishi, Ryouhei Nakamura, Michiko Sawayanagi, Fu Tanabe, Madoka Shiga, Noriyuki Yagami, Atsushi Masuda, Mie Tooyama, Maayu Sanjo, Kaoru Kurasawa, Youko Kuroda, Satoko Suzuki, Yuutaro Kamata, Saika Nohira Trivia: The original Japanese title for the episode was "Migi 365 do-no sekai" ("The 365 Degree World"), however during production director Yagi felt Sora`s journey into the other world bore similarities to that of Alice`s in the classic story "Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland", so the episode was given the additional English title "ALICE in the 365 degree world". Guest star Ai Maeda previously starred as Ayana in Shusuke Kaneko`s GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS.

    24. HITOGATA (Hitogata) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday September 15th 2004 Director: Akio Jissoji Writer: Chiaki Konaka Story: Kadono was an isolated philosopher possessing a nihilistic view on life. One day, he discovered a old man collapsed in the street with a case beside him. Walking away with the case, Kadono discovered within an exquisitly made life-size female doll. The old man was in fact the great professor Magara of the imperial capital. While directing his maid Kyoko to investigate the connection between the professor and this doll, Kadono became strongly attracted to it. Before long, he began to hear the doll talking to him in his mind. But how can an inanimate object be alive? Captivated by the doll`s suspicious charm, Kadono`s mind was gradually destroyed. Before long Kyoko had finished her investigation, but what terrible secret did she uncover? Guest Stars: Masami Horiuchi, Yuuko Daike, Minori Terada, Yoni Mini, Chisako Hara (voice) Trivia: Fans will best remember guest star Masami Horiuchi for his recurring role as TLT`s Director-General Matsunaga in ULTRAMAN NEXUS. His other genre credits include ULTRAMAN 80, ULTRA Q THE MOVIE, ULTRAMAN TIGA, ULTRAMAN DYNA, ULTRAMAN MAX, ULTRAMAN MEBIUS & ULTRAMAN BROTHERS (Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora Kyoudai, 2006), DIE SILBERMASKE, ULTRASEVEN X, CUTIE HONEY THE LIVE (Kyuutii Hanii Za Raibu, 2007) and MONSTER X STRIKES BACK/ ATTACK THE G8 SUMMIT! (Girara no Gyakushu / Samitto Kiki Ippatsu!, 2008).

    25. DARKNESS (Yami) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday September 22nd 2004 Director: Akio Jissoji Writer: Chiaki Konaka Story: A press TV crew set up a relay station within remote ruins, where they are to shoot a news segment called "Ruin Search". However, throughout the day, there was an increasingly eerie atmosphere. These ruins were the former studio of an artist, in which everyone was killed following a complicated love-triangle. Before long strange accidents begin amongst the staff, and one-by-one bizarre phenomena occur causing the failure of their equipment, with the technical staff beginning to feel distrust in the producer. Guest Stars: Jun Hashidzume, Kyuusaku Shimada, Azusa Watanabe, Harumi Ogawa, Rihana Hayashishin, Masayo Shimogishi, Gen Hongo, Hiroki Yamamoto, Ichiju Nanase, Kazuhiro Takano, Youichirou Kawakami, Maiko Tanaka, Takuya Suzuki, Tetsuya Akagawa, Asami Tsubaki, Yasuaki Taniguchi, Chinabou Jissouji, Shiro Sano

    26. THE DOOR TO NOTHINGNESS (Kyomu-no tobira) Original Airdate: 1.00am (JST) Wednesday September 29th 2004 Director: Iwao Takahashi Writer: Yuji Kobayashi Story: The newly constructed Tokyo Tower II is a digital broadcasting fortress transmitting to the entire Kanto district. While covering the event, Ryo unexpectedly overhears of an illegal high-powered radio wave being transmitted from the tower. Moreover, it`s effect seems to be causing children and adults alike to be parted with their imaginations, with the exception of a lone cartoonist, Sasayama. In reality, everyone`s imagination had been taken away by a creature called Rekyum, who was manipulating Sasayama, after coming to realize a very convenient future for itself. As Goichi and the team grow nearer to completing their secret plan, the Rekyum creature transforms into a giant and begins its attack. Can the imagination of humanity save the world in this final episode?! Guest Stars: Kazuyuki Aijima, Daisuke Yamazaki, Mubu Nakayama, Saya, Akiya Arita, Kenya Souma, Miki Sakai (voice) Trivia: The monster Rekyum is based on Kemur from the original ULTRA Q episode #19 "Challenge From The Year 2020".

    Monsters, Aliens and Creatures!

