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    ULTRAMAN REGULOS Japanese Blu-ray & DVD Coming In November

    ULTRAMAN REGULOS will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan. Image courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

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    Tsuburaya Productions has announced the Japanese Blu-ray and DVD release of ULTRAMAN REGULOS (ウルトラマンレグロス, Urutoraman Regurosu, 2023), the latest entry in their streaming "Ultra Galaxy Fight" line. The six-episode series streamed on Tsuburaya Productions' subscriber service "TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION" in Japan and on Ultraman Connection in North America.

    In addition to the series, the Blu-ray and DVD wil include the special ULTRAMAN REGULOS: FIRST MISSION (ウルトラマンレグロス ファーストミッション, Urutoraman Regurosu: Fāsuto Misshon, 2022), while the Blu-ray will also feature a recording of the "ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT Special Night" (ウルトラギャラクシーファイトスペシャルナイト完全版, Urutora Gyarakushī Faito Supesharu Naito Kanzenban) live event that was held on December 27, 2022.


    Distributor: BANDAI NAMCO Filmworks
    Release Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023
    Price: 5,280円 (Approximately $36.44 US, Tax Included)
    Product Number: BCXS-1880
    Running Time:  150 Minutes
    Main Feature: Japanese Linear PCM (Stereo) ・ Dolby Digital (Stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16: 9 (1080p High Definition)
    Special Disc: JapaneseLinear PCM (Stereo) / AVC / BD25G x 1 / 16: 9 (1080i High Definition) ・ 16: 9 (1080p High Definition)





    Special Features

    ・Special Report, PV
    ・ULTRAMAN REGULOS Special Voice Drama
    ・ULTRA GALAXY FIGHT Special Night (Event on December 27, 2022)



    Distributor: BANDAI NAMCO Filmworks
    Release Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023
    Price: 3080 (Approximately $21.26  US, Tax Included)
    Product Number:BCBS-5151
    Running Time:  80 Minutes
    Main Feature: Dolby Digital (Stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16: 9 






    ● Blu-ray and DVD Retailer Offer

    Fans that pre-order or purchase ULTRAMAN REGULOS on either Blu-ray or DVD from any of the stores listed below will receive a special sleeve case to store the four "Ultra Galaxy Fight" series including ULTRAMAN REGULOS. Both the Blu-ray and DVDs cases will feature the same design.

     Customers who buy ULTRAMAN REGULOS from one of the retailers listed to the left will be receive a case to hold all the Ultra Galaxy Fight series. Image courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    Tsuburaya Store ONLINE
    Ultraman Stadium
    Premium Bandai, A-on STORE
    Red Bear
    Amiami Online Shop
    All animate stores in Japan (including animate mail order)
    HMV, HMV&BOOKS online
    All Gamers stores (including online store)
    Joshin Diskopia (including Joshin web store)
    Sofmap, Animega
    TSUTAYA online (reservation only)
    Bic Camera *Except some stores
    Yamada Denki *Excluding some stores.
    Yodobashi Camera
    Rakuten Books, Inc.
    WonderGOO/Shinseido *Excluding some stores.

    About Tsuburaya Productions

    Tsuburaya Productions, creator and copyrights owner of the superhero ULTRAMAN series was founded in 1963 by Eiji Tsuburaya, world-renowned special effects wizard also known for his special effects work on the Godzilla series. With more than fifty years’ experience, it is one of Japan’s oldest and most respected independent film and television production houses. Its popular Ultraman TV and film series which premiered in 1966 has been seen in over 100 territories worldwide and has spawned over 3,000 licensed products. In addition to production, the company also handles character licensing and program distribution and staging live stage shows both domestically and internationally.


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