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    Ultraman Agul "Agulater ー 25th Anniversary ver." From Premium Bandai in January 2024

    Photo courtesy of Bandai. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. press release

    To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions' 1998-99 series ULTRAMAN GAIA  (ウー25th Anniversary ver.ルトラマンガイア, Urutoraman Gaia), the Agulater transformation device used by Hiroya Fujimiya (played by Hassei Takano) to become Ultraman Agul has been revised as the "Ultra Replica Agulater ー 25th Anniversary ver." (ウルトラレプリカ アグレイター25th Anniversary ver., Urutora Repurika Agureitā ) by Premium Bandai, the official mail order site of Bandai Namco.

    All parts are completely newly sculpted from the previous Ultra Replica version released in 2017. The main body of the Agulaterr has been made significantly thinner by reworking the internal structure, and the details have been reproduced to more accurately recreate its appearance of the prop used in the series. The brace parts have also been redesigned with a focus on appearance. The material and structure have been changed from the soft belt of the old Ultra Replica version, and the texture has been greatly improved.


    Photo courtesy of Bandai. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Voice and Light-Up Gimmick

    The voice and light-emitting gimmick has three modes to suit different scenes.

    The V1 mode can reproduce transformation scenes and light-up scenes up to episode 26 of the TV series, and the V2 mode can reproduce V2 transformation scenes from episode 41 onward.

    The "Photon Crusher," "Agul Stream," and other special move sounds for each of Agul's forms are also included, as well as many other sound effects from the ULTRAMAN GAIA series.

    The LED light pattern has also been updated from the old Ultra Replica version to match the performance in the show.

    A bonus mode that includes sounds from guest appearances and events after the main TV series is also included, including the Ultraman Agul Supreme versions that appeared at the 2021 and 2023 "Ultra Heroes EXPO Summer Festival in Ikebukuro Sunshine City," as well as the Ultraman Aguru Supreme Version that appeared in "Ultra Heroes Expo 2023 Summer Festival in Ikebukuro Sunshine City," as well as the voice of Ultraman Gaia Super Supreme Version from the 2021 EXPO.


    ■ Ultra Replica Agulater ー 25th Anniversary ver. Product Overview

    Price: 12,100円 (Approximately $xxx US, Tax Included)  Shipping and Handling Not Included
    Ages: 15 Years and Up

    Set Contents: Agulater and Display Stand,  Breath Parts and Extension
    Product Size:  Agulater - H Approximately 142mm x W Approximately 65mm x D Approximately 28mm (H 5.9 Inches x W  3.6 Inches x D 1.2 Inches), Display Stand - H Approximately 50mm x W Approximately 78mm x D Approximately 785mm (H  3.5 Inches x W 3.9 Inches x D  3.5 Inches),  Breath Parts - H Approximately 67mm x W Approximately 79mm x D Approximately 30mm (H 5.3  Inches x W 1.2 Inches x D 0.8 Inches),  Breath Extension - H Approximately 28mm x W Approximately 30mm  x D Approximately 8mm (H 5.3  Inches x W 1.2 Inches x D 0.8 Inches)
    Product Material: Agulater - ABS, PC, Display Stand - ABS, Breath Parts and Extension - ABS, PC

    Distributor: Bandai Co.
    Production Area: China
    Retailer: Premium Bandai

    Product Delivery: Scheduled for January 2024



    Photo courtesy of Bandai. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    About Bandai Spirits

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