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    ULTRAMAN Teams Up With MR. OSOMATSU: “We are the six Mr. Ultra-Matsu brothers!”

    ULTRAMAN and MR. OSOMATSU meet with the

    Source: Tsuburaya Productions Tsuburaya Productions` ULTRAMAN has teamed up with the anime series MR. OSOMATSU for a super-powered collaboration! The television anime MR. OSOMATSU (?????, Osomatsu-san) is based on Fujio Akatsuka’s original comedy manga, Osomatsu-kun, featuring the six brothers as adults -- now good for nothing, lazy, NEETs (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training). The first season aired from October 2015 to March 2016 on TV Tokyo, and the first volume DVD sold an extraordinary 120,000 copies. In 2016, it was nominated for Japan’s “Buzzword of the Year Prize,” and became a huge nationwide hit. The highly anticipated second season began airing on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2017, at 1:35 AM. (The series is licensed in North America by VIZ Media and streaming on Crunchyroll.) The Ultraman franchise and MR. OSOMATSU both share a common theme of six brothers, naturally leading them to unite. Set in the world of MR. OSOMATSU’s fictional “Akatsuka Ward” in the city of Tokyo, what lengths will the Mr. Ultra-Matsu (?????, Uru Matsu-san) brothers go to protect their peaceful lives as NEETs ?

    MR. OSOMATSU’s character designer, Naoyuki Asano, created the character illustrations for this new collaboration. It features the eldest brother, Osomatsu as Zoffy?Osomatsu-Zoffy), second born Karamatsu as Ultraman?Karamatsu-Man), third born Choromatsu as Ultra Seven?Choromatsu-Seven), fourth born Ichimatsu as Ultraman Jack?Ichimatsu-Jack), fifth born Jyushimatsu as Ultraman Ace ?Jyushimatsu-Ace), and youngest brother Todomatsu as Ultraman Taro ?Todomatsu-Taro). The six brothers each wear an Ultraman-themed hoodie, and strike distinct Ultra Beam poses.

    In addition, the famous strong supporting characters in MR. OSOMATSU have been transformed into Kaiju from the world of Ultraman for the new collaboration. Iyami, Totoko, Dayon, Chibita, and Hatabo, respectively, are fused with Alien Baltan, King Joe, Kanegon, Jamila, and Pigmon, to create Iyami-Baltan, Totoko-King Joe, Dayon-Kanegon, Jami-ta, and Hata-mon. ESP Kitty has also colorfully changed in collaboration with Ultra Meow. ? Mr. Ultra-Matsu @ Dash Store Branches now open! Starting at Ikebukuro’s P’PARCO in December 2017, Mr. Ultra-Matsu @ Dash Store locations to commemorate the collaboration with merchandise sales will be set up at four Animate Café locations nationwide. *Campaign duration and business hours may vary depending on the location. Please check the official Dash Store site for details. ? Mr. Ultra-Matsu × animate cafe in GOOD SMILE × Animate Cafe At the collaboration event with Mr. Ultra-Matsu × the Animate Cafe, along with a Mr. Ultra-Matsu theme inside the shop, you can enjoy menu items based on the anime characters, like the “Orthodox Osomatsu-Zoffy Napolitano” and “Ultra-Matsu Kaiju Dessert Plate”. * For details on the collaboration please check the official Animate Cafe website. ? Mr. Ultra-Matsu × SWEETS PARADISE What’s more, Mr. Ultra-Matsu collaboration cafes will also be held at selected SWEETS PARADISE locations. The menu will be made up of popular items from a previous collaboration with Mr. Osomatsu, brought back as Mr. Ultra-Matsu versions. There will also be new items like the “Mr. Ultra-Matsu Burger”, and, “It’s back! Jami-ta’s Fluffy Soda Float.” SWEETS PARADISE will also offer original, limited design goods like the, “Acrylic Fastener Charm Set –SWEETS PARADISE Version”. Also, while supplies last, the “Trading acrylic stand key holder” and “Trading can badge”. In addition, SWEETS PARADISE will hold a gift campaign where they give out original stickers that can’t be found anywhere else. * For details about the collaboration, please check the official Sweets Paradise website. The collaboration kicked off in early December 2017 and will run through 2018. For the newest information, stay tuned to the official MR. OSOMATSU website and Tsuburaya Productions’ SNS account. ? Mr. Ultra-Matsu Sample Items

    ? Heart Shape Character Badge Collection 6 Different Designs Manufacturer: Movic Co., Ltd. Pack Price: ¥400 (Approximately $3.72 US) + Tax

    ? Acrylic Key Holder With Stand Collection 6 Different Designs Manufacturer: Movic Co., Ltd. Pack Price: ¥600 (Approximately $5.58 US) + Tax

    ? Character Badge Collection 6 Different Designs Manufacturer: Movic Co., Ltd. Pack Price: ¥350 (Approximately $3.25 US) + Tax

    About Tsuburaya Productions

    Tsuburaya Productions, creator and copyrights owner of the superhero ULTRAMAN series was founded in 1963 by Eiji Tsuburaya, world-renowned special effects wizard also known for his special effects work on the Godzilla series. With more than fifty years` experience, it is one of Japan`s oldest and most respected independent film and television production houses. Its popular Ultraman TV and film series which premiered in 1966 has been seen in over 100 territories worldwide and has spawned over 3,000 licensed products. In addition to production, the company also handles character licensing and program distribution and staging live stage shows both domestically and internationally.

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