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    Volks Relaunches "Orient Hero" Garage Kit Line With Ultra Monsters Gudon and Twintail

    Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Source: Volks Inc. press release

    Volks Inc. (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto), a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of model and toy products, will launch a new series called the "Orient Hero Collection" (オリエントヒーローコレクション, Oriento Hīrō Korekushon), an update of the legendary "Orient Hero Series" (オリエントヒーローシリーズ, Oriento Hīrō Shirīzu) Garage Kit (GK) series that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

    The first items to be released will be two popular monsters from Tsuburaya Productions' RETURN OF ULTRAMAN series; Gudon and Twintail. These kits will be available exclusively at the "Hobby Round 29" (ホビーラウンド29, Hobī Raundo 29) event hosted by Volks on Sunday, October 1st.

    The original "Orient Hero Series" was a Volks GK line created in 1985 and based on the concept of "creating a three-dimensional embodiment of all the heroes created by the East." The series, which has produced numerous masterpieces with a lineup of several hundred kits, has delivered popular monsters and famous characters from tokusatsu and anime. The "Orient Hero Collection" is a new series that retains the original concept while updating the assembly precision, molding technology, packaging, and other aspects to modern standards.



    Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    "Orient Hero Collection Ultraman Series 01" Underground Monster Gudon (「オリエントヒーローコレクション ウルトラマンシリーズ01」地底怪獣グドン, " Oriento Hīrō Korekushon Urutoraman Shirīzu 01" Chitei Kaijū Gudon)
    Size: Height 310mm, Width 280mm, Length 170mm (Height 8.3 Inches, Width 11 Inches, Length 6.7 Inches)
    Specifications: Resin Assembly Kit, Total of 10 Parts
    Sculptor: Zoukei-Mura
    Price: 33,000円 (Approx. $223.37 US, Tax Included)


    Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    "Orient Hero Collection Ultraman Series 02" Ancient Monster Twintail (「オリエントヒーローコレクション ウルトラマンシリーズ02」古代怪獣ツインテール, Oriento Hīrō Korekushon Urutoraman Shirīzu 02" Kodai Kaijū Tsuintēru)
    Size: Height 280mm, Width 390mm, Length 230mm (Height 11 Inches, Width 15.4 Inches, Length 9 Inches)
    Specifications: Resin Assembly Kit, Total of 11 Parts
    Sculptor: Zoukei-Mura
    Price: 39,600円 (Approx. $268.04 US, Tax Included)

    Both will be available in limited quantities at Hobby Round 29 on Sunday, October 1 (sales will end as soon as they are sold out, even during the event). Please note that these kits will not be available at Volks stores nationwide or the online store.

     Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS

    Gudon and Twintail were introduced in two of the most popular episodes of RETURN OF ULTRAMAN; Episode 5: TWO GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK TOKYO (二大怪獣 東京を襲撃, Ni Daikaijū Tōkyō o Shūgeki) and Episode 6: SHOWDOWN! MONSTERS VS. MAT (決戦!怪獣対マット, Kessen! Kaijū Tai Matto). The original GK of Gudon was the first "second period" (1971-75) Ultra Monster to be released by Volks in the 30cm series. This new kit with its spikes, which are separately represented one by one, and its tail and whip, which give it a supple movement, bring the images from the show vividly back to life in your mind's eye.

    Twintail is very popular because of their unique design, and the kit recreates that with realistic modeling. The humorous face and the details of the body surface, reminiscent of aquatic animals, are points to be painted with care. The Twintail GK comes with a "TWO GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK TOKYO" episode title plate. Please display both monster kits recreate the "sunset battle scene" from the episode.

    Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS


    Garage Kit is the generic term for character sculptures and products that are produced in small quantities and handcrafted throughout the entire process. All GK products are handmade one by one in Volks' own workshop in Kyoto, Japan, by expert craftsmen who specialize in the craft, and are designed to be enjoyed in almost the exact form as created and intended by the sculptor, down to the touch, finish, and breath.

     Photo courtesy of Volks Inc. ©VOLKS INC.

    ■ About Hobby Round 29
    Date:Sunday, October 1,  10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Venue: TRC Tokyo Ryutsu Center 2nd Exhibition Hall F

    Advance Tickets: 1,650円 (Approx. $11.17 US, Tax Included), available at Volks stores in the Kanto area (Utsunomiya SR, Akihabara Hobby Heaven 2, Hobby Square Akihabara, Yokohama SR) through Saturday, September 30).

    Same-Day Admission: 1,980円 (Approx. $13.40 US, Tax Included), to go on sale after advance ticket  holders have entered.

    "Hobby Round" is a biannual festival hosted by Volks. In addition to exhibits and sales of Volks hobbies, amateur modeling artists from all over the country will be on hand to sell their copyrights, and there will also be modeling how-to events, a stage, a game corner, and more.

    Hobby Round 29 Official Site:


    Volks Inc. Company Profile
    Establishment: December 3, 1972
    Representative Director: Setsu Shigeta
    Location: 60 Nakamachi, Shichijo Goshonouchi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
    Capital: 98 Million 円
    Business Description: Retail, Wholesale, and Manufacturing of Models and Hobby Products

    Volks Store Information:
    Official Volks Hobby Heaven Online Store:

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