    GARA Q (Gara Kyuu) Appearance: Episode 1 & 16 Gara Q is a dancing pet robot whose moves and lively songs become incredibly popular with whole families all over the country. However, once the giant monster Garagon appears, it is suspected that the Gara Q may be connected to the monster. The toys are collected, but once they escape they wreak havoc!

    GARAGON (Garagon) Appearance: Episode 1 & 16 Shortly after the outbreak of Gara Q robots, Garagon crash lands in Tokyo cocooned inside a giant meteorite. The professor Watarai is quick to realize that this robotic monster is the successor to the monster Garamon (who first appeared in the original ULTRA Q episode #13 "Garadam"). Sending out electromagnetic waves, the monster is able to manipulate the Gara Q to attack.

    THE GRAFFITI SPACE PEOPLE - ALIEN GIRAFF (Rakugaki uchuu-jin jirafu seijin) Appearance: Episode 2 These mysterious aliens are leaving their graffiti mark all over the town. Their intentions or the meaning of the marks are unknown. After housewife Kyoko witnesses the aliens leaving their mark she finds herself targeted by them, the mark appearing everywhere in her home. Doctors even discover the aliens` mark on her red blood cells.

    LIVING BRAIN (Ribingu burein) Appearance: Episode 3 The brain of a boy who died in an accident has been kept alive for decades in a lab. Unaware of his death, the boy has continued live and grow within the fantasy world of his own mind. But after all these years he begins to see the cracks in his imaginary world, and soon discovers the devastating truth.

    PUZZLE WOMAN (Pazuru-no onna) Appearance: Episode 4 A woman who died of an illness, who during her lifetime had always wanted to meet a kind man. Now incarnated inside her favorite puzzle, several pieces are delivered in sealed covers every day. The person who completes the puzzle is drawn into the world of the puzzle to live with her.

    KIARA (Kiara) Appearance: Episode 7 At a glimpse she is just a beautiful young woman, but she is in actuality a fairy in possession of great wings. She was seen being followed by ghoulish creatures. Kiara appeared before the bassist Sakaguchi who had hit rock bottom. After giving him a burst of courage, Sakaguchi was soon killed.

    SUSHI LOVING ALIEN UNITORODA (Sushi daisuki yuusei-jin unitorooda) Appearance: Episode 8 After crash landing from outer space, Unitoroda helps save a small town factory, and soon develops a taste for the local sushi. To reward his kindness, the local people help Unitoroda make a spaceship so he can return home, but it is destroyed when he engages the giant monster Sabikong. Although he is unable to return home, Unitoroda happily begins his new life with his friends here on Earth.

    SPACE MONSTER SABIKONG (Uchuu kaiju sabikongu) Appearance: Episode 8 An alien life-form with the properties of both rust and mold, its spores have been corroding the machines of a small town factory. It is soon ascertained by Professor Watari that the creature reacts to the sound of drums. Eventually, the spores combine to form a giant monster. The giant Sabikong is finally destroyed after Unitoroda explodes the engines of his spaceship.

    YAMADA THE COSMO-NET ALIEN (Kosumonetto seijin yamada) Appearance: Episode 9 An eccentric salesman for the alien TV shopping channel Cosmo-Net, the image of Yamada abruptly appears on Oshima`s TV one evening when she accidently knocks her satallite dish. Broadcasting from a station deep in outer space, he sells her the mail order only miracle anti-aging drink.

    THE 3-EYED TOTEM POLE (Mittsu me-no tootemu pooru) Appearance: Episode 11 This mysterious three-eyed totem pole will grant three wishes to it`s owner, but each wish comes with an enormous price to pay. The three eyes stand vertically in a line down the pole. At first all the eyes are closed, but they open one by one as the wishes are granted. The totem pole is based on the monkey`s paw from the 1902 short story "The Monkey`s Paw" by W. W. Jacobs.

    ALIEN UTSUGI (Utsugi seijin) Appearance: Episode 12 Going by the name of "Utsugi", he is in reality an alien invader who is transforming the tired adults of the town back into small children. Born from a fallen meteorite, his tongues produce a powerful hypnotic effect.

    VARNO THE MIRROR WATCHMAN (Kagami-no bannin vaano) Appearance: Episode 13 Varno is the devil who lives inside the mirror world. He duplicate bodies of people in the real world. These duplicates are splitting images of their original counterparts, though lacking the distinction between good and evil. Varno wears traditional Western-style armor and carries a long sword. He was annihilated along with the mirror world after a fierce attack by one of his own duplicate creations, Ano.

    LILI (Ririi) Appearance: Episode 14 Appearing more and more frequently, Lili is an entity that was created due to sense deprivation experiments used by a psychologist on his own daughter. Lili attempts to kill the original body, Lily, by having her run over by a train, however her plan is stopped by Goichi and Ryo. After this, little by little, the entity is extinguished. Lili is a remake of the character who appeared in ULTRA Q episode #25 "The Devil Child".

    CICADA WOMAN (Semi onna) Appearance: Episode 16 In retaliation for the defeat of Garagon and her last planned invasion, the Cicada Woman captures Professor Watari, and reveals her trump card, Garagon II! However, Cicada Woman is defeated when she is betrayed by Ryo`s Gara Q. Cicada Woman is a remake of Cicada Man from ULTRA Q episode #16 "Garamon`s Counter-Attack".

    TOWN BEAUTY (Komachi) Appearance: Episode 17 The mysterious and somewhat strange town beauty, she displays super-human strength as she takes on an entire gang single handed. In truth, she is an android of unknown origin. Her secret was revealed after being torn apart in a traffic accident. After she was repaired she married Wakabayashi, the man who had fallen in love with her.

    ADVANCED HUMAN GENOME (Genomu shinjinrui) Appearance: Episode 20 Quickly dividing and rapidly increasing like the amoeba, it is a new breed of human created through gene manipulation. It possess a most terrible ability to absorb and disassemble human bodies!

    THE MOON DEVIL HECATE (Tsuki-no majin hekate) Appearance: Episode 21 Hecate is the leader of a group of aliens who plan to destroy humanity for their lack of consideration towards the Earth. Hecate attempts to kill Ryo after she uncovers their true nature. Hecate is finally destroyed by the power of an Ojizo-sama statue (revered as the "guardian of children" in Japan). Hecate is based on the moon goddess from Greek mythology.

    KANEGONEH THE COIN MONSTER (Koin kaijuu kanegonnu) Appearance: Episode 22 Hanae`s father was driven out of their home by her mother and older sister due to money. As Hanae saved coins inside her father`s favorite old vase, she noticed the money began to increase, and soon found herself addicted to money like her mother and sister. One morning Hanae awoke to find herself transformed into the coin-eating monster Kanegoneh. She was told by a fortuneteller that she will turn back into a human only if she meets the person she truly loves. She transforms back after meeting with her father. Kanegoneh is based on Kanegon from the ULTRA Q episode #15 "Kanegon`s Cocoon".

    THE DOLL (Hiyoko) Appearance: Episode 24 Seemingly just a ball-jointed doll, it is in truth a living being, sucking upon the minds and hearts of humans. Originally only around 40cm tall, the doll has grown to the size of a real human.

    REKYUM THE RADIO WAVE CREATURE (Denpa kaijin rekyuumu-jin) Appearance: Episode 26 With their own power of imagination having dried up, the alien Rekyum travels to Earth in order to procure the imagination of the humans via radio waves. The key is the cartoonist Sasayama, through whom they will capture this imagination. After the radio waves cease transmission, Rekyum transforms into a giant hundreds of meters tall. Rekyum is finally destroyed as the humans fire the radio waves at point-blank range. The character is based on Kemur from ULTRA Q episode #19 "Challenge From The Year 2020".

    Production Credits

    Produced By: Tsuburaya Productions Executive Producer: Mutsuyuki Nakazawa Producers: Yukiko Omote, Tomoyuki Imai, Yuuji Suzuki Production Supervisor: Akira Tsuburaya Planning: Masahiro Tsuburaya Cinematography: Masakazu Oka Lighting: Kenichi Nukada Art Design: Tetsuya Uchida Theme Music: Kunio Miyauchi Music: Tada Akifumi Writer/Series Organizer: Shozo Uehara Directors: Takeshi Yagi, Tsugumi Kitaura, Mitsunori Hattori, Shusuke Kaneko, Masaki Harada, Norio Tsuruta, Iwao Takahashi, Atsushi Shimizu, Akio Jissoji Writers: Hiroshi Takashi, Mitsutaka Hirota, Aya Takei, Sadayuki Murai, Tamio Hayashi, Chiaki Konaka, Ai Ota, Noboru Takagi, Yuji Kobayashi, Yuuki Okano, Keisuke Fujikawa, Masahiro Yamada, Takashi Shinohara, Nobuyoshi Shimizu, Masakazu Migita Ending Theme Songs: FLOWERS BLOOM IN THE EVENING (Yuugata-ni saku hana) Featured in episodes 1-13 Song: kayoko Lyrics: kayoko Composition: kayoko & Takeshi Kamigori Arrangement: Satoshi Tatebe BUD (Tsubomi) Featured in episodes 14-26 Song: Breath Lyrics: Takuya Kanatsuki, Tomomi Maeda Composition: Kazuhito Kikuchi Arrangement: Kazuhito Kikuchi, Yuuta Nakano

